Monday, January 8, 2018



Consciousness is a bridge between two worlds: the world of spirit and the world of the physical universe. As conscious beings, we are much like a traveler with one foot in each of two boats. If we can manage to keep the boats going in the same direction, we are OK; if not, insanity will be the result. In so much as we are able to align the two, we are more or less sane. But, we cannot completely deny either world. To do so may seem to be a way to live sanely in one world or the other, but it ultimately leads to disaster.

The key to understanding both worlds lies in recognizing that a different metric applies to each world. By metric, I mean the standard of observation and measurement. The spirit world requires an infinitely continuous metric, the physical world requires a finitely discrete metric. Each of these metrics has its own system of mathematical logic. Applying the mathematics of one to the other results in paradox. The quantum world is finite and discrete, the Spiritual world is infinitely divisible, the macro-world of our daily experience is both. Thus, your consciousness is the bridge between them. 

The calculus of distinctions (C0D) is a system of mathematical logic that also serves as a bridge, because it contains measurements of mass, energy and consciousness as gimmel, it contains both metrics: the infinitely continuous metric and the finitely discrete metric, as subsets. The calculus of dimensional distinctions (CoDD) describes the worlds of our experience as dimensional domains. See posts with the key words 'Calculus of Distinctions', 'Calculus of Dimensional Distinctions' and 'Gimmel'.  

Edward R. Close, the Eighth of January 2018

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