Friday, June 17, 2016



The science of  TDVP says YES!

The proof lies in the very most basic aspect of reality: in the spinning of elementary particles.

What does the spinning of elementary particles have to do with the survival of your consciousness?

The natural tendency of finite systems of mass and energy to fly apart (the Second Law of Thermodynamics) is countered by the existence of the third form, gimmel, at the most basic level of reality, stabilizing protons and neutrons, the Hydrogen atom and other life-supporting elements. (See my posts on gimmel.)

The existence of non- physical gimmel, necessary for the stability of the spinning particles that make up the universe, brings logical structure, meaning and purpose to the universe. Gimmel is the simplest form of consciousness, bringing symmetry, structure and stability to a universe that otherwise would be chaotic and would fly apart and expand to infinity, if somehow it started to form. 

Mainstream science has it backward: Consciousness is not an abstract product of matter, consciousness in some form had to exist before any life-supporting elements could form.

Consciousness in individual bodies depends on gimmel and its multi-dimensional connection with primary consciousness which is the ground and source of all existential reality. When released from the physical body, by whatever means, your consciousness is released from the confinement of its limited physical senses. If sufficiently developed, it is free to establish communion with Primary Consciousness, or at least with some more highly developed form of consciousness.


  1. Hello Edward,

    I enjoyed your earlier book "Transcendental Physics", but your views have likely evolved a bit since then. I had the impression from that book that the individual consciousness is an element of the primary consciousness, perhaps organized hierarchically. Now you seem to say that they are separate entities, with possible communication between them after the individual consciousness separates from the physical body.

    Also, the impression left in the earlier book was that matter is essentially an illusion that is perceived when quantized information is received by the receptorium. You said, "Structure and form, originating in primary consciousness, is projected as a spectrum of potentialities. The process is completed when one specific structure or form is selected by observation and confirmed again in the nonlocal space of consciousness." So matter appears to be an illusory epiphenomenon resulting from completion of the self-referential loop whereby primary consciousness perceives itself. Now you are saying that matter and the universe would exist without gimmel in a chaotic state, i.e., it has an objective existence. This seems like a fundamental shift, so I wonder if you could clarify.

    I quoted from your book in my article, "How matter is an illusion" at There is a more extensive discussion in Chapter 13 of the online book at The interpretation that matter is an illusion came together quite nicely, and I am wondering if I should rethink this issue. Is the shift in your viewpoint more apparent than real?

    Best regards,
    William Treurniet

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