Wednesday, June 29, 2016


Vernon & Edward: 

The deeper I dig into TDVP, and RBC5 (Reality Begins with Consciousness, fifth edition). the more entirely elegant the vision becomes.

Your thoroughness in testing and proving your contribution is singularly remarkable, and extremely rare in today’s scientific community. Many scientists wait for others to prove or disprove their hypothesis, but you have diligently examined each possible obstacle yourself, this is admirable and indicative of your careful intellects. Further, your comparison of TDVP against all the other “TOE’s” is also laudable.

I still have much to work through in RCB5 and your videos, etc. Indeed, I suspect that digesting it all will take me another 4 to 6 weeks, due to my busy work load only allowing me to devote approximately 4 hours per day to TDVP (except weekends).

Finally, I take your challenge of TDVP evoking further research personally, and intend to build upon it, in the new research field you have identified as "dimensional bio-psycho-physics”.

In conclusion, I will re-iterate (in paraphrase) your own discovery, "TDVP is the only paradigm that is universally applicable, can demonstrate both the physical reality and survival, works in practice, and is complete within itself, while at the same time not relying on, as yet undiscovered factors”.

Currently, TDVP provides the only cohesive scientific framework within which any meaningful research can be undertaken. Most of the other TOE’s entirely lack useable mathematical tools, and with the exception of Laszlo, Bohm and Wilbur, in my opinion the other TOE’s philosophically amount to no more than speculations. 

Finally, TDVP not only “allows" consciousness survival it “requires" it.

Frankly, the two of you should be nominated for a Nobel Prize merely for your achievement in mathematically deriving the Cabibbo Angle (which no one else has yet done) and this is not to mention the remainder of the monumental edifice you have constructed from whole cloth in the TDVP. When taken altogether, the entire work is worthy of several separate Nobel Prizes.

I stand in awe.



  1. Very encouraging from your TDVP perspective, Ed, and very necessary, but I still have to believe that my own mystically-inspired TOE is far removed from 'lacking a useable mathematical tool'; as Y(Universal Intelligence) = X (Evolutionary Elements, 0,1,2,3,4) Square plus One, gifted me with a logical purpose of the universe and the reason for our never-ending place in it. There was nothing speculative about it! Pity is, Ed, that we cannot in some way better coordinate our individual efforts; rather than have to keep speaking from our different perspectives. I feel in this respect I can do no more from the Cosmos Club perspective, and have therefore added this comment to your post for further consideration. As, ever, Brian.

  2. I have just put the following post on my three sites, Ed, relative to the above comment:

    Having now conducted basic research into 'The New Science of Consciousness Survival' by Dr Hugenot, I can concur in principle with his treatise on consciousness. However, from my own perspective, which must be well known to all who follow this site, I would just like to place emphasis on the opening statement made by Dr. Gary Schwartz, Ph.D, who provided the foreword to the book. It reads: All matter originates and exists only by virtue of a force. We must assume behind this force the existence of a conscious and intelligent Mind. This Mind is the matrix of all matter - This is precisely what the 'One' of my mystically-acquired formula, Y= X Squared (0,1,2,3,4) plus One, represents - The Ultimate Force! So, if this basic, mathematical, revelation of my mystical-initiation of 1980 is ever to be of spiritual/temporal benefit to humanity as a whole, ad infinitum, and not just to myself and a few other believers, it would be extremely efficacious if just one eminent scientist could overtly recognize its worth... I live in hope! Brian Walker. MID (Mystically-Inspired Doctorate) - I joke about the degree, but not the hope!

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