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While a doctoral candidate at Johns Hopkins University, I became aware of the works of physicist, historian and philosopher of science, Thomas S. Kuhn. In his ground-breaking book “The Structure of Scientific Revolutions” (University of Chicago Press, 1962 ISBN 0-226-45808-3), Kuhn made the point that, while scientific knowledge progresses incrementally through the study and research of many individual scientists, science also undergoes sudden "paradigm shifts" that open up new ways of  understanding reality that mainstream scientists would never have considered valid before.

Clearly, relativity and quantum mechanics were such shifts. Kuhn also noted that different paradigms are often irreconcilable accounts of the nature of reality. I would add that true paradigm shifts always contain new principles and new mathematics virtually unknown to science prior to the shift. But scientists have vested interest in the principles of the paradigm they have worked on. For this reason, there is always great resistance to the new paradigm in the ranks of mainstream scientists. When Einstein published his special theory of relativity in 1905, for example, mainstream scientists called it “utter nonsense”! Quantum theory was met with the same kind of ridicule when Heisenberg and Bohr introduced the uncertainty principle and the Copenhagen interpretation of quantum mechanics in the late 1920s and early 1930s. Even Einstein had a hard time accepting the new quantum paradigm, famously saying “God doesn’t play dice with the universe!”

We are at a point in the history of science on this planet where the next paradigm shift is overdue. Science has been plodding steadily along, filling in the details of relativity and quantum physics, and applying the new concepts and findings of these paradigm shifts to other fields of scientific study like astronomy, chemistry, biology, geology, medicine, and even consciousness studies. Application of the principles of relativity and quantum mechanics have resulted in advances in every field of science and technology. But there are still problems with, and between relativity and quantum physics.

Many scientists, philosophers, futurists, psychics, and thinkers of every stripe agree that a new paradigm shift is needed, and many have speculated that it will require a radical new theory of space and time. When Dr. Neppe and I began publishing the results of applying a nine-dimensional vortical spin model, we found no less than 24 competing ‘theories of everything’, many claiming to be the basis of the next paradigm shift, and it is not unusual for a discovery within the existing scientific paradigm to be incorrectly called a breakthrough, or even a paradigm shift. Finding phenomena predicted by the ‘standard model’ like the Higgs boson and gravity waves, e.g., mark progress within the existing paradigm, but conflicts and unexplained phenomena still exist, indicating the need for a real paradigm shift.

If you have been reading the posts on this blog, or have read the books and scientific papers published by Dr. Vernon Neppe and this author over the past five years, you have been getting an introduction to the first real paradigm shift since relativity and quantum physics. The new mathematical and scientific concepts introduced here comprise the foundation of the science of the future. How can I make such a bold statement? I can, simply because it is true. In this post, I will provide proof of this statement for you. This proof will consist of showing that TDVP has all the hallmarks of a paradigm shift. Real paradigm shifts always contain the following:
1.    New concepts that integrate all the valid concepts of the previous paradigms
2.    New mathematics that extend the valid aspects of the previous paradigms
3.    Explanations of observed phenomena unexplained by previous paradigms
4.    Predictions of phenomena not predicted by the previous paradigms

The Triadic Dimensional Vortical Paradigm (TDVP) has grown out of ideas developed independently by Drs. Vernon M. Neppe and Edward R. Close over many years, and in collaboration over the past six years. Let’s look at how and why TDVP is the science of the future.

The new concepts, neither recognized nor allowed in the old paradigm, that made relativity and quantum mechanics not just strange new theories, but real paradigm shifts were:

·       Relativity: Observation and measurement of space, time and mass are not absolute for physical objects and observers; they vary with relative motion, and space-time is a mathematically integrated four-dimensional continuum.

·      Quantum mechanics: quanta have no specific particle or wave form until they are observed and measured; there is a finite, inescapable uncertainty in every measurement; and the observer is part of the experiment.

·       TDVP: Consciousness is included as a third type of dimensional domain, in addition to, or as extension of the dimensional domains of space and time; and there is a third quantum form of the substance of reality called gimmel.

Notice that just as the new concepts of relativity and quantum mechanics were both extensions of, and additions to Newtonian physics, the new concepts of TDVP are extensions of the concepts of dimensionality and quanta, and additions to the substance of physical reality as a third form.

New mathematics does not mean just new equations; it means new mathematical procedures and new axioms that relate directly to the concepts that distinguish the new paradigm from the old paradigm.

·       Relativity: Minkowski four-dimensional hyper-space, and mathematical relativistic inertial reference-frame translations
·       Quantum Mechanics: SchrÓ§dinger’s formulation of physical wave equations as probability distribution functions, and the expression of Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle as a mathematical inequality
·       TDVP: The Calculus of Distinctions describing the organizational function of consciousness in physical phenomena, Dimensional Extrapolation describing the mathematical and geometric nature of unitary projections across dimensional domains, and Diophantine combination equations describing the conveyance of logical structure across Dimensional domains

·       Relativity: Classical physics could not explain the orbit of the planet Mercury, the orbit of the electron in the Hydrogen atom, and other phenomena that were explained by relativistic dimensional contraction and time dilation with relative motion. 
·       Quantum Mechanics: Classical physics could not explain why electrons do not radiate their energy away very quickly and fall into the nucleus of the atom, black body radiation and other puzzling phenomena.  Quantum physics explains these phenomena as results of the quantization of energy and mass, and consequently of space and time.
·       TDVP: Neither Newtonian nor modern physics (relativity and quantum physics) can explain why fermions have an intrinsic ½ spin while bosons do not, the mixing angle of quarks (also known as the Cabibbo angle), why quarks combine in threes, the existence and nature of dark matter and dark energy, and more. TDVP explains the spin of elementary particles and the Cabibbo angle in terms of multi-dimensional domains, explains why quarks combine in threes, and what dark matter and dark energy are, and other phenomena in terms of the third form of the substance of reality.

·       Relativity predicted exactly the curvature of light passing near the sun due to the relativistic effects of mass; the dilation of time with velocity and proximity to large masses; the existence of black holes, gravity waves, and a number of relativistic effects that have been verified empirically. 
·       Quantum Mechanics predicted that events perceived to have happened in the past can be affected by choices made in the present or future. This was proved by delayed-choice experiments independently in Germany and the US. Quantum physics predicted the existence of the positron and other particles that have since been detected. The Higgs boson is the most recent example.
·       TDVP predicted that the intrinsic spin of elementary particles is due to the rotation of those particles in multiple dimensions. This was verified for fermions, first with a thought experiment and then with a physical simulation. TDVP also predicted the percentage of dark matter and dark energy and the percentage of regular matter and energy in the universe. These percentages were verified by the Hubble probe. The calculus of distinctions predicted the existence of a third form of reality in the form of the non-quantum receptor in 1996. The existence of the third form was verified by the discovery of gimmel in 2011.

As we began to apply the new mathematics of the calculus of distinctions to known phenomena and generally accepted theories in the patchwork of theories making up the current scientific paradigm, we were rewarded almost daily with new insights and discoveries.

One key discovery was the discovery that the principles of relativity and quantum theory applied to particle physics at the level of quarks leads to a truly minimum quantum mass-energy equivalence unit, replacing the Planck unit. We gave it the appropriate name: ‘True Rotational Unit of Equivalence’ (TRUE). When we applied TRUE analysis to basic atomic structure, we discovered that TRUE units of a third form of substance, with no directly measureable mass or energy, were required for stable atomic structure. We called that mass-less, energy-less substance gimmel. Gimmel turned out to be the link between inertial mass, energy and consciousness. It conveys logical structure to physical reality through the agency of a set of Diophantine (integer) equations we call the conveyance equations. The conveyance equations for the sub-atomic particles electrons, protons and neutrons are unequivocally derivable from LHC particle data and known pure number theory theorems.

The discovery of gimmel led to one surprising discovery after another. Perhaps the most important discovery was that application of TRUE analysis to Hydrogen and to Deuterium, the building block of all the stable elements most important to organic life: Carbon, Oxygen, Nitrogen, etc., led to the discovery that the current big-bang expanding-universe theory of the origin of the universe is flawed. Deuterium, the building block of the elements of life, is not created in the interior processes of the stars. This means that essentially the same amount of deuterium and stable elements existing now had to be there at the very beginning of any origin event! Not only that, no particle coming out of a big-bang explosion could be stable, or combine with other random particles to form stable atoms without the presence of gimmel.

In other words, logical patterns and hierarchical order were built into the universe from the beginning: The symmetrically stable elements necessary for the development of organic life were present at the first instant of any origin event, whatever it might have been.

The following discussion is somewhat speculative, but it is based on the new knowledge of the nature of the universe that is emerging from the inclusion of consciousness in the equations of physics and the discovery of gimmel, the third form of the essential ‘stuff’ of the universe.
As we applied TRUE analysis to all of the elements of the Periodic Table, new patterns and deeper information linking all the electron shells, nuclear and sub-nuclear structure to the physical properties of the elements came to light. In addition, we found that obvious gaps in the symmetric patterns of the Periodic Table are filled with triadic combinations that are important organic molecules in the structures of RNA and DNA.
Because gimmel carries the qualities of consciousness, including logic, purpose and meaning into physical reality, we predict that all the sciences will be infused with new life, meaning and purpose with the inclusion of consciousness as a real force shaping the nature of reality.

The new mathematics of the calculus of distinctions with the logical procedures of dimensional extrapolation projecting from a single quantum of space, time and consciousness, to three sets of three dimensions, revealing the logical structure of the conveyance of meaning and purpose into the physical universe, will open the door to the legitimate and mathematically rigorous study of the phenomena of consciousness interacting with the physical universe. Consciousness and its impact on reality will at last be included in the equations of science, ushering in a far greater understanding of what the universe really is, who and what we are, and the meaning and purpose of our existence.


  1. This will certainly well serve my more 'mystically-initiated' understanding of who and what we are, and the meaning and purpose of our existence. Shared on my internet sites with what I had to say about the same subject when I wrote the fourth part of my whimsical quartet 'On the Square plus One', ' Dream to Reality'. Thank you, Ed! May the Ultimate Force be with us!

    1. The Ultimate Force is with us;always has been, always will be.