Friday, March 4, 2016


I believe it is always best to read Einstein in his native language if possible, because some of the meaning of his thoughts may be lost in translation.

Rafiniert is der Herr Gott, aber Bohaft ist Er Nicht!
Ich Möchte nur Wissen, Gottes Gedanken, das Übrige ist Unwichtige Einzelheit.

Translation: “God is Very Clever, but He is not maliciously incomprehensible!”

“I only want to Know God’s Thoughts, the Rest is Unimportant Detail.”

What exactly did Einstein mean by these statements? I believe he saw the universe as God’s thoughts manifested in matter and energy, much of their true nature cleverly hidden; but not maliciously hidden, not so hidden that we can’t understand their deeper meaning.

The universe is God’s Shauspiel, His stage play, meant to entertain us and to challenge us to find the logic, purpose and meaning of existence behind the façade of overt physical reality. More than 95% of the universe is hidden from our direct view. It is our job to use our innate intelligence to explore and investigate, eventually to find the infinite Mind behind physical reality.

God is playing hide and seek with us, enticing us with glimpses of His Elegance and Glory in the smiling faces of flowers, towering mountains, verdant forests, broad expanses of ocean, spinning celestial orbs, solar systems and galaxies, wheeling into infinity. Just as the conscious mind is only a small portion of the intelligence existing on the surface of the sub-conscious and super-conscious minds, the manifest physical universe is only a small portion of reality. Our destiny as human beings is to expand our awareness, to know all of reality, and the journey to that end is only now just beginning.

The science of the past few hundred years, the knowledge and understanding of Aristotle, Plato, Pythagoras, Copernicus, Galileo, Kepler, Newton, Leibniz, Fermat, Descartes, Laplace, Poincare, Di Vinci, Cantor, Hilbert, and many, many others, - even Einstein - is just a seedling sprouting from the labor of geniuses who are tilling the soil of the physical universe. That seedling will wither and die, however, without the water of consciousness, and the atmosphere of super-consciousness. Science is woefully incomplete and ultimately self-destructive if confined to the limited metaphysics of materialism.

Scientists, and everyone else, must awaken to the Greater Reality behind and beyond physical reality if we are to realize our true potential. The most brilliant scientist alive today is only a child, a curious, stumbling child learning, mostly by trial and error, touching and feeling the world around us, eager to explore the infinity of the secrets of the tiny portion of reality that is open before us. The scientist of the future must escape the stifling box of materialism and expand his/her consciousness to embrace infinity.

With the discovery that no physical universe could ever exist without the organizing participation of TRUE units of gimmel, the non-physical aspect of Reality, the budding scientist can climb out of the tiny box of materialism with the realization that Reality is much more than matter and energy interacting in space and time. The discovery and proof of the existence of multi-dimensional gimmel, the third form of reality that makes the infinite elegance and beauty of reality manifest in the universe, is presented in these posts in a way that anyone can understand.  Please read on.


  1. “God is Very Clever, but He is not maliciously incomprehensible!”


  2. I don't think gender has anything to do with it Brian. In the more logically grammatical German, Einstein's native language, everything has gender. with the masculine applied to aggressive creativity and feminine to the receptive. All primary languages have this. English is a derivative of Teutonic German, infused with Latin-based words, and other second-level languages, and in the process, English, for good or bad, has lost most of the original grammatical rigor. So there is no pronoun with both genders, and to call God either male or female would be limiting and misleading, and in English to call God an it would sound insulting. I don't think Albert had a choice.

  3. Indeed, Ed! All that was, and sadly still is, wrong with traditional, patriarchal thinking! The duality within the singularity of the Triad is of a far more profound and cosmicated nature, as you are endeavouring to establish. So, I call the the Ultimate Force an It with capital letter - Nothing insulting meant! Amun!