Saturday, January 18, 2020


IN SPIRIT WE ARE ONE. In the beautiful poetic language of Romania, the title of this post becomes:

In Duhul suntem Unul

Application of the quantum calculus I call the Calculus of Dimensional Distinctions (CoDD), the primary calculus of TDVP, reveals the fact that all things, from electron to quarks, to atoms, to human minds are connected in Primary Consciousness, the Substrate of Reality. This fact is hidden from most of us at this point in the history of our planet, because of the limitations of our sense organs, and our identification with the vehicles of our consciousness in the 3S-1t (3 dimensions of space-one quantum of time) fraction of Reality we perceive through them. The reality of our deep connection with Reality and each other can be perceived by the expansion of our awareness through spiritual practices that lead to a state of deep meditation.

TDVP is a scientific framework capable of explaining this expanded state of consciousness. People of all levels of spiritual development are given glimpses of the greater expanse of the conscious cosmos through Out-of-Body Experiences, including Near Death and Conscious-after-Death Experiences (OBEs, NDEs and CDEs). As someone formally trained in the scientific methods of mathematics and physics, who has experienced all three types of OBE experiences, I am qualified to discuss them from a personal and a scientific point of view. In addition, I observed the effects of these experiences on my soulmate Jacqui’s life for nearly 45 years.

After I return from the Science of Immortality Conferences in Romania in March 2020, I plan to publish my new book, titled Survival, which is a sequel to Secrets of the Sacred Cube, a Cosmic Love Story. I will also plan to participate in other conferences when appropriate, especially if I am invited to speak about science and spirituality. Of course I will also be pursuing the goal of promoting the paradigm shift from the current predominantly materialistic paradigm of mainstream science to the new Postmaterialist Science of TDVP.

ERC 1/18/2020

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