Sunday, January 26, 2020


Last night, after working on Power Point number 9, the last group of slides for my presentations in Bucharest and Cluj Romania, I proceeded to engage in my customary evening meditation. At one point near the end of my meditation, there was a sudden flash of realization. Sudden insights during meditation are not that unusual, but often they are too subtle to describe verbally, and many times they are very personal. I think, however, this one is worth sharing because it provides some insight into how the Neppe-Close TDVP paradigm shift, and specific applications of it, may impact people in the near future.

I had been focusing on explaining how and why gimmel exists in specific amounts that can be calculated exactly in every elementary particle of the stable elements of the Periodic Table, and how the cells of the human body contain the most gimmel. In a flash, I was aware of my consciousness, in the form of gimmel, in every cell of my body. That would be remarkable enough by itself, but I was also aware of the connection of that conscious awareness with every mineral, plant and animal, in short, all forms of manifest consciousness, through the Infinite Consciousness Substrate of reality. It was there for a flash, a quantum of three dimensional time, and it left me with the knowledge of the reality of this link in my memory.

This experience prompted me to write the following about the progression of consciousness in the physical universe:

God is sleeping in the electron, proton and neutron, dreaming in the crystals of the Mineral Kingdom, waking and growing in the Plant Kingdom, becoming aggressively aware in the Animal Kingdom, and self-aware as human beings, capable of Love, Compassion and all of the transcendental attributes of Primary Consciousness. When all these attributes are fully realized, then we will become eternally Blissful and finally truly at Home in the universe.

ERC 1/26/2020

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