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By Edward R. and Jacquelyn A Close
© Edward R. Close, March 7, 2019

Some important endorsements:
“Most people feel that modern physics and higher mathematics appear hopelessly cerebral and utterly remote from human experience and the way we lead our lives. Secrets of the Sacred Cube reverses this pattern.  By employing the unscrambling of a Rubik’s cube as a metaphor, Edward R. and Jacquelyn A. Close show how the disorder and chaos in our life can be transformed into harmony, beauty, and joy by identifying with fundamental, Primary Consciousness.  Secrets of the Sacred Cube is a powerful rejoinder to the morbid scientific materialism of our time.  What makes this premise earthy, tangible, and compelling is the interwoven journey of this loving couple — a scientific adventure and a love story rolled into one.” 
~~  Larry Dossey, MD, Author:  One Mind:  How Our Individual Mind Is Part of a  Greater Consciousness and Why It Matters

“It was wonderful hearing Ed present at the ASCI meetings. … I found myself understanding, appreciating, and celebrating what the two of you have been doing. In fact, as I look over the 40 years of my attending scientific meetings, Ed's presentation is among THE MOST MEMORABLE AND MEANINGFUL of my entire academic (and personal) life”.
~~ Dr. Gary E. Schwartz, PhD, Professor of psychology, medicine, neurology, psychiatry, and surgery, University of Arizona, Tucson

Abundant prayers and ongoing blessings for the work you and Jacqui have been so dedicated to. Each of you hold a very special place in my heart for all that you have brought and so generously shared with this world. Godspeed.
- Pushkara Sally Ashford

“Our house which was built almost 80 years ago had mold in it. And mold causes all kinds of things, including confusion. And it can make you feel like you’ve got the flu. Well, Jacqui Close introduced me to something {they call EOB2}, and Jacqui I am eternally grateful to you for learning about this oil, because it does destroy mold. Most recently we had an infestation of mold in our basement, and diffusing [the recommended] oil totally transformed the basement. And now we have that wonderful odor of {the essential] oil. Every household needs to diffuse the oil [recommended by Dr. Close].” 
 ~~ C. Norman Shealy, MD, PhD, neurosurgeon, psychologist, author, and founding president of the American Holistic Medical Association, at the forefront of alternative medicine and alternative health

“Dr. Close is not only well educated and knowledgeable, but he is a skilled teacher, making complex subjects understandable to the lay person. I have learned a great deal from his books, lectures, and the materials on his website. He is detailed, yet keeps the information interesting.”
~~ Dr. Joy Linsley, PhD, Fulbright scholar and educator, Rice University, University of Nottingham, UK, and St. Thomas University, Houston Texas.

 “For friends who don't know Edward R. Close, he's the one I'm always quoting from Mold Rx book and completely different title: Transcendental Physics. Genius with great heart and functional intelligence applied to serve the world.”
~~ Rev. Lindsay Babich, Alliance of Divine Love, Interfaith Minister, Certified Healing Touch Instructor, international speaker and author

“I would go to my office and be groggy and have a headache, because there was mold present there. Once I got the [recommended essential oil], thanks to Jacqui Close, within 30 minutes of turning on the diffuser, I felt better.” 
~~ Brenda Watson, CNC, renowned natural health and nutrition expert, speaker and author

“Dr. Close has tremendous insight into how to focus the problem, using a methodology that is replaceable, applicable and safe and most of all he does it with grace and ease.”
~~ Don Clair, PhD, CEO, Clair Caring Center, Greater Atlanta Area, Anthony Robbins Trainer, Drug and Alcohol Treatment Counselor

“Dr. Close is more than well-educated, he is also open to new ideas and exploring them. His forward thinking has helped him to discover things that have never been known to people in our age. I highly recommend reading his publications and learning from his experience any way available to you.”
~~ Dana Christisen, Complimentary Alternative Health Practitioner and Certified Health Coach

Ed, I just finished reading your book and my thoughts are: I love all of it. Much of it is strikingly familiar to me, some of it is new and opens the mind’s eye a bit as only sharing thoughts can. Thanks for letting me read it. After reading Chapter IX, I can't say enough. The inspiration is the same, but I remain speechless!
Emotions of divine embrace
                        Rays of light Christs' shield,
Harmony fills endless space
Truth is Being revealed
Inspired Word of thought
 Open doors thought closed
Movements of the symphony
Dance yet being composed!
Thank you for sharing your stories, spiritual perspectives and academic skills. 
The Cube Book is inspiring on many levels, many should understand the source of inspiration, and be inspired too!
~~ Patrick Lapham, Sr


Ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you.” - Matthew 7:7
Can this Biblical promise be taken seriously? Is there an answer to every question we can think of to ask? Is everything we don’t currently know about the nature of reality hidden from us in such a way that, if we can find the right door and knock, it will be revealed to us? Almost every theoretical physicist since Einstein has talked about a “theory of everything”. … Can there ever be a theory of everything? Maybe. But the theory of everything that physicists talk about presupposes that there is nothing to reality but matter and energy interacting in space and time. What if there is something more?
In fact, we now know that there is.
Based on repeatable and verifiable evidence and rigorous mathematical proof, in the Triadic Dimensional Vortical Paradigm (TDVP), developed over the past ten years by Dr. Vernon Neppe and this author, we have demonstrated that there is indeed something more. Furthermore, matter, energy, space and time, as we experience them through the limited physical senses, are not what they seem to be. As Albert Einstein once said: “Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one.” It is not that reality is willfully hiding itself from us; it is all there for us to find, if we decide we want to know more, and can change our focus from the purely physical, which, while it is fascinating short term, is ultimately a dead end.
The totality of reality, including but not limited to the physical universe, has logical structure, purpose and meaning. And that structure is mirrored by what we know as hyper-dimensional geometry. Actually, it would be more appropriate to call it dimensionometry, because the suffix geo- relates it to planet Earth, and the logical structure of reality goes beyond the structure of this small planet; it is galactic and cosmic. 
We call our knowledge of the nature of reality science, but our current understanding of the nature of reality is still very rudimentary because it is based on indirect evidence and incomplete information. This information is contained in the data conveyed to the imaging function of consciousness in the brain through the physical senses, which only convey a very small fraction of the spectrum of reality into our awareness, and our conceptions of it can be expressed using symbols and models. A multi-dimensional cube with articulated orthogonally rotating planes, like the Rubik’s cube, is unusually well suited to the modelling of  the physical, logical and spiritual framework of reality.
▬ ▬ ▬
This book is intended to be much more than just a way to learn to solve the cube. The purpose of the book is to provide the reader with a practical tool that will help in the development of the focus, memory skills and intuition needed to solve practical down-to-earth problems. Analogies relating efforts to solve the cube with real-life problem solving are illustrated with brief discussions of events in the lives of the authors, making the book semi-autobiographical. Our personal experiences illustrating important points are brought up as appropriate in the course of discussing the use of the cube for problem solving. The technical details … are intended to help the reader understand why and how use of the cube works as a tool to solve problems, but an in-depth understanding of the technical concepts is not necessary for you to begin using the lessons of the cube to solve real problems. 

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