Monday, December 25, 2017


Here’s my Christmas message:

My wish for you is unbounded happiness, ecstatic joy and eternal bliss!

Regardless of your nationality, heritage or belief, you can achieve true happiness in this lifetime. The key is alignment. Not alignment with doctrine, dogma or belief, not accepting what someone else says is true, but true alignment, which is alignment with universal law. The universe operates on laws that are invariant and eternal. The first law is love, and, if you are a living, breathing human being, you already have that in your heart. That is the “grace of God”, the gift that in the innermost depths of your heart there burns a flame, and the warmth and light of that flame is LOVE. The second law is you must share that love, and ultimately return it to the source from which it came. The miracle is that the warmth and light of that love is not diminished by giving it away. The third law is: whatever you send forth is what will come back to you. Send forth negativity and hate, and that is what you will experience. Send forth love and light, and negativity and hate will fade away. The shadows of hate and fear, that you may imagine surrounds you, immediately disappear when the light radiating from the flame in your heart is allowed to shine forth. And the light of your love will attract whatever you need. It will even attract the personification of love as Moses. Christ, Buddha, Krishna, Mohammed, Kabir, … or the all-encompassing light of Ultimate Reality. The source of the love given to you as the very essence of your being from the beginning of time is the source of all abundance. When you are aligned with the law of love, the floodgates will open, and the universe will give you everything. And then you will know the secret: Everything is Love, and you are one with it, and that will bring you peace beyond all understanding, wisdom beyond all knowledge. My prayer for you is: May you know such love and peace now, and throughout the new year.

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