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© Edward R. Close, November 26, 2015

I have just finished writing a description of the development of the science of the future. It is to be included as a chapter in the first volume of the Academy for the Advancement of Post-Materialist Science, to be published soon; - I’m hoping within the next year. My chapter is currently being reviewed by the founders of the Academy and by Dr. Vernon Neppe, my research partner. In the meantime, here is a brief summary of the chapter. It contains an explanation of why current mainstream science cannot answer many of the most important questions we have about the reality we experience, what the mainstream paradigm is missing, and how the science of the future is expanded to be much more comprehensive and capable of addressing all of reality. The chapter asks and answers a series of questions:

Before Planck, mainstream science had no idea that reality is quantized, i.e., that reality only occurs in multiples of very small amounts of mass and energy called quanta.
Before Einstein, mainstream science had no idea that matter and energy are two forms of the same thing, their equivalence defined mathematically by E = mc2.

A mathematical expression of consciousness is conspicuously absent from the equations of mainstream science, despite the fact, that our only direct knowledge of reality is through the experience of consciousness. It should be clear that consciousness must be included in any truly scientific analysis of reality.

More than 85 years ago, Max Planck said: “I regard consciousness as fundamental. I regard matter as a derivative of consciousness.”

Planck’s discovery that energy is meted out by nature in multiples of a basic unit revolutionized our understanding of the nature of reality, but the implications of this discovery have not yet been fully realized by mainstream science. Something is still missing.

Science has been very successful investigating and exploiting the physical aspects of reality. But we are at the point where knowledge is rapidly out-striping understanding and wisdom. As a result, civilization is in danger of self-destruction. The short-sighted egocentric science of specialization and institutional departmentalization has made it almost impossible for scientists, engineers and technicians to see the big picture. Because of this, the danger of blundering into situations detrimental to the survival of the human species is rapidly increasing.

The Standard Model of particle physics has been constructed from terabytes of data obtained from destructive testing in particle colliders, and particle physicists have borrowed tools from the body of mathematical logic as needed to solve problems without regard for the axiomatic assumptions underlying them. As a result, some applications, while yielding useful results, produce a misleading picture of the nature of reality.

The most important example of how ignoring the larger picture leads to misunderstanding, is the application of the differential and integral calculus to quantum phenomena. The calculus of Leibniz and Newton, developed over 300 years ago, depends on the assumption that equations describing physical processes are continuous functions with variables that can approach zero infinitely closely. But quantum reality is not continuous, and the variables describing it are not infinitely divisible.

Put as simply as possible: The structures of physical reality cannot be divided indefinitely. This means that the calculus being used by mainstream physicists, while very useful at the mid-scale of reality, is inappropriate for application at the quantum level.

To avoid the confusion resulting from the application of inappropriate mathematical tools, and deepen our understanding quantum phenomena, the science of the future replaces the calculus of Newton and Leibniz with the calculus of dimensional distinctions (CoDD), developed by this author over a period of several years. A major part of the chapter for the AAPS book is a presentation of the derivation of the basic unit of measurement of the CoDD, the quantum equivalence unit, and its application to the description of quantum reality.

The science of the future must incorporate knowledge gained from the last two major scientific paradigms shifts, and move on to expand the scientific investigation of reality beyond the simplistic materialistic model to which mainstream science currently limits itself. It has done this by deriving the universal quantum equivalence unit as the basis of the appropriate quantum calculus, and combining the principles of relativity and quantum physics.  This enables us to put consciousness into the equations and re-unite science with its true metaphysical basis.

In the process of deriving the true quantum equivalence unit for the calculus of distinctions, we discovered a third quantifiable form of reality that exists in addition to matter and energy. We chose the third letter of the Hebrew alphabet, gimmel, to represent that third form of reality. Gimmel is not measurable as matter or energy, and is, therefore, non-physical. When the natural elements of the Periodic Table are analyzed using true quantum units, we see that physical reality is specifically designed to support life. Gimmel is nothing other than the mathematical logic of consciousness guiding the development of organic life as the vehicle of individualized consciousness.

For the first time in modern history, we have taken the measure of consciousness and put it directly into the equations of science. But much more needs to be done. A more detailed development and application of this approach to every aspect of reality awaits the fresh young minds of the scientists of the future. The answers provided in this chapter afford only a glimpse of the broad landscape of where the science of the future will go. It will be a science that, in addition to providing unambiguous answers to questions about the physical universe, will also be able to investigate the greater domain of non-physical reality and explore the infinite possibilities of the human mind and spirit.

“The day science begins to study non-physical phenomena, it will make more progress in one decade than in all the previous centuries of its existence”. - Nikola Tesla, 1856

I will try to keep up with the progress of the Academy for the Advancement of Post-materialist Science and post updates on this blog as often as I can.


  1. Nothing further the add, Ed, other than what has been meaningfully discussed by us in the past; except to ask whether the 'Academy for the Advancement of Post-materialist Science' will eventually have a contactable and online website of its own, or will all its future dealings continue to be dealt with solely by yourself?

  2. Yes. I'll post websites, you tube videos, etc. as they become available.

  3. Look for my post with the video on Expanding Reality for a glimpse of the other members of the Academy for the Advancement of Post-Materialist Science.

  4. Thanks, Ed, may the Ultimate Force be it and those therein participating! IJN!