Friday, February 17, 2017


We find ourselves at a point in time where most of us, like Alice, are looking from our familiar world, through a mirror into a strange and disturbing world. But things have changed since Alice’s time: roughly half of the people are on opposite sides of the mirror, and most of those on each side blame the people on the other side for everything that has gone wrong, and the looking glass has become a wall, no longer a door into a magical kingdom. Both sides believe there is something horribly wrong, but neither can, or is willing to step through the glass into the others’ world. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realize that this is a very dangerous situation.

A very wise man once said: if you find that the world is wrong, you must change yourself. That’s hard to do, but it’s easier and more productive than trying to change those of opposite persuasion.

Pogo, a once popular cartoon character, created by man named Walt Kelly, (some of us are old enough to remember) said: “We has met the enemy, and they is us!
If the world is in crises, it is we who are to blame. Humanity seems to have lost its moral compass. Love and compassion, the wellspring of inner peace, taught by the spiritual geniuses of the past was replaced as soon as the spiritual masters were gone by religious dogma designed to control the thinking of the masses… for their own good, of course! As education began to be made available to more people, dogmatic beliefs were replaced by science, as new discoveries proved dogmatic religious beliefs wrong, time after time.

So we thanked God for science! We thought reason would prevail. Scientists speak the universal language of mathematics and logic. They can discover what’s real, what’s true and what’s false, and work across national, religious, cultural, and ideological lines. If scientific discoveries can be used for positive and constructive purposes, knowledge can set us free from the tyrannies of dogma and political mind control. But sadly, that has not happened to the extent that it seemed it would.

It appears that the leaders of academia have fallen into the same trap that ensnared the religious leaders of the past: Overly impressed with their own understanding, they begin to believe that they, by virtue of their intellect and education, have the exclusive right to truth, and that it is their mission to enlighten the uneducated masses. So-called mainstream science is in great danger of becoming the new priesthood. We see evidence of this as many mainstream scientists declare that the universe, and especially the living beings inhabiting it, are nothing more than accidental consequences of a series of random events.

Mainstream science has thrown the baby of spiritual growth out with the proverbial bath water. By espousing personal beliefs rather than science, mainstream academia is in serious danger of devolving into another institutionalized suppression of the human spirit, indoctrinating rather than educating. Tenured professors tend to discourage thinking outside the box of “mainstream” thought. In all too many cases, materialistic indoctrination is confused with instruction, even in the sciences. We see evidence of this when we hear professors and their students saying things like: “I am a scientist, so of course I am an atheist!”

Atheism, if not a mental illness, is an extremely closed-minded belief, just as unscientific, if not more so, than a belief in fairies. Atheism, or even the belief that the universe could exist as it does with or without conscious beings, is simply not a scientific hypothesis. It cannot be tested. No one can observe a universe without consciousness. A real scientist cannot say “I am an atheist". A real scientist can say “I am an agnostic” because a real scientist should be skeptical. An intellectual person who has never had a spiritual experience, or has chosen to ignore anything that can’t be explained by materialism, can justify being agnostic, but there is no logical argument that infers real legitimacy on atheism.

When a whole class of intellectuals largely profess atheism, and unwisely voice their opinions that the universe and life are meaningless accidents, they do a serious disservice to humanity. When such opinions trickle down to the general population, hedonism and violence are just some of the unintended results. If you have a materialistic belief system to start with, no one should be at all surprised when your model finds no purpose or meaning to consciousness, life and the universe.

You can, of course, believe whatever you want to believe. But that does not make it true,--in any universe. At some point, your belief system must be tested against reality, just like theoretical physics, otherwise, you will miss an opportunity to grow intellectually, and more importantly, spiritually. Is the world in crisis? Being in crisis is not necessarily a bad thing. It means that the conditions are right for intellectual and spiritual growth.

Contrary to what mainstream science is telling you, the universe was created, and continues to be created for the sole purpose of manifesting the infinitely conscious substrate that underlies physical reality. That pervasive Primary Consciousness is forever flowing into the physical universe to promote organic sentient life moving toward conscious spiritual awakening. Every electron, quark and atom is pre-programmed in Primary Consciousness to support organic life that is capable of becoming self-aware. The pathway from Primary Consciousness to the individualized consciousness that is you and me, is elucidated through the mathematical logic of Multi-Dimensional Extrapolation, the Calculus of Distinctions, and the Diophantine Conveyance Equations. And it is for the purpose of spiritual evolution.

This view of reality is articulated in the work of Neppe and Close, the Unified Monism of the Triadic Rotational Vortical Paradigm (TDVP). But, is it just another multi-dimensional theory like string theory, that can’t be proved or disproved? No. What is unique about TDVP is that it is not just another philosophical or scientific theory. Its validity has been mathematically proved and verified by a number of theoretical mathematical predictions that are in exact agreement with real-world empirical data.

The importance of the following two points cannot be over emphasized: 

(1.) Proof of TDVP depends on mathematical theorems, not theory, and (2.) TDVP provides quantified predictions that are validated by real world data.

For those who might not know the difference between a theory and a theorem, let me explain again how very different they are: A theory is a hypothesis that has not been proved, or is only partially proved. A theorem, on the other hand, has been proved. So, while the two terms sound similar, the meanings are almost exactly opposite. The power of a mathematical theorem lies in the fact that once it has been proved, it is true in all circumstances, in all possible universes. It is globally and universally true.

Two theorems are critical in the proof of the TDVP paradigm: The Pythagorean Theorem and Fermat’s Last Theorem. The Pythagorean Theorem is a central part of Dimensional Extrapolation, and Fermat’s Last Theorem is applied in the Calculus of Distinctions to prove the existence of a third form of reality, beyond mass and energy. These theorems are reflections of the logical nature of reality, which is a reflection of Primary Consciousness. And gimmel, the third form of reality, proved to exist by the mathematics of the TDVP paradigm, is the door between science and spirituality. the way through the looking glass.


  1. As ever, Ed, in trying to blend aspects of my profound mystical-initiation of 1980 with your own treatise, articles and experiences, I thought the following excerpt might well be of interest; as it lends itself (coincidentally?) to all you express in your latest article, which I have shared with this overriding comment on my Facebook sites. It covers a most concerned and reflective period in my life, during which I had to decide how to cope with all the Ultimate Force had tasked of me in respect of Its (then conditional) seventeen-year reprieve for mankind – And, perhaps, as a more lighthearted and ongoing afterthought in this respect: If Donald Trump feels he has a problem with current false-news - Just think what I had to deal with in trying to cope with over four millennia of the self-same problem! IJN!


    Nairobi, Kenya, 1982

    Brian was gazing directly into a large mirror. He thought it was a mirror; it had a frame and a reflecting surface. Strangely, though, it wasn’t reflecting his image; he was invisible; though he could see what was reflected behind him. This enthralled him. From the mirror, a voice addressed him. ‘Brian, look at your unbalanced past.’ it said. ‘A materialistic catastrophe!’ Behind him, depravity was being enacted. And he was at the centre of it all, clad in his recognizable Halloween Devil’s outfit. ‘Pass through the looking glass, Brian, and you’ll experience a more balanced image of yourself; the old no longer exists. Your inherent ability to be a law unto yourself for the benefit of all now has spiritual depth to counter material excesses. With all you’ve now learnt about life and the universe, the time is at hand for you to adopt this balanced image, and get on with the cosmic task you’ve been ordained to perform. There’s a radical message to be disseminated. And as you well know, its wording is in your hands. Pass through the looking glass, Brian; and set your mind to work on how to present it in such a way as not to get yourself persecuted in the process.’ Brian did as he’d bid himself to do; as, he also knew this voice was his own inner voice; it wasn’t to be disobeyed. He passed through the looking glass, and found himself out with the stars, looking benevolently down on planet Earth. He felt at one with all there’d ever been; but more importantly it felt at one with him. Brian felt like God.

    (Extract from ‘Episodes in the Life of Brian’ – As yet, unpublished, and probably never likely to be! – Episode Four, the opening paragraph.)

  2. Truth is universal. There is but one reality and we all must eventually come to know it, by some path. But the closer we come to oneness with the reaity of Primary Consciousness, the broader and more consistent our view becomes.

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