Saturday, September 17, 2016


Explanations of why quarks combine in threes and why fermions have 1/2 intrinsic spin are in references 1 and 2 below. Additional explanations by TDVP of phenomena not explained in the current paradigm are presented in the list of peer-reviewed and published references. 

Number 1 does not appear on the archive list to the right, but you can go to it by typing 'The Simple Math of TRUE Units' in the search box above left.

In the archives of this blog
1. The Simple Math of TRUE Units, the True Unit, the Conveyance Equation and the Third   Form of Reality – Posted Feb, 1, 2016
2. Putting Consciousness into the Equations of Science, a series of posts: Part 1 through Part 20:
Putting Consciousness into the Equations of Science, Part 1: The Third Form of Reality (Gimmel) and the “TRUE” Units (Triadic Rotational Units of Equivalence) of Quantum     

Followed by subsequent posts, to Part 20, Summary and Conclusions – Posted Jan. 5, 2016
3. Also see TRUE Units and the Natural Elements of the Periodic Table – Posted March 11, 2015.

In peer-reviewed and published references:

2. Close ER, Neppe VM: The thirteenth conundrum: introducing an important concept, TRUE units – Triadic Rotational Units of Equivalence. IQNexus Journal 7: 2; 60-71, 2015

Related publications:
4. Neppe VM, Close ER: The concept of relative non-locality: Theoretical implications in consciousness research. Explore (NY): The Journal of Science and Healing 11: 2; 102-108, 2015.
5. Close ER, Neppe VM: The eleventh conundrum: The double Bell normal curve and its applications to electron cloud distribution IQNexus Journal 7: 2; 51-56, 2015.
Relevant references by other authors

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