Friday, June 19, 2015


By Edward R Close
June 19, 2015

Length, Width, Height, curled-up, space-like, time-like, separate, connected, embedded - What are Dimensions? 

Do we live in 3 dimensions? 
Do we live in a 4-dimensional domain?
Or are there more dimensions existing beyond Einstein's space-time?

Learn how the extra dimensions proposed in the Close/Neppe TDVP science of the future relate to familiar known dimensions, what they are, and even where they are located. This new understanding of the reality of extra dimensions opens the door to a science that includes consciousness and spirituality.

If the video does not appear above, or does not render properly, you can click this link to watch the video on YouTube:

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  1. Posted on my Facebook sites, Edward, wishing you both well with your endeavours. Nevertheless, I felt it appropriate to add the following comment, having for the past thirty-five years, in the main, been subjected to apathy concerning the subject of this most profound scientific discipline: Interesting ongoing work by Edward R. Close in order to give greater credence to an integrated spiritual/temporal 'Science of the Whole', as mystically-predicted and disseminated by the content of this site. However, I doubt if my MID (Mystically-Inspired Doctorate) of 1980, I say lightheartedly, in this most profound of disciplines would qualify me to act as one of his Peer Reviewers. Hey, ho!