Monday, April 20, 2015


Dear Friends,
I am earnestly and URGENTLY appealing to you to take the time to view the video “EXPLAINING THE UNEXPLAINABLE” below, an important presentation - WITHOUT MATH - Even if you don’t particularly like science, we need your support. We are not asking for money. As the number of people who understand what we are doing grows, it will eventually reach a critical mass of consciousness, and the dominant world view will change.  It is important to me for you to understand that we are not doing this to draw attention to ourselves, saying “look at how smart we are!” Neither Dr. Neppe nor I need that. We are not doing this for self-aggrandizement. We are doing this because, as Dr. Neppe says, it is simply our song to sing, we can do no other. Here is why I think this is so important:
The world is composed of three kinds of people: those who believe there is nothing beyond the material world of our limited physical senses (this includes most of today’s mainstream scientists), those who believe in something more, and those who are undecided, i.e., believers, atheists and agnostics. For millennia, there has been a clash between the ‘believers’ and the ‘non-believers’. Millions of innocents have been maimed and killed, each side blaming the other! If the Close-Neppe Theory of Everything is understood by enough people, it will no longer be a fight between philosophical beliefs. Real Science will settle the debate forever.
I know EXPLAINING THE UNEXPLAINABLE has complex ideas, some of which will be new to almost everyone, but I promise you it will be worth the effort. I know that, simply as human beings, we have a tendency to believe what we want to believe, regardless of the facts; but the truth will emerge, and if enough people understand what Dr. Neppe and I have discovered, it can happen soon! And when it happens, the level of political and religious strife and bloodshed will gradually be reduced worldwide, as people realize how senseless and unnecessary it is. The TDVP Theory of Everything reveals the deep connectedness of all human beings, and in fact of all life. It is no longer a matter of guesswork or blind belief; it is a scientifically provable fact, from the quantum level to the galactic level. The truth is undeniable. As Dr. David Stewart said so eloquently in his Foreword to my book Transcendental Physics:
“The marriage between science and religion is complete … No longer is there a contradiction. If you believe in one, you necessarily believe in the other, even if you don’t realize it.”
If you have read this far, I think you can see why I think this is so important. Please take the time to view EXPLAINING THE UNEXPLAINABLE.
Thanking you in advance,

Ed Close

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