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In more than 570 Transcendental Physics blogposts, and especially in the last three or four of them, I have endeavored to establish a solid logical basis for developing an effective way to locate and consciously strengthen the connection with Spirit that exists within each living individual conscious physical being at the quantum level. The evidence that this quantum connection actually exists was discovered by applying the calculus of dimensional distinctions (CoDD) triadic rotational unit of equivalence (TRUE) analysis to investigate the dynamic combination of the elementary spinning objects that make up physical reality. Those elementary objects, known as quarks, unite in unique groups of three to form the most basic stable objects in physical existence, called protons; and the proton, combined with the smallest, most elementary object, the electron, forms the protium hydrogen atom, the most abundant and stable natural element in the physical universe and in the physical bodies of evolving conscious beings.

Note that the acronym ‘TRUE’ can stand for either the singular or plural of the basic unit of the CoDD, depending on the context of the sentence in which it is used. The TRUE quantization of physical reality was achieved in TDVP by using the mass and volume of the smallest stable physical object, the free electron, to define the most basic unit of measurement. By doing so, we found that the most abundant atom in the physical universe, the stable hydrogen atom, consists of exactly (11x22x33)= (108)3 = 1,259,712 Triadic TRUE, of which almost 95% are units of the non-physical component we call gimmel.

I have calculated the volume of the free electron in SI units and published it in the mathematical derivation of gimmel. But it is worth noting that all that was necessary to establish and develop the Calculus was to confirm that the free electron has a finite volume. Gimmel is the measurable non-physical third form of quantum reality, after matter and energy, that is necessary to form stable combinations of elementary objects, and that serves as the connection between mind and matter, between physical and Spiritual reality. Note also, that the percentage of gimmel in elemental atoms is the same as the percentage of “dark matter” and “dark energy” in the universe.

Further TRUE analysis has revealed that “dark matter” and “dark energy” are complete misnomers. They are neither dark, nor matter or energy. They are gimmel, which is the non-physical part of reality, consisting of spiritual light, which is not detectable to our physical sense organs. Whether you have experienced the presence of non-physical Spiritual light and reality in your life, or not, understanding that this connection actually exists will enable you to think about it in concrete terms and be able to find a way to develop a sharper awareness of it. The purpose of this post is to try to make awareness of this connection available to as many conscious beings as may want to know about it. An understanding of the theoretical basis of TDVP and the results of the analyses based on mathematical logic and statistics, backed up by a growing volume of experimental data, will help you to become more aware of the connection with Spirit that exists in your own consciousness.  

It is important to understand that negative attitudes, ego-centered emotions, mis-guided hateful reactions, and unwarranted aggression against others, over the period of low spiritual virtue we’ve been in for the past several thousand years, have weakened and even blocked our awareness of the connection of each soul with Primary Consciousness. To re-establish the awareness of that connection, or to enhance an existing awareness of it, it is necessary to still the mind and open the heart to receive God’s Holy Spirit.

Sometimes awareness of Spirit happens spontaneously, e.g., when listening to uplifting music, observing a beautiful sunset, meeting a saintly person, or falling in love with any divine aspect of reality, a special person, place, or thing that is imbued with God’s presence. The glory of God's reality is conveyed into your physical brain, and on to your heart and soul through the activation of gimmel, whether you are aware of it or not. It is only through increased spiritual awareness that you may hope to accelerate your progress toward Cosmic Consciousness during this lifetime despite the darkness of the current materialistic age.

As a conscious being, you have a certain measure of free will, depending on your level of spiritual advancement, that allows you to accept or reject the connection with Spirit. The connection is always available, but it is up to you to accept or reject it. This is the most important and crucial decision you can make in this physical lifetime. Rejection results in the death and destruction of the persona you have developed during this life, and the return of the innate unconscious positive energy of your being to the Source. Acceptance results in continued strengthening of the connection and the opportunity to expand your consciousness beyond your physical existence and evolve spiritually to the point where you will no longer need to experience death and destruction.

As spiritual human beings living on planet Earth at this time, we must make every effort to maintain and increase our awareness of this deep connection, because of the incessant evil of daily distractions of personal, local, and world events, and negative reactions that can reduce our awareness. This is why there are numerous scriptural admonitions to “pray without ceasing.” A prayerful attitude also includes gratitude. Anytime you feel the ecstasy of Spirit rising in your heart, whatever the cause, be thankful for it and let it fill your consciousness completely, for as long as you can, because that feeling is the Holy Spirit, the token of God’s presence, conveyed into your consciousness through the gimmel existing in every atom of your being, and which, with focused effort, will cause the Eternal Light to blossom forth and flood your soul with miraculous energy.

This ecstatic inner energy that you feel in the center of your being is real, and it is miraculous because it can manifest as a powerful healing light in every cell of your body, and you can share it with other souls. Sharing it with others is like using a candle to light other candles: When you touch another heart with love and compassion, your experience of the Light will not dimmish, but will burn even brighter in your heart and eventually in the entire world. It is inexhaustible because it comes from the one and only Infinite Source.

Based on the mathematical and scientific understanding of the existence of gimmel, the quantum connection between our individualized consciousness and Primary Consciousness, provided by the triadic Dimensional Vortical paradigm (TDVP) TRUE analysis, we can see the importance of strengthening this connection. By focusing on the spiritual connection that exists at the deepest level of our physical being with an ever-increasing effort to connect personally with Spirit and receive God’s Infinite Love and Light in our hearts, we may learn how to share it with others, passing it on, one soul at a time. In this way we can help spread the healing light of Spirit around the world.

A timely return to the realization that the positive aspects of the life we are blessed to enjoy come from the one and only infinitely intelligent and loving Source, the eternally present and omnipotent Primary Consciousness, is the only way we can hope to heal the divisive disease caused by the rejection of the reality of God by millions of the inhabitants of this planet. The evil threatening to separate the people of this world from our Divine Source forever through the forced installation of various forms of mis-guided tyrannical governments that are based on the dialectic materialist rejection of the existence of the infinite non-physical energy of God underlying the physical universe, will ultimately fail, as people awaken to its false narrative and the reality of Spirit.

It is my intention to devote future presentations to discussions of effective methods of spiritual consciousness expansion supported by mathematical logic and empirical science, and to answer sincere questions as they may arise.

ERC – 5/27/2022

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