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NOTE: Read Part Four here and/or in context in the first post of this series, posted on December 24, 2021.


Every life is made up of a series of events experienced by the individualized consciousness of a soul through one particular unique dynamic aggregate of atoms, cells, and organs, with which the soul has temporarily identified. That organic aggregate, with a finite number of brain cells, is the physical vehicle for that soul for the duration of that lifetime. The nature of the events that a soul experiences in a lifetime through a physical body in this way is determined by the cause-and-effect content of the soul’s past lives and the choices made in those lives and between lives. Events that are normal for one soul, may seem extraordinary and bizarre to another soul because we are all at different points in our spiritual journey from bare, minimal awareness to Cosmic Consciousness.

As human beings, we all have access to the Threshold described in these posts, and the four states of consciousness: waking, sleeping, dreaming and Turiya, or Pure Consciousness. The purpose of these posts is to offer a new explanation of life, conscious experience, and mental, physical, and spiritual virtue, that is consistent with the scientific method. The conclusion that you are an immortal soul and that there is meaning and purpose behind all things is not new, it is consistent with the core teachings of the Spiritual Masters of all ages, all advanced civilizations, and all real science. The key to understanding reality has always been, and will always be, available to you in the depths of your own consciousness. What is new, is that now there is absolute proof that anyone can understand, that the non-physical domain of reality is more real than the physical. As a living soul, you can evaluate this conclusion in the laboratory of your own consciousness, the nexus of your body, mind, and spirit, which is also the Sacred Temple of your soul.

The key is complete internal and external honesty, integrity, and love of self and others. At the low point of human virtue on this planet, in 499 AD, the average individual alive on the Earth was unable to comprehend much beyond the basic physical realities related to survival. Only the most advanced souls, reincarnating from the apex of the last high point of virtue in 11,501 BC, were aware of Truth. A number of advanced souls reincarnated between 500 BC and 500 AD to help us through those dark times. Outstanding among them were Jesus of Nazareth and Siddhartha Gautama Buddha, but there were many others, who played lesser roles in preserving the basic truths until the mean mental and spiritual virtue of humanity advanced to the point that Homo sapiens might survive. I will identify some of them in the posts to come.

As I have indicated in previous posts, I don’t believe that you have to have a PhD in mathematics, physics, or any other specialized discipline to grasp the importance of the discovery of gimmel, the measurable non-physical part of reality, at this time. Why is it important? Because belief and faith were absolutely necessary in the times of descending virtue and the first ascending age, known as the descending and ascending Kali Yugas (701 BC to 1699 AD) by the ancient Indian Rishis and they are still essential for the majority of human beings now, but knowing is always better than belief or faith in the words of others, when proof is available. It is for this reason that I want to make the proof of the existence of non-physical reality as available to as many as I can.

There are two kinds of proof: The first happens when one has the direct, immediate experience of truth. The second is in gaining indirect knowledge of truth through mathematical or logical proof. The first is superior to the second, but direct experience of truth is only available to the majority of humanity at this time of still low spiritual virtue, by what is known as the Grace of God, which can be attracted by cultivating pure love and devotion. In the natural process of planetary time where we are now, about 362 years into the 2400 years of the second ascending age, the Dwapara Yuga, the increase in mental virtue is such that more people are capable of understanding the proof through reasoning than through the direct experienced of pure love.

I have been trying to reach people through both avenues: devotional and intellectual, but because of my background in science and mathematics, I have tried to make the mathematical logic proof available to scientists first. TDVP, developed in intellectual partnership with Prof. Vernon Neppe, MD, PhD, is the culmination of this effort. This new series of posts is an effort to find a better, more workable mix of the two avenues, intellectual and devotional. I will continue to try to express the logic-based proof of the existence of gimmel in terms that the average person can follow, while pointing to the doorway to spiritual advancement available in the consciousness of every sentient human being. My sincere hope, dear reader, is that I might be able to help you to find it.

Organized religiosity, intellectualism, and scientism are subtle traps. They are like shiny objects that lure truth seekers off the narrow path that leads to the real goal. The real goal of life and all forms of existence is the ultimate enlightenment of conscious beings, an ultimate state of being that some have called Cosmic Consciousness. That is the sole purpose of creation. Recognition of this fact gives us real hope and real meaning to our lives. This is especially true when we realize that the goal of ultimate enlightenment is ours to attain through acquisition of knowledge, alignment with truth, and spiritual evolution that can be accelerated, delayed, or hampered by our own actions.

I am hopeful that by this time, if you have read this far, you understand that I have no idea how many posts there will be in this series, or even how much detail I will be able to convey. I only write when I am inspired to write, and even though I am the one writing these words, I do not think that I am the source of what I write. I leave it up to you to decide where you think the ideas I express may come from. I can only pledge to make these ideas as understandable as I can. I will appreciate any comments, questions, and suggestions from serious readers.

Happy New Year. Rejoice in the potential of 2022.

ERC 12/28/2021

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