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The Question of Survival
The question of whether the consciousness of a living person can survive the physical destruction of that person’s physical body arises because of the assumption that no one really knows what consciousness is. Clearly, mainstream science does not; and most mainstream scientists today accept the assumption that consciousness is epiphenomenal, i.e., a strange, insubstantial something that arises when matter and energy reach a certain level of complexity; although no one seems to know exactly what that level of complexity is, or even whether the complex structure must be a living organism or not,  This position is consistent with the metaphysical belief system now known as physicalism, a updated, scientific version of materialism.

Beyond the Quantum Veil
It took a while, but eventually, I began to get over the intense heartache that came with the realization that the life Jacqui and I had shared so joyously was over, gone, and that I would never again in this life, feel the smoothness of her skin and the warmth of her physical presence. We were now separated by an invisible curtain that I knew I must somehow part. Fortunately, I also knew that I had some advantages that might make this possible: First, I knew that Jacqui was probably working to do the same thing from the other side. Her message through the medium had been loud and clear: She had been a tremendous help to me while alive, and, as she said, she was “not going to stop just because she died!” Second, we had meditated together for more than forty years.

What is beyond the quantum veil, beyond the physical universe, and beyond the land of our dreams? Based on Sri Yukteswar’s cyclic concept of time and the development of mental virtue, G. Spencer Brown’s Laws of Form, and the esoteric teachings of all the mystic geniuses of all of Earth’s history, - almost all of reality! The reduction valves of our senses only allow us to see a fraction of it. But, even that fraction reflects a bit of the wonder and bliss of Reality. That is why we can be enthralled by the majesty of a mountain range capped with snow, the exquisite beauty of a rose, or the wonder of a starry night. The rest of this book is dedicated to the chronicling of part of our journey together, Jacqui’s and mine, with Jacqui in the spirit world, and me incarnate, working together to do our part to help humankind reach our goal: The goal of all existence, Cosmic Consciousness!

The beauty of the paradigm shift my research partner and spiritual brother, Dr. Vernon Neppe and I call the Triadic Dimensional Vortical Paradigm (TDVP), is that it provides a logical theoretical framework within which to explain the experience of working with someone who has gone beyond the quantum veil into the greater reality of the Spirit world, the so-called “other side”. Within that framework, we can see how the Spirit world is not something wholly apart from physical reality: In the dimensionometry of TDVP, the spirit world and physical reality are not disconnected realms, separated in a way that ‘never the twain shall meet’. On the contrary, the physical domain of three dimensions of space and one dimension of time is a sub-domain existing within the spiritual domain of consciousness, in the same way a line exists within a plane, or a plane exists within a volume.

Beyond what we normally perceive through the physical senses, the spiritual domain with its embedded physical world is immersed in, and surrounded by the infinitely continuous matrix of Primary Consciousness. In the same way physical reality is a sub-domain, embedded within spiritual reality, the logical structures and patterns of the physical universe, which we call the laws of science, are a sub-set of the greater logical structure of Primary Consciousness. That part of the logic of the greater logical structure of Primary Consciousness is conveyed down into the physical domain by the existence of gimmel, the non-physical, organizing aspect of physical reality, found in every discrete, spinning vortex-like (vortical) particle, viz., quarks, protons, neutrons and atoms, that make up stable, life supporting physical reality. With this link-up of experience with the mathematical logic and science of the TDVP, Jacqui and I will continue to tell our story.

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