Thursday, May 10, 2018


Copyright © Edward R. Close 5/10/2018

Reflections on Gimmel, Life and Consciousness
Windows are so very nice, for looking out at trees and sky,
But they present a hazard for our feathered friends who fly,

And may mistake reflections there for part of their reality,
And try to reach and perch upon a branch of an imagined tree.

I heard an impact on the glass, and looked, hoping not to see,
A small body lying on the ground, alas, another sad fatality.

As I watched this little life depart,
It took my breath and broke my heart.

Why God, I asked, why must this be?
Why do you brook this cruelty?

I imagined the small egg within the nest,
The feathered warmth of mother’s breast,

It seems so similar, you see,
To what happens to you and me.

This happy little winged thing
Left the nest, his song to sing,

To spread his feathered wings and fly
To know and love the earth and sky.

But, suddenly, he’ll sing no more,
He flutters now, at death’s dark door.

In a moment this spark of life is gone, - and so,
I must ask from whence it came, where did it go?

As I lay his lifeless form to rest,
I have to ask: God, is this a test?

And when my body turns to dust,
As nature’s laws decree it must,

Where does the ‘I’ that I am go?
I’m asking and demand to know!

That little bird then spoke to me,
Not in words nor in bird chatter,

But in a flash of clarity I see:
Life or death, it does not matter.

A deeper question I must ask:
Beyond a bird or human mask,

What are the subtle links that tether
Gimmel, life and mind together?

The message that experience imparted was: It is time for me to move on. For more than 30 years, I’ve worked to perfect the mathematical proof that there is a part of reality that is non-physical, a real component beyond mass, energy space and time, that integrates the experience of consciousness and spirit with the awarerness of the physical universe. With the calculus of dimensional distinctions, the true quantum math, and dimensional extrapolation, linking Plato and Pythagoras, Cantor and Fermat, Planck and Einstein, the proof is complete. A handful of professional thinkers have confirmed this. But materialist mainstream scientists will try to disprove this until they draw their final breath. I’m through with trying to convince them. As Planck so correctly pointed out many years ago: “Science progresses from funeral to funeral.” We can’t expect many who have devoted their entire lives to materialism to be swayed even by mathematical proof. 

Gimmel, the third form of reality, is neither matter nor physical force, but it is a fact; it is real. There are those who will understand it, and those who won’t. As my son Joshua likes to say: “It is what it is!” So, we must move on to the more important deeper question: What is the relationship between gimmel, and the realities of human experience: life and consciousness?

I held that tiny body in my hands and watched the spark of his life fade and flicker out. I’ve experienced the same thing with other animals, including human beings, when vital organs are damaged beyond the possibility of functioning as they had when in good health; but his time was different. I realized that after the signs of life as a bird were gone, gimmel still existed in the atoms of the body; otherwise, the cells, molecules and atoms would all decay into the mass and energy of sub-microscopic quarks, and the body would disappear. Of course, this does happen over time, as various stages of organic decay proceed, but life is still there, many days later, it’s just no longer the life that expressed itself as a bird. Many of the cells of various parts of that body are still functioning. What if, I could bring together the quantum units of gimmel remaining in the body to reassemble the broken bones of the neck, or the crushed muscles of the heart, would the bird come back to life and fly away? Or is there a way to add units of gimmel to a finite physical form by the power of thought?

I have proved that gimmel, like mass and energy, is conserved in any process, and that strongly suggests that consciousness survives physical death. 

There is no doubt in my mind that gimmel is the connection between consciousness, life and the atomic structure of the physical universe, and that the potential for conscious life existed in the mutable mass and energy of quarks even before they became the first protium atoms of physical reality. The important question now is to determine exactly how consciousness works through gimmel and the dimensions of space and time to form life-supporting organic structures. If we can answer this question, we are not only on our way to knowing God’s thoughts, as Einstein wished to do, but we will also begin to know how the mind of God works.

If this of interest to you, then stay tuned, because this will be my focus henceforth.

Edward R. Close 5/10/2018


  1. << "The important question now is to determine exactly how consciousness works through gimmel and the dimensions of space and time to form life-supporting organic structures." >>

    In that case, it seems to me that I ought to share the following.

    Again, this all comes from the belief system I mentioned before (and off the top of my head), whose propositions, as you know, can only be taken as conjectures (while they have been developed from a certain formal process, is not the scientific method, so there are conjectures nonetheless).

    But I'll share them since I think they can be quite instrumental in your own research. Below I'll use your own terminology as much as possible. I'll also cut straight through a sea of concepts to get directly to the point, for the sake of brevity, so I hope I make sense leaving out so much.

    There are 3 main concepts that I think are specifically relevant to your statement above.

    The first is that *hierarchy is key*. While, for example, in the standard model no particular fermion is deemed more important in any given hadron, if you consider the complete "para-system", that is, the physical particles + gimmel, then there IS a hierarchy with gimmel at the top. Similarly, the gimmel in an atom is more than the sum of the gimmel of the electrons, protons and neutrons because the atom itself has its own top layer of gimmel, which in turn varies depending on the "teleology" of the atom. [the bit about the total gimmel being more than the sum of the parts comes directly from the belief system but I think it matches your calculations].

    Thus in, say, a complex molecule such as a protein, there is a "gimmel-based hierarchical co-structure" in which top level gimmel "particles" are linked to lower-level gimmel particles, and only the lowest level is itself directly linked to the physical particles. Such a non-physical hierarchy is found in all structures, from water, crystals, etc... to the different layers of biological organizations (proteins, nucleotides, cells, tissues, organs, whole organisms).

    Furthermore, at least in biological systems, at each level there is an apex occupied by ONE driver "gimmel", so just as there is one on a single cell, there is ONE on a human being; specifically, *YOU* or *ME*


  2. The second concept is that just as "physical particles" is a category, but there are lots of different such particles, "gimmel" or "spiritual entities" as I'd call it, is also a category and there are lots of different "forms" of it. The relevant distinction that is important in the understanding of the progressive non-physical co-hierarchy that is associated with any physical, chemical and biological structure is the distinction of "fractional size". This is a hugely complex topic on itself, but let me just say that God only and initially created "whole" spirits, a *subset* of which, at a given point in time (pre-Universe) and for a given number of reasons, started to recursively break apart such that, ontologically speaking, there exist whole spirits but also fractional spirits, and the fractional ones comes in all sort of different "sizes or proportions" (1/2, 1/1000, 1/1e25, etc...). The different layers in the hierarchy that I mentioned above are only occuppied by fractional spirits (or spiritual fractions if you prefer) whose "proportion" corresponds to _that_ level. This is why *you* and *me*, being "whole" spirits, do not link to, or incarnate on, or associate with, an atom, or a virus, or a cell.. because we are at a "level" in the hierarchy in which it only makes sense to do it at the top of a human being.
    And that is, mainly, because there are significant "functional" attributes that are directly proportional to the "fractional size" of a spirit, such that *you* and *me* can function/express/act in a way that proportionally smaller spiritual fractions cannot. In turn, a "dog" for example (the spiritual apex or conciousness of a dog, that is) can do so much more than a virus, which itself in turn can do so much more than a single atom, and so forth.

    Teleologically speaking, the progressive complexity of nature is there to allow proportionally bigger and bigger spiritual fractions to link in, all the way up to whole spirits like us linking into human beings. (This would be the "Anthropic principle" but on steroids)

    The third and final concept is that above a certain level of complexity, for those creatures that developed a brain, the hierarchy mentioned above requires a complete dedicate "extra layer" to allow a spiritual driving apex to link in. That is, is not JUST the brain along with the non-physical hierarchy that would normally be associated with it if we followed a progression from atom to cell to neurons to the entire brain as an organ. No, at this level, *above* the brain as a organ there is non-physical organ on itself: the mind. While the brain of a primate is not that different from the brain of a human, the mind (this *separate* higher-level structure made entirely of "gimmel" with no physical elements) of a human IS rather different, so that a human mind can *interface* a whole spirit such as you and me.

  3. Mr. Close, that is beautifully touching.