Friday, June 30, 2017



From the first bright streaks of morning’s light,
To golden mid-day, to evening’s red, and night.

From the roaring storm with lightning strikes of fear and pain,
To the welcome pattering of soft shining silver pearls of rain,

From the depths of the Canyon Grand,
To the highest mountain’s snowy peak,

Embrace the wonder of this, our land.
We have what so many others seek.

In this land, the USA, each one is free
To speak, and sometimes rant and rave.

No one should be a victim meek,
And no should be another’s slave.

But don’t forget to have respect for the others’ points of view.
Slanderous words will reflect, and wreak their havoc upon you!

Some are easily misled by political deceit, greed and desire,
But don’t you slide into that quagmire, it’s a deep dark hole,

To rise above this awful curse, out of judgmental line of fire,
You need to listen to His Voice, right there within your soul.

Edward R. Close June 30, 2017


  1. Yes, Ed, in my mystically-initiated opinion, this is certainly how things ought to be; but, sadly, a conspiratorial tyranny, simply to serve what I’ve come to recognize as ‘Atonist/Abrahamic/Elitism’, has for millennia reigned supreme to thwart such Utopian ideals from becoming a much-needed reality for the rest of humanity. And, this unbalanced state of affairs, according to the Voice of my Higher Self, the Ultimate Force, which has also been made known to you, will need to be drastically corrected, at Source, by using death itself to establish Its overriding, everlasting, life-after-life, aspirations for both Itself and us as a whole. My comments on your previous articles refer; so, nothing further to add here; except, to suit my belief, the last stanza of your poem should read: ‘To rise above this awful curse, out of judgmental line of fire, You need to listen to Its Voice, right there within your soul.’ And, this, Ed, I have indeed done!

    1. Thanks for the comment Brian! I'm alwats opptimistic.

  2. Hey there Mr Tin Man, if you give me your armor, I'll give you my heart.It's been years gettin over so many stairs.Slow to descend,below me Spirit,Water and Blood. Quick to ascend,above me all that(I) love. Step fast! Toward (our) Divine. Toward all that I love, a love that is (yours) mine. Shine down, shine up, make shadows for men. My source is His Voice amen, my joy is His Choice amen amen! Just as when it appears it can't get worse, and does...when joy is Thought complete, joy grows greater ever than was! Peace, hope and Love all of many one. gwz PS sorry Ed, your words moves me quick!

    1. Thank you Patrick. If everyone could see what we see, the world would be a wonderful place. No, the world IS a wonderful place, it's just people who cannot or will not see. But the times, they are a-changing!

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