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Notice how, in the process of solving the cube, just as in the course of our lives, there is no simple formula with a set number of rules and deterministic steps to the solution. There are many choices at every turn, and many, if not most of them may lead into time-consuming loops that take us nowhere, and often only make matters worse. In life, as in the course of solving the cube, the path from pain, chaos and confusion to a coherent and stable existence is not obvious. We are constantly struggling to understand where we are in the process of learning the lessons of life, looking for hints, in the form of patterns that occur as results of our actions. Sometimes we make wrong decisions that lead to time-consuming sidetracks, just as in solving the cube. But there is always something to be learned...

...In most cases, we have no conscious memory of what happened before we opened our eyes as an infant, but this is an illusion. We do have a deep somatic memory hidden in the structure of our slowly forming bodies. We are not born as empty containers, little blobs of unstructured protoplasm with no knowledge of the past. Not at all. In fact, each blob of protoplasm blossoming into this world has within it a vast storehouse of memories, physically manifest in complex single and double spiral structures called RNA and DNA, containing records of the distant past and blueprints for the distant future...

...Also hidden from us as long as our consciousness is focused on and attached to the physical body, is the complete record of the process of the manifestation of Primary Consciousness in the finite worlds of nine dimensions. This memory, existing beyond time and space, in Primary Consciousness, is called the Akashic Record. Our sub-conscious and super-conscious connection with Primary Consciousness is the reason we have an intuitive sense of direction, of meaning and purpose. Without this intuition, we are nothing, full of sound and fury for a while, signifying nothing. Without intuition, we have no way of knowing who we are, where we came from, or where we are going. We only know that we are conscious, and truly, for us, reality begins with consciousness...

…The finite, measurable manifestation of Primary Consciousness in the physical universe, shapes reality from the quantum level to the cosmic level, and how experimental data and the known laws of dimensional mathematics and physics reveal the existence of gimmel, and our connection with infinite Primary Consciousness. In the process of learning who and what we really are, we become aware of all our memories and our connection with Primary Consciousness. Achieving this level of individual awareness is called cosmic consciousness. Cosmic consciousness is the purpose of finite reality, the physical universe, life, and the consciousness manifested in it...

… Life, in its many forms, is finite manifestation of consciousness, which is infinite. The most important discovery of TDVP is that there is a third finite form of reality, in addition to mass and energy. We call it gimmel. Gimmel is mathematically and physically required for sub-atomic, atomic, and molecular stability. 

[Gimmel is the first manifestation of consciousness that makes atoms, molecules and life possible. Gimmel is the simplest form of consciousness that organizes physical reality to allow the kind of stable structure that supports organic life, the physical vehicle of consciousness.]
...The discovery and proof of the existence of gimmel eliminates materialism as a viable basis for science and human understanding. Spiritual evolution is the driving force behind the universe, not some random meaningless explosion, the conclusion of reductionist materialistic science. Reality does not, and cannot exist without consciousness.

© Edward R. Close May 21, 2017


  1. 'Spiritual evolution is the driving force behind the universe, not some random meaningless explosion, the conclusion of reductionist materialistic science. Reality does not, and cannot exist without consciousness.'

    Indeed so, Ed, and brought home to me by virtue of my most profound 1980 mystical experience, which introduced me to the simple, fundamental calculus formula, Y=X(0,1,2,3,4) Squared plus One, of our true Creator - Namely, the Ultimate Force!

    I feel little more can be said about this formula; as its concept has been made well known to you; and even now liked on your Facebook site by your good self; except maybe to emphasize that, IMMIO, the Ultimate Force needs this overall control-concept to serve and fulfill Its own more comprehensive, balanced, aspirations, ad infinitum, rather than condone what has in the main become our ongoing, self-serving and destructive natures. We are Its controlled work-in-progress, so to speak; It hopefully, with our far better understanding, wanting us to remain on board Its 'lifeboat to the future'; to experience Its perfected conscious future; until It has to revert de facto to Its spiritual state and thereby start Its Creation and Demolishing business all over again, ad infinitum!

    As stated privately to you, Ed, I am unable to contribute financially to your new book, but may the Ultimate Force be with you in its eventual publication and import. Amun!