Wednesday, March 22, 2017


March 2010 on the Frankincense Trail in Petra

Edward R. Close, PhD, PE, DSPE, PDCF 

At an early age, I had experiences that, I found out later, were considered to be very unusual. They included memories of other lives, and what are now called out-of-body experiences, - OBEs. Also considered unusual, by most people, I have vivid memories of events that happened before I was one year old. I did not have to learn languages and mathematics, I remembered them. I was speaking complete sentences at nine months. My grandmother said I was “too smart to live.” - I didn't know it, but apparently I was not your normal average child.

Later in life, a world-renowned authority on intelligence identified me as a “child prodigy” and included me in a study to determine how child prodigies do later in life. But, at the time and place where I grew up, there were no programs for the gifted, and I was allowed to enjoy a reasonably normal childhood. But, different than most of my classmates, by the age of 14, I was engrossed in the works of Albert Einstein and knew that I wanted to be a theoretical physicist. Also at about that age I enrolled in a home study course offered by the Rosicrucian Order (AMORC) and read books on many different metaphysical belief systems. But my strongest interest was science and I went on to earn scholarships and degrees, knowing full well that what I was being taught in the classroom could not explain my OBE experiences.

Raised in a family of mixed backgrounds and beliefs, ranging from devout Judeo-Christians to atheists, I tended to be skeptical of religious claims and was agnostic concerning metaphysical beliefs, a position consistent with what is required of a scientist. But, while applying the scientific method and pursuing a practical career in science and engineering, I could not deny the reality of the experiences that produced verifiable information by means that could not be explained in the scientific paradigm of academic physics, chemistry and biology.

Many people have experiences that defy explanation by the current materialistic scientific paradigm, but most tend to forget, or ignore such experiences. Scientists, especially, tend to deny them and try to explain them away with elaborate rationalizations, because scientists are ostracized from the mainstream scientific community and denied grants and tenure, and even in some cases lose their jobs if they even talk about such experiences. Also, it appears that for most people, strange childhood experiences tend to fade away after puberty, but my “unusual” experiences did not fade away with age. In fact, they continued, and even intensified, prompting me to leave the mainstream and pursue independent research, that eventually led to the publication of three books: “The Book of Atma”, 1979, “Infinite Continuity”, 1990, and “Transcendental Physics”, 1997; books that posit that consciousness, not matter, is primary.

In 2008, I was admitted to the International Society for Philosophical Enquiry (ISPE) based on documented IQ test scores well above the society’s entry level. As I advanced rapidly to the highest earned level in ISPE, Senior Research Fellow, I became acquainted with Dr. Vernon Neppe, MD, PhD and we began to work together on a consciousness-based model of reality. This work intensified after we met in person in Amsterdam in February of 2010, resulting in the production of a number of technical papers and our first book together, “Reality Begins with Consciousness”..

As I mentioned above, my experiences challenging conventional scientific explanation have not subsided. In 2010 in the Great Pyramid in Egypt and in the Ancient City of Petra, in Jordan, I experienced a series of OBEs during which a lot of interesting information was downloaded into my brain. Much of it was visual and mathematical, but when it was verbal, it seemed to be a mixture of ancient Egyptian and Aramaic. I find it very interesting that my DNA, analyzed recently, while from mostly European gene pools, contains traces from the Middle East and Northern Africa. 

Update November, 2019
Since writing this, Dr. Vernon Neppe and I were blessed by receiving several awards, including the Whiting Award from the International Society for Philosophical Enquiry for our work, and I was elevated to the rank of Diplomate by the largest vote on record of the membership of ISPE .

Because of my writings and my work with Dr. Neppe, I was invited to be part of the Academy for the Advancement of Postmaterialist Science (AAPS Global) and attended the first meeting of the founders at Canyon Ranch near Tucson AZ in August, 2017. I was asked to contribute a chapter to the academy's first published volume, Is Consciousness Primary? which was published in 2019. My wife of 43 years ascended to the subtle realm of higher dimensionality December 15, 2018, after writing much of the material that went into our third book together, Secrets of the Sacred Cube, A Cosmic Love Story, published in September, 2019, just before my interviews on New Thinking Allowed with Jeffrey Mishlove.

Information on how to get Secrets of the Sacred Cube, A Cosmic Love Story
Is Consciousness Primary? [my contribution is Chapter 4 and Appendix A]:
Http:// Search for “Is Consciousness Primary?”
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ER Close, November 30, 2019


  1. An interesting summary, Ed! We are just a fusion of previous life-after-life experiences, if my own profound 1980 mystical-initiation is to be seriously taken into account – And take it into account I do! So, in this respect, I have no reason to doubt that both you and I could in the past have found ourselves living in Ancient Egypt, or anywhere else for that matter – Our problem remains, though, how to convince others that our experiences were real and important to humankind’s evolutionary future, ad infinitum! Enough said on this issue, however, as it has already been covered before on both our sites. Nevertheless, there is a noteworthy difference between your mystical experiences and my own: Yours, at least in part, have still been mysteriously coloured by your earlier life, if the dialogue to them was in your old language: Whereas mine, presumably due to ‘between-life memory-wipes’, was conducted by my Higher Self, the Ultimate Force, in English – So as to leave me in no doubt of the import and intent of the initiation process!

  2. Wow, this is quite interesting. My own story is nothing like that, but there is a bit of an overlap. I was raised from the cradle within a non-mainstream modern spiritualist belief system, so, while I never, ever once, had any abnormal experience, the reality of a larger non-physical reality has always been as clear as the air around me. While my IQ and skill set is quite ordinary, I knew as little as 9 or 10 yro that I loved Science, and walked straight into Biochemistry with the intended purpose, even from that age, to be a scientist. For whatever reason, that never happened, and I ended up being a computer programmer with a great but quite unscientific programming dayjob (for 25 years now). But my first love was Science and still is, so, specially after the somehow noneducational College, I'm always spending serious time learning Science, specially Mathematics and Physics, as well as Philosophy and pretty much anything that feels important (that's how I ended up on your work).
    The belief system I mentioned proposes a worldview with certain details about the fundamental nature of the material world, which, for instance, very well matches your theories (such as the gimmel); and I always wondered how come the scientific community seems to be constantly looking in the wrong place.
    I've come to conclude that, while the scientific method is an extraordinary tool for shaping, formalizing and testing ideas, it does not help much with the creation of such ideas in the first place, and, in fact, combined with the current materialistic dominant worldview, it even gets quite in the way.
    Thus, it always seemed to me that it all boils down to the worldview from which scientific research sparks: a scientist needs first has to have a non-materialistic worldview in order to ever look outside materialism.

    And I blame religious institutions (which is not the same as Religions) for consistently providing people with an outdated and not scientifically appealing worldview, which almost guarantees materialism.

    When I first came across RBC I figured that you and Dr Neppe must have came from such a worldview (if I was right about the progress of science), and your story seems to confirm just that.

    1. Yes. I agree that your worldview and ours have a lot in common!

  3. I am a poet wannabe since birth and chose Walleye as a forum name for sites on Harleys and 420 Mag. My interest in 420 Mag was about growing Cannabis for cancer and ailments it helps patients with. This began 1969. My most recent encounter with THOUGHT began about January 25,2017 and documented , scattered about on various threads on 420Mag. Beginning with Inspired Thought I gave hope in the form of poetry given me in past. I remember my mothers womb, my first thoughts and steps. I feel angels about me protecting me thruout my life.Many manic episodes I have experienced . I left the Maharishi M Yogi back in about 1974 rather than leave my attraction to Jesus AND cannabis. Odd but true. I feel Truth has no rules and seek it rather than enlightenment. Truth is much more fun! Pleasant,attractive and effortless. Poem given me to share "Silence is an illusion awareness has made. A shelter away from perpetual change. Within itself it can watch itself fade, into nothing-that will never change. We are not alone living in change, we are all one Being, slightly rearranged!" I am just a pipefitter, youngest of 10, 7th son of a great man. Mother is a saint. There is no fear in Truth walking in the Light. Fear is stress and stress is not Truth. Walleye-who would have Thought! Peace and perpetual light shine on you forever

    1. An inspiring account from an authentic being! A genuine truth seeker. The world needs more Patrick Walleyes. Thank you for sharing the light. We are all saints in progress, following the path laid out by Jesus (Yeshua Hamashiach} Peace and Blessings!

  4. I mean no disrespect to anyone here by commenting. I am glad level minds are on this. I have no training in these matters but do and say what I feel and know I'm asked to. Perhaps a simple perception of seeing the forest thru the trees may be of help. My thoughts tell me you are bright lights in this endeavor and on track. What keeps me grounded by Spiritual Thought is love. How can one explain this Love in your equations as approaching the spiritual Truth seems to require this ? Walley inspired by Thought and Love in Truth and Light.

    1. Love is what propells us to move from ego attachment to gratitude, and eventually to Cosmic Consciousness. Love is the most important qualia eminating from the Infinite substrate that is revealed in the equations of the Calculus of Dimensional Distinctions.

  5. To remember is to have loved. I remember being conceived, growing ever smaller as mothers womb appeared to grow ever larger, always surrounded within infinite Love. My first physical awareness was my face against the wall of mothers womb,my eyes gazing about me in warmth and matter. My earliest question to mother was how could Moses be on TV!! She explained charelton heston and this new TV to me as best she could. Since that day its' been a journey of distinctions of Truth. How sad (sorry!) so much is lost rather than gained thru our journeys. All I desire is to share without rationing Truth. Ed, your love must be great as is your work. Ganks walleye who loves Inspired Thought

    1. Thank you very much for sharing, Patrick. You are Blessed!

  6. Thank you for that my friend! One last quip about playing numbers today if my state of mind is speaking truth to me. noon 4/4/2017 1J4 4-17 Truth 1J4 18-21 Love 4/4/2017-4/4/2021 = 4 years 2 weeks 0 days = Love gives Time

  7. oops, 4/4/2017 - 4/18/21 = 420 = Love is Time

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