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In the over 355 articles, discussions and videos posted on this site over the past five years, I have attempted to introduce the reader to the Triadic Dimensional Vortical Paradigm, an admittedly complex model of reality. It is my contention, however, that the TDVP model is simpler and ultimately easier to understand than the current mainstream scientific paradigm. Not only that, TDVP includes consciousness in the equations. This is what makes it a true paradigm shift. Finally, while including the things that have proved to be good and correct about the current paradigm, the TDVP model explains many things that the current paradigm cannot, and reveals new scientific discoveries, strongly validating this approach.
Important things to remember while reading my Transcendental Physics blog posts:

(1) In a quantized world (which our universe is), when everything is measured in truly quantized units, there are no fractions. This is a great simplifier of the math. Imagine a mathematical system with no decimal fractions. Complex numbers of the form A + Bi do arise, but only in regard to extra dimensions, and the A and B components are always integers. The square root of minus one is not really imaginary, and it is not a fraction or an irrational number in a quantized system, it is simply another root of unity beyond +1 and -1, providing measurement in a new dimension beyond the first three.

(2) The truly quantized unit, the Triadic Rotational Unit of Equivalence (TRUE), is defined by the mass and volume of the free electron. This simplifies the math even further, because in a quantized reality, the most basic quantum unit is three-dimensional. This eliminates the infinitesimals of the calculus of Newton and Leibniz. Variables cannot approach zero infinitely closely because the mass, energy and volume of the TRUE unit is the bottom of descent. Most of the problems easily solved using Newtonian calculus are one- or two- dimensional. Three-dimensional problems quickly become very difficult. When the calculus of the current paradigm is replaced with a calculus using three-dimensional distinctions as units of measurement, calculation starts with three dimensions. This greatly simplifies three-dimensional problems.

(3) All things experienced by conscious beings are perceived by drawing distinctions and looking for patterns in those distinctions. When the fact that consciousness is involved in every measurement and/or observation, it should be obvious that consciousness must be included in the equations describing reality.

(4) The Calculus of Distinctions (CoD) is the most basic system of mathematical logic dealing with distinctions. The CoD is easily refined to deal with distinctions of three or more dimensions. This refinement is called the Calculus of Dimensional Distinctions (CoDD). 

(5) In the CoDD, three-dimensional distinctions are related to the real world by being defined in terms of elementary particles. This provides us with a system of mathematical logic that truly reflects the basic elements of the real quantized world of the physical universe.

(6) Quarks, protons, neutrons, Atoms, molecules, and everything made of them are whole-number multiples of elementary distinctions. This means that all distinctions, from quarks to stars, are whole-number multiples of the quantum units (Triadic Rotational Units of Equivalence).

The simple math of the TDVP thus reflects the true nature of the quantized universe, from quarks to stars.

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