Saturday, May 23, 2015

The New Science of TDVP - Particles Spinning in 9-Dimensions

THE NEW SCIENCE of TDVP - Particles Spinning in 9-Dimensions
By:  Edward R Close, PhD
May 23, 2015

How is TDVP different than the current scientific paradigm? At the most basic level of reality, TDVP says Consciousness exists, in some form, and has to be included from the beginning in the same way as Matter and Energy. This results in a Reality consisting of 9 Finite Dimensions contained within a trans-finite 10th dimension.

So, how do you visualize objects spinning in several dimensions? Why do elementary particles exhibit an intrinsic spin, called quantum spin number, that contributes to the angular momentum of the particle?  These questions are explored in this video. No mathematical equations are utilized.

If you cannot see the video above, or it is not rendered properly, you can click the following link to watch the video on YouTube:

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