Tuesday, March 10, 2015



Thank you for your comments and the various links to information that you believe may support your comments. I appreciate the time and thought you have expended on this. It will take me a while to check out all of the links and comment on them if appropriate, but in the meantime, there are some points of confusion in your comments that I will try to clear up.

In regard to the Platonic hypothesis that an infinitely logical reality underlies the universe we perceive and is reflected by the structure of pure mathematics, you state that you are not a pure Aristotelian, but that it does not mean that you are ‘Platonian’. You continue: “also not in Ed's meaning (and belief apparently that you can invent arbitrarily mathematical equations and think they apply to nature),” … 

You make a huge leap here. I certainly do not believe that I, or anyone else, can arbitrarily invent equations. The logic of reality and mathematical structure are there to be discovered and explored. This speaks to the general confusion in science that is cleared up by TDVP, and answers Leibniz’s all-important question: “Why is there something instead of nothing?”
Conditions created by experimental physicists in the LHC and other particle colliders, blast natural atomic and sub-atomic structures apart to produce the high-energy particle zoo. They then claim that they have created conditions that mimic the conditions at the ‘big bang’ point of origin of the universe. They of course have done no such thing, in fact, it’s quite the opposite, but it sounds impressive and, along with the potential for creating weapons of mass destruction, it gets them megabucks funding.

TDVP models what actually goes on in the universe. Particles like the other 10 quarks, bosons, gluons, etc., created in LHC experiments quickly decay into up-and down-quarks, electrons and photons, and/or recombine to form the natural elements and ions that exist at normal conditions on the surface of the Earth. The real question is: why don’t they keep decaying in accordance with the second law of thermodynamics, all the way to maximum entropy? It’s because the presence of the third form, which Vernon and I have named ‘gimmel’, guided through the nine-dimensional domain in a completely logical, mathematical manner by the C substrate, expressed by the Conveyance Equations, forms stable protons and neutrons, and consequently, atomic and molecular stability.

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