Sunday, February 16, 2014


The human predicament is a Self-imposed enigma, born of circular reasoning: It is literally only a self-indulgent quirk of ego that leads serious minded people to the erroneous belief that the only thing that can actually be proved is unprovable, and that the illusion of that belief is provable!

The only thing that you can actually prove is the existence of consciousness. This is because consciousness is the only thing that you experience directly. All other knowledge is obtained very indirectly through the severely limited filter of the physical senses. The illusion of separate existence, on the other hand, is totally based on the fallacious belief that reality can exist without consciousness. This is the very basis of the current scientific paradigm, and yet it is totally un-scientific: A scientific hypothesis, by definition, must be open to proof or disproof. Thus the hypothesis that reality exists, or has ever existed, apart from consciousness, is literally un-provable, because no reality is observable without the existence of a conscious observer.

Once you allow yourself to think outside the self-imposed box of the ego-based illusion of separate existence, the clues of quantum physics and relativity become quite obvious: time and space, mass and energy, mind and matter, are not what you think they are! Their apparent existence as elements of a reality independent of consciousness depends upon the actual existence of your consciousness, and its willingness to indulge in the illusion of confinement to a separate existence.

It is, however, within your power, as a spark of the Reality of Primary Consciousness, to free yourself from identification with the illusion of a separate physical existence. It is time to grasp the key to the human dilemma; find the door in your cage, open it and allow the Eagle of your Spirit to escape the self-imposed confinement of material imprisonment and soar into the Infinite Reality beyond. The new sensation of impending freedom may be frightening, but there is nothing to fear but fear itself. The Way-Shower is always there, waiting for you in whatever form your heart requires, just outside the door, extending a helping hand.
The existence of a reality separate from consciousness is forever unprovable. On the other hand, the existence of Primary Consciousness, sometimes called God, is scientifically provable, once science is freed of the self-imposed constraints of materialism, and directly provable for each and every one of us through the direct experience of Infinity, once your consciousness is freed from the self-imposed illusion of identification with an imaginary ego. The place and time of your Enlightenment and Realization of Who you really are is very real and always available in the Here and Now. It only requires your willingness to drop the seemingly safe, comfortable and intoxicating illusion of ego confinement.

There is no available, or even possible, proof that life and consciousness have emerged from random arrangements of debris flying away from a great explosion. There are, however, many ways to prove the opposite, i.e. that the physical universe is a finite manifestation of Primary Consciousness. We can now prove scientifically that finite reality is an ever-expanding small part of an amazingly complex and beautiful Self-referential Reality, a conscious expression of the awe-inspiring grandeur of a glorious infinite existence, a blissful Reality without beginning or end. 

The idea that the reality we experience is part of an infinite conscious Reality is, of course, not new. What is new, is that we have proved it by putting consciousness into the equations of science for the very first time. See articles on the TRUE units of mass, energy and consciousness, and the e-book  "Reality Begins with Consciousness" on


  1. The age-old battle of proving that God exists, I'm sure, will continue until the end of time (as we know it), but certainly there are many people who are so ego-driven, and hell-bent-and-bound to hold onto their belief of there not being a God, that despite the extraordinary works of physics, those non-believers will turn away.

    I find it odd that some people, including some scientists, who reject the ideas of a primary consciousness [God] deny the works and words of the existence of God by Sir Isaac Newton, Albert Einstein, and the like. Instead, they only look at bits and pieces of science and physics, rather than embracing the whole. If Newton and Einstein were alive today, there would be some scientists that would balk at their works, and deny anything beyond what their small, arrogant minds can comprehend.

    1. Well said. I have made this point several times, including in my books."Infinite Continuity" published in 1989, "Transcendental Physics" published in 1997 and now in my work with Dr, Vernon Neppe, MD, PhD.

  2. Well, Edward, the reality of a 'Science of the Whole' was mystically and profoundly brought home to me in 1980, by the Voice of my Higher Self, when It introduced me to the simple and symbolic equation Y(Universal Intelligence)= X(Its Evolutionary Components - 0,1,2,3,4) Squared + One. When you've been made to realize that you are everlasting, ad infinitum, there really is very little else you can do about it, except, in your own evolutionary interest, make a conscious effort to understand and abide by the intrinsic and balanced nature of cosmic harmony - For, the Cosmos Rules! The following reference leads to far more detailed information on the subject: