Friday, November 22, 2013

Quantum Physics and the Periodic Table Breakthrough Details

This is a note to bring you up to date with my research. I worked late into the night for several nights on the math of the Triadic Rotational Units of Equivalence (TRUE units for short) and the Periodic Table. The CoD description worked out, but the standard notation was difficult. I worked on it non-stop in spite of a heavy consulting workload because I believed I had to. If the USA Today article breaks out the way we believe it will, I want to be ready. The mathematics, somewhat different than conceptualization and verbalization, MUST BE ABSOLUTELY CORRECT. I worked right through Saturday, Sunday and Monday nights, and I was sick Tuesday and Wednesday. I think part of the reason I got sick was because I encountered a frustrating roadblock Monday night. I kept coming up with fractions in the application of TRUE units to describe the process of particle decay that produces up quarks from strange quarks and down quarks. This meant that the TRUE unit I was using was not the real TRUE unit, but a multiple of the real TRUE unit. With the help of several hours of sleep, food, food supplements and frankincense and myrrh, I was feeling much better yesterday. So I ignored my consulting jobs again and worked on the TRUE unit problem all day, until about midnight last night. Finally, I discovered that the TRUE unit I had been using was actually 9 times the equivalence unit that would make all the fractions disappear. So, with the really unitary TRUE unit, I have to recalculate the mathematical descriptions of the structures of the elementary particles and then the elements. With the new TRUE units, the electron turns out to be the building block of all the elementary particles, and the electron consists of 9 TRUE units of mass, 12 TRUE units of energy and 15 TRUE units of consciousness. This is the key to a new mathematical dimensionometric understanding of the structure of the Universe.

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