Sunday, March 25, 2018


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Have you ever awakened from a deep sleep, to see the images and ideas of a wonderful vision, dancing before your eyes like the distant flickering of lightening in a summer cloud on the far horizon, only to slowly fade away into oblivion? I expect so, I think it has probably happened to every one of us at some time or other. Are our brains and nervous systems like TV receivers, occasionally tuned in to the wisdom of the Universe? I think so.

My second published book, “Infinite Continuity” Begins with these words: “The digital clock beside my bed read ‘1:11’. It was one-eleven a.m., January 16th, 1986, and I had just awakened from a very vivid dream.” This was the beginning of writing a 300-page book outlining the vision of a new paradigm. I was in the Middle East, on the Red Sea, south of the Holy Land. Continuing, a bit farther down the page in the Preface of “Infinite Continuity” we find: “On that night in 1986, a complete theory—resolving the paradoxes and conflicts between the divisions of physics—blossomed before my eyes.”

This morning, Sunday, March 25, 2018, I had a similar experience. I awoke at 8:11 a.m., Central Standard Time. That’s 1:11 a.m., in the Middle East, in the Holy Land. I awoke with the clear realization that Albert Einstein, the same Albert Einstein who appeared to me in meditation in Topanga Canyon California in 1960, was right when he said: “Es ist vollständig über das Feld!” (It is all about the field!)

In a flash, I saw that all reality is nothing more and nothing less, than an Infinite Field (IF). The variables of the IF are three: mass-energy, space-time and gimmel, the non-physical characteristic of reality. Neither mass, energy nor gimmel can exist without the other two. Nothing exists without all three. These three together form the essence of reality. The dynamics of the physical universe involve all three. This is the basis of the Triadic Dimensional Vortical Paradigm (TDVP) developed by Dr. Vernon Neppe and myself over the past ten years.

I have been working on the second of what I think will be three or four papers containing the detailed mathematics of the dynamics of TDVP. When they have been peer-reviewed, we will publish them.

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