Sunday, August 30, 2015


Call for Reviewers
Because of the interdisciplinary nature of our work, and the complex nature of the resulting Triadic Dimensional Vortical paradigm (TDVP), Dr. Neppe and I are having difficulty finding qualified peer reviewers for the technical papers, journal articles and books we are generating. We currently have several needing reviewers. If interested, let me know, and I will send you a list.

The ideal peer reviewer of TDVP and related material would have the following qualifications:
1.    1.  Interest in and knowledge of the following subjects:

·       Philosophy (both ontology and epistemology)
·       History and Evolution of Scientific paradigms
·       Scientific Methodology
·       Symbolic Logic
·       Mathematics
·       Complex Systems Analysis
·       Environmental Science and Engineering
·       Theoretical Physics
·       Quantum Physics
·       Relativity (the Special and General Theories)
·       Astrophysics
·       Cosmology
·       Particle Physics
·       Physical Chemistry
·       Organic Chemistry
·       Genetics
·       Allopathic and Alternative Medicine
·       Psychiatry
·       Transpersonal Psychology
·       Parapsychology
·       Consciousness Studies
·       Intelligence (IQ and Creativity)
·       Mythology (multi-cultural Archetypes)
·       Shamanism
·       Cosmic Consciousness
·       Spiritual Evolution
2.  2.   PhDs in two or more of the disciplines and subjects listed above
3.   3.  Interdisciplinary Post-doctoral research in three or more of those subjects
4.    4. An interest in integrating Science and Spirituality

Realizing that there may not be a single individual with all of these qualifications, if you have only a few of them, or even none of them, but you do have an interest in integrating science and spirituality into one consistent paradigm, let me know and I will send you a list of papers and articles ready for review.