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The Human Condition

We are living in difficult times. In one sense, it’s no worse than any other time, but in another very real sense, we are entering the most dangerous time since World War II. We are, in fact already in WW III, the Tribulation, and the End Times predicted in scripture. We are experiencing an epic struggle between good and evil. Absolute lies are being promoted as truth and the truth is often hidden or distorted for political purposes. This struggle between good and evil has always been there, hidden by the fake battles of left vs right or democrats vs republicans. The forces of evil are not stupid. They do not play by anyone’s rules. They don’t wear black hats or intimidating uniforms to announce their intention to do evil, they rely on stealth; but they have been emboldened by the human complacency that overtook us as we were finally coming out of the dark ages, and now they are panicking because they know that they will ultimately fail. But, like cornered animals, they are now becoming most dangerous.

Trying to Bring Order out of Chaos

I know I am faced with a challenge here; the challenge of speaking truth to people who have become deeply divided due to the efforts of the dark side of humanity that is operating through certain individual evil souls, reincarnating time after time as tyrants, trying to hang on to the physical and psychological control of the masses that they gained through physical violence and subversion in the times of the lowest ebb of mental and spiritual virtue in this planetary time cycle, known as the dark ages. As spiritual beings, we are trying to emerge from the spiritually darkest 2400 years of this round of Earth’s planetary time cycles, consisting of 1200 years of descending virtue and 1200 years of ascending virtue; time periods centering around the lowest point in current human history, 499 AD, together known as the descending and ascending Kali Yugas, spanning the time period from 701 BC to 1699 AD.

What we are experiencing now are the last gasps of the evil forces of the Kali Yugas trying to hold on to their power over humanity as we move into the Dwapara Yuga. In the West, the resistance to spiritual growth is surfacing in the form of the remnants of despotic rulers and monarchs still reluctant to relinquish economic or psychological control and the illusion of superiority. We are only 1,522 years past the lowest point and still 10,478 years from the next peak of mental and spiritual virtue for the average conscious being on this planet, so the forces of evil are still strong.

The Incompleteness of Order

Order is conveyed into the finite, quantized physical universe from the infinitely continuous spiritual source of reality by the incarnation of  spiritual souls living in physical bodies that act like antennas to receive certain frequencies of energies that are part of the order of the Spiritual Cosmos needed for survival. But chaos is also conveyed into physical reality in the same way by evil souls who want to perpetuate the dark ages and feed on the energies of evolving souls, thereby retarding their progress. The incompleteness theorems, proved by Kurt Gödel in 1933 as we were entering the ascending Dwapara Yuga, describes the eternal incompleteness of all finite logical systems, including the logical order of the physical universe. The finite physical universe is never complete, expanding eternally into the infinity of Cosmic Consciousness.

Existing on the Edge

As human beings, we exist on the multi-dimensional interface between the infinite spiritual realm and the finite quantized physical reality of inhabitable planets with organic life forms, giving us the opportunity to evolve spiritually. We live through numerous individual lives, progressing from being barely aware, to self-awareness, to Cosmic Consciousness as beings of light who are one with the Infinite intelligence that provides the positive order of reality that endures in the face of the negative forces of chaos.

The Fallacy of Binary Thinking

I have taken pains in these posts to make the point that the binary thinking of True vs False, “Us vs Them”, Boolean Algebra, and the ones and zeros of AI computer programming must be replaced by triadic logic (as in the TDVP model of reality of Neppe & Close) as we progress into times of newly expanded consciousness, for science to progress. Specifically, as relates to the current series of fabricated crises designed to depopulate the planet and keep economic and military control in the hands of the self-appointed global elite, the “us vs them”, left vs right, Republican vs Democrat form of binary thinking is just what the dark forces need, to hang on to their power. They are not interested in those games as such, other than as cover for their true objectives, and as a minor plus in their efforts to reduce the numbers of the masses currently living on this planet.

The greatest danger to the orderly progression of human beings toward any sort of happiness in the physical realm and the eventual ecstasy of Cosmic Consciousness is not global warming or mobs of white supremacists, or Black Lives Matter rioters, it is those who think they can replace the Cosmic Intelligence that creates, maintains, and evolves the logic and order of physical reality and dictate to the rest of us how, or even if, we can live our lives. We have far too many idols and false gods today, and the imperative: “everyone should vote” is dead wrong. Voters need to be informed. Every uninformed or mis-informed voter is a contributor to the chaos necessary for evil to succeed.

How do you become informed? Do your own research, but not on Twitter, Google, or the mainstream media. “Garbage in, garbage out” is not just true for the AI of computers and news commentators, It’s just as true for the average human brain. If you have no direct knowledge about a candidate, do not vote for him or her. If your own thinking is all you have to go on, use some common sense. How can you know who to vote for, when the difference between a psychotic liar and a professional politician is almost always undiscernible on the surface, the answer is obvious: You will “know them by their fruits”, i.e., by the results of their actions. That’s the proof, not what they say they will do. Politicians are trained to say what people want to hear.        

What Does the Future Hold?

I think anyone with some awareness of what has been going on for the last 40 years, and especially the last six years, is waiting, with some level of anxiety and trepidation, ranging from mild concern to abject fear, to see what is going to happen next. Here are my thoughts about the situation: I don’t favor a red wave or a blue retention of power next month or in 2024. I would rather see more voters, and those responsible for the openness and integrity of our elections, become actively and devotedly non-political and fact driven by personal knowledge. I would like to see candidates with a desire to serve and with no allegiance to anyone because of donations or political favors, find their way into office. Some experience in management is good, but career politicians who have become multi-millionaires, or even billionaires while in office, are not public servants, they are parasites.

My predictions:

I don’t agree with those who predict doom and gloom. I believe that we have progressed far enough spiritually in the last 300 years, that the truth will eventually prevail, despite all the efforts to hide or distort it by many politicians on both sides of the isle. I predict that common sense and informed consensus will prevail. Those behind globalism will fail because the people are slowly waking up. No slavery of any kind will be tolerated much longer. The global elitists are pushing for more war to hide their crimes against humanity, and the average human being is susceptible to neurolinguistic programming, so there is great danger of civil unrest after the election next month, regardless of who wins the elections, especially if it’s overwhelming one way or the other.

Republicans will regain control of both houses of congress if election fraud is held to a minimum. But then, they will have to seek out and eliminate the globalists subversives among them who have been bought by the billionaire psychopaths, to get anything positive done. Contrary to the expectations of most American conservatives and independents, after the midterm elections, the Democrats will also purge their ranks of Leftists who are working to destroy America and Western Civilization. Before 2024, America will re-emerge as the bastion of freedom and liberty it has been for the past 200 + years.

A global government will eventually be established, I think by the year 2141, but not by coercion, and we may be allowed to join a galactic alliance of some sort after the year 2541.

ERC 10/02/22

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 Also see THE FUTURE OF AI AND CONSCIOUSNESS posted in this blog 11, 2022

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Manifest in Manifold Quantum Forms

Touchstones of Consciousness Expansion

Revealing the Meaning and Purpose of Life

© Copyright 2022, Edward R. Close


Wink has not touched my eyes, ever since I saw Thee!

-      Paramahansa Yogananda in Cosmic Chants


Individual self-awareness is a spiritual gift that was received by certain lucky lifeforms existing on this planet about 6000 years ago. The gift of gifts was bestowed by a vastly more advanced form of consciousness than we now possess, for which we should be forever grateful, because those lifeforms were our ancestors. The sublime gift of individual self-awareness, however, includes the double-edged sword of free will, which makes the prospect of an individual, unassisted by any more advanced entity, accelerating the natural expansion of his or her awareness a daunting, if not almost impossible challenge. At this point in this 12,000-year cycle of planetary time, as spiritual beings occupying physical forms, we have a limited measure of free will, with only a few options to choose from. But the choices we make are critical. They determine, through the inexorable rules of cause and effect, whether we will advance, stall, or regress on our long twisted and tortured journey toward the perfection of Cosmic Consciousness in this lifetime.


Some of the choices that are open to us are good and some are bad with respect to the advancement of our physical, mental, and spiritual well-being. We have enough intelligence in the innate brain power of the physical forms of our species to analyze our circumstances from day-to-day and make good choices - if we keep the purpose of life and the goal of spiritual advancement in mind. But this is hard. The most basic fundamental choice we have to make is the choice of accepting or rejecting the existence of a higher or perfected form of Primary Consciousness as the source of our being and the reality we experience. If we make the right decision, then the eventual realization of our identity as part of, or perhaps even one with the Infinite is our reason for existing, the purpose of life and our ultimate goal. Whether you choose to work with or against the purpose of existence and the logical structure of the physical, mental, and spiritual reality created for that purpose, is up to you.


In the past and future, forever existing in three-dimensional time, the average spiritual virtue of conscious beings once was and will again become much more highly developed than it is now. In those times, average individual conscious beings communicate with each other by the speed-of-light transmission of mental images formed in the individual fields of finite reality by a process that can best be described as the sending and receiving of integrated forms of the complete continuum of energies radiating from objects existing in reality. That spectrum includes the quantized energy frequencies that are received through the five physical senses. The perceptions of light, sound, taste, touch, and smell that we associate with specific objects are relatively small fragments of the total perception that is possible for an individual whose consciousness is fully expanded.


When we realize that the gifts of conscious self-awareness and freewill that were bestowed on our ancestors and passed down to us in our DNA make it possible that by choosing wisely, we can eventually become sufficiently advanced physically, mentally, and spiritually to be able to receive and re-create multi-dimensional images accurately reflecting the manifold forms existing in reality and transmit them as meaningful thought forms to other conscious beings, we will be motivated to do everything we can to accelerate the expansion of consciousness. Currently, however, the average individual is effectively imprisoned in a physical body, with perceptions of objective reality fragmented by the quantum mechanical processes of the physical sense organs, and consequently, limited almost completely to indirect interactions with reality and with other conscious beings. Communication of our thoughts is further limited by the uncertainties of language, illogical expression, and the confusion of spoken and written words.


In this post, I am trying to explain some very subtle, complex concepts in terms that anyone can understand. What makes this more challenging than it should be, is the fact that certain key words that I must use are used by others, with different educational and experiential backgrounds, to mean something slightly different than what I mean when I use them. In the context of the TDVP model, there are key words that have very specific meanings, so I must define them as clearly as I can. They are sometimes used in contemporary society in vague and confusing ways. For example, we often hear the word “dimension” used instead of the correct reference, which would be “dimensional domain”.


Saying that we can “see dimensions” or that we may experience “being in another dimension” are inaccurate and improper uses of the term. Dimensions cannot be seen because, as Einstein said, space and time have no existence of their own. We can see objects that have dimensions, but we cannot see dimensions; and no one and nothing can exist in a single dimension. I have defined key words like dimension in other posts, videos, and various publications about Transcendental Physics and the CoDD, but to avoid the confusion that results from a reader thinking that key words mean something different than what I intend them to mean, I will provide the appropriate key definitions here so that you don’t have to stop to look them up elsewhere.


Reality: Everything that exists

Existence: Anything that can be experienced directly or indirectly as objectively measurable forms of mass, energy, and consciousness

Mass: The one-dimensional measure of the resistance of a real object to motion

Energy: The one-dimensional measure of the total force of  angular and/or linear momentum of a real object or system of objects

Vortex: A multi-dimensional object rotating in three or more dimensions (Plural: vortices)


[Note: Rigid physical particles cannot rotate in more than one plane at a time, but vortices can, and quantal vortices combine volumetrically, not linearly. This fact, in conjunction with the combinatorial restrictions required by Fermat’s last theorem applied to objects of three or more dimensions, limits the number of elementary vortices that can combine to form a stable complex object to three.]


Dimensions: Two-dimensional measurements of extent in space, time, and/or consciousness

Space: A three-dimensional volume created by the existence of real objects

Time: The extent of duration of events that change real objects in any way  

Consciousness: The partial or complete multi-dimensional awareness of reality

Distinction: any finite form that can be distinguished from the rest of reality in any way (Synonym: conceptual object)

Manifold form: A multi-dimensional shape of three or more dimensions

Mathematics: A broad term that includes all logical forms of objective numeric, algebraic, and geometric calculation

Calculation: The process of transforming one distinct objective form into another one, that is equivalent to, but different from the original form by applying one or more of the fundamental operations of mathematical logic  

Calculus: A logically consistent system of operations designed to perform mathematical calculations

The Calculus of Dimensional Distinctions (CoDD): A calculus with the basic rules of  mathematical operations re-defined for calculation in the arithmetic, algebra, and geometry of multi-dimensional distinctions based on the measurable physical characteristics of the electron.


The Origin of Logic and the Structure of Reality

Pure mathematical logic arises in human thought as a reflection of the innate structure of a primary form of consciousness existing in all of physical reality, including in the physical structure of our brains. Because of this, a system of mathematical logic using the mass and volume of the smallest and most elementary stable object in the universe, the free electron, as the basic unit of quantum measurement, is arguably the most appropriate calculus we could possibly use to analyze the quantized reality of the physical universe. That is exactly what the Calculus of Dimensional Distinctions (CoDD), mentioned so often in these posts, is. Application of this calculus to analyze the physical combination of two up quarks and one down quark combining to form a proton, the building block of the stable structure of the physical universe, was the logical place to start, and that application led directly to the discovery of gimmel, the organizing factor conveying the logical structure of Primary Consciousness into physical form at the quantum level of atomic structure.


Mass, Energy, Space, Time, and Gimmel

The next logical step after the analysis of the proton and the discovery of the existence of gimmel, was a CoDD analysis of the simplest atom, the hydrogen atom, which consists of one electron and one proton. What that analysis and subsequent applications of CoDD analysis to the atoms of the periodic table reveals about the nature of reality and the relationship between physical reality and consciousness was simply amazing! More than fifty problems and paradoxes unresolved in the standard model of particle physics were resolved by the discovery of the existence of gimmel. Most of the results of the CoDD analyses have been published in journal articles, blogposts, and books. Lists of dozens of relevant references in the blogsite archives can be accessed by searching for references on the opening page of this blog, and a few of the most relevant are listed at the end of this post. The results of applying the quantum calculus, sometimes called TRUE analysis in the references, agree exactly, or within measurement error, with experimental data and with the conclusions of prominent paradigm breakers like Max Planck and Albert Einstein.


In the last appendix added to the last edition of Einstein’s little book, Relativity, the Special and the General Theory, in which he provided “a clear explanation that anyone can understand” in 1952, less than three years before he died in 1955, he concluded that space and time have no physical existence of their own. Applications of the CoDD confirm this conclusion, but it is also true that measurement of the spatial and temporal dimensions of physical objects and events creates the illusions of space and time and reveals the structure of the manifold forms of objective reality.


Like space and time, gimmel has no mass or energy, but the existence of specific calculable volumes of gimmel in the protons, neutrons, and electron shells of atoms, explains why the measured mass of atoms that form the physical universe is always greater than the combined mass of the quarks and electrons that are in them. It is because when gimmel expands the spacetime volume of atomic structure to make the atoms stable, it increases the total angular momentum of each atom, which also increases the total mass revealed in experimental data. In this way, gimmel creates the space, time, mass, and energy that counteracts the losses of mass and energy that would otherwise occur due to the vortical expansion of the physical universe.


The existence of gimmel in the vortices of the nuclei and the electron energy shells not only fine tunes the physical structure of atoms to make them symmetric, but it also balances them magnetically and electrically. This internal self-contained stability created by the existence of gimmel in atomic sub-structure eliminates the need for phantom particles that impart mass and create mysterious forces to hold the atom together. Without gimmel, there would be no stable atomic structure, and the expansion of the universe toward infinity would accelerate causing reality to approach a state of  maximum entropy in nano seconds, after which there would be no objective reality.


I developed a formal proof of the existence of a non-physical third form of reality linking quantized matter and non-quantum receptors in consciousness in 1995 and displayed it as a poster presentation in 1996 at the Tucson II Toward a Science of Consciousness Conference at the University of Arizona, and published it in Transcendental Physics, Paradigm Press, Jackson Missouri in 1997, but that original proof was expressed in the notation of a precursor of the current form of CoDD that almost no one in mainstream science wanted to try to understand. With the help and encouragement of one who did, world-renowned polymath Dr. Vernon Neppe, a conventional mathematical proof of the existence of the third form of the essence of reality was published in the book Reality Begins with Consciousness in 2015, and it was while preparing to write this book that we decided to call the third form of reality gimmel.


Gimmel Provides More Answers

After a couple of years of additional research and analysis, I realized that gimmel is empirical evidence of a primary form of consciousness conveying logical structure into physical reality at the quantum level by organizing elementary vortices in the infinitely continuous field of reality to form stable atoms. Thus, gimmel is the long-sought-after link between mind and matter. Discovery of gimmel and its role in creating and maintaining stable atomic structure is evidence of the existence and stabilizing impact of a primary form of consciousness in every atom of the physical universe. Discovering the patterns of gimmel in every atom of the universe is like finding the fingerprints of God all over the reality he created!


The existence of gimmel also answers the question that Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz posed more than 300 years ago. He considered this question to be the most important question that science could ever hope to answer when he asked: “Why is there something rather than nothing?” The answer is that there is something rather than nothing because the existence of gimmel makes the stable existence of atomic mass and energy and the measurable dimensions of space and time possible. Furthermore, application of the CoDD to the formation of protons proved that gimmel had to exist before the formation of any stable atomic structure could occur. The prior and continuing existence of gimmel, imprinting the logical structures of consciousness on physical reality, tells us that there was no beginning and can be no end to the existence of physical reality. The forms of reality are continually changing in logical cause-and-effect ways that can be discovered with a sufficiently advanced form of analysis, but the total essence of reality will always exist, in some form.


The inescapable conclusion is that there has always been something; and, consistent with the law of conservation of matter and energy, which must also apply to gimmel, since mass and energy cannot exist without gimmel, there never was, is not, and never will be a state of absolute nothingness. In plain English, there is no such thing as nothing. But, because nothing is, by definition, the absence of something, we have fallen into the mistake of thinking of zero as representing the existence of nothingness. In applications of the CoDD, we see that any that concept that can only be represented as one-dimensional is only conceptual, and not part of objective reality. Zero is a one-dimensional concept indicating the absence of a finite localized subset of objects, not a state of absolute nothingness.


The Quantum Calculus

Setting the basic unit of quantum measurement equal to the mass and volume of the smallest stable energy vortex, which happens to be the free electron, normalized by the quantized nature of reality, and using it as the primary naturalized unit of quantum equivalence, which I call the Triadic Rotational Unit of equivalence (TRUE), ties the CoDD existentially to objective reality. Because of this link to existence, in application, the CoDD is capable of distinguishing a construct of mathematical symbolism that does not actually exist, from those that do. In this way, gimmel logically distinguishes reality from conceptual fantasy.  The process of  adapting a calculus to logic, was developed by G. Spencer Brown in his book Laws of Form. Providing a detailed explanation of that process is beyond the scope of this post, but is worth mentioning here because, to my knowledge, no one else had done this before Brown did in 1962, or since I first did it1989, when I applied the CoDD adapted for logic to several logical paradoxes in physics, and published the results in Infinite Continuity, unfortunately, currently out of print. 


Logical Systems and Personal Conceptual Models

Most of us think that what we believe is firmly rooted in reality, but when belief systems are analyzed and traced back to their most fundamental concepts, we find that the basic ideas about reality upon which they are built, are often unproved and/or temporarily unprovable assumptions or beliefs about the nature of reality. Your brain creates conceptual models of reality from data input from the senses during conscious experiences of interactions with the environment as a critical part of physical survival mechanisms. These models are stored in special brain cells modified for that purpose and kept handy for quick reference.


Our personal models of reality are continuously modified, especially when we are young, learning by pain of trial and error about things in the external environment that are dangerous, like hot stoves, venomous snakes, etc. New sensual input is continually compared with relevant details in the conceptual model stored in our brain cells, as our personal model of reality is formed. Because of the importance this model has for our physical survival, it is locked in and accepted by our conscious minds as identical with reality itself. By the time our physical bodies have matured, these models and especially the assumptions buried deep within them, are almost impossible to change.


So, we see that our individual belief systems are based on our conceptual models of reality, not necessarily on what actually exists. We experience reality in a very indirect and fragmented way through the physical senses and given the way beliefs are formed and/or adopted, an individual conscious being’s belief system, regardless of how logical and well thought out it may be, may not reflect what actually exists. When properly analyzed using the CoDD, we find that one or more of the underlying a priori assumptions about the nature of reality in many, if not most belief systems are incorrect. If we want to advance spiritually, we have to find a way to correct our erroneous a priori assumptions and move on into the new domain of reality that becomes available to us in the expanded reality of a new paradigm.


The Purpose

I have written much about logical systems, conceptual models, and the CoDD because of the important role they played in the discovery of gimmel and the important role I believe the CoDD will play in the science of the future. I also believe that, because the calculus made the discovery of gimmel possible, a basic understanding of it should help readers to understand TDVP. But it is even more important as part a conceptual foundation preparing the reader to see that it is possible to accelerate the expansion of individual consciousness. This is the existential core of the message coming through my meditations, and the reason that I am inspired to write. I keep writing because I know that a verbal explanation, no matter how good, can always be better, and I know that I am just a conduit conveying ideas as best I can, not the source, and the source is available to everyone, so, even if I never write another word, someone will pick up the thread and be blessed and/or burdened to receive even more detail than I have. Infinity is a deep well.


I know that this blogpost is already too long, but I am not going to apologize for that because the subject I am trying to cover is wide and deep, and Like Albert Einstein, I sincerely want to provide a clear explanation that anyone can understand. Analytical details, from the logic of CoDD to its application and results, are already available in some form in previous posts and publications, so, for now, I am going to forego describing any more details to connect the dots, and try to make a multi-dimensional quantum leap. Ultimately, my job is not just to teach people how to do math and understand the science, my real mission is to teach you how to expand your consciousness and re-connect with Primary Consciousness and the ultimate experience.


Love is The Ultimate Experience

Love is the most wonderful example of infinity. It resolves all opposites. Pure love is infinitely patient, because the essence of Primary Consciousness (God, if you want to think of it that way) is Love, and in love, everything exists exactly as it is supposed to exist. When you are on the ultimate spiritual path, there are no accidents. Your existence at this place and time is no accident. You are not the result of the accidental sticking together of random bits of matter, define by some as debris flying away from an unexplainable explosion billions of years ago. You are something special. Every atom in every cell of your physical body has a specific number of TRUE organizing units of gimmel embedded in it. Every speck of dirt in the universe has millions of organizing units of gimmel. Without them, the logic and structure of the reality being studied by science, and the scientists themselves, would not exist.

It was no accident that my brilliant research partner, Dr. Vernon Neppe, and I happened to be in Amsterdam on the same day to meet in person for the first time, with prior planning on our part. It was no accident that I had a near death experience a week later in the Great Pyramid of Egypt. Ten years later, it was no accident that I stayed longer than planned in Romania. It is no accident when we fall in love. When we realize that the real essence of existence is Love, we fall in love with reality and we know that even the lowliest form of existence is a manifestation of Love, the pure essence of reality, with infinite purpose and meaning, and we know that everything is exactly as it is supposed to be.

The story of your life is already written. The Author of that story knows exactly what you need at every point in your journey to grow spiritually as fast as you possibly can. Everything is provided for that reality. All you need do is choose to re-connect with Primary Consciousness to become Love itself. The final paradox to be resolved is the conundrum that even though, from your point of view as a sentient being, you have the free will to choose, the One whose consciousness is everything, knows what choice you will make, because that One’s time is three-dimensional. In the re-revolving nine-dimensional reality of the cosmos, every event of the past, present, and future already exists.

-      ERC 9/18/2022



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The Key to the Universe? 



© Copyright August 2022, Edward R Close

Can every question that can be asked, have a meaningful answer? You may believe that there is an easy yes or no answer to this question, but before you rush to give your answer, take a few minutes to think about it. This is not a trivial question. If you google it, you will find different answers given by a number of competent thinkers, with a number of different reasons why they believe the answers they give are correct. Their answers range from a definite “yes” to “only if it is a meaningful question” to a definite “no”.

Some answers are worth thinking about before you come to a conclusive answer of your own. Consider, for example, the answer given by Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz, a German polymath who lived more than 300 years ago. Leibniz developed the infinitesimal calculus at roughly the same time as Sir Isaac Newton, but even though Newton is given credit for “inventing” the calculus in the English-speaking world, it is Leibniz’s notation that we use because he was able to explain why the calculus worked better than Newton did, and his notation was more effective for the dimensional analysis of equations with multiple variables than Newton’s was.

Among the many amazing things that Leibniz did, you will find that he also answered our question in the affirmative, and the prime example he gave to support his answer was his analysis of the question “why is there something rather than nothing?” His answer to that seemingly unanswerable question was: There is something rather than nothing because God created everything that exists, and the Infinite Intelligence that is God has always existed and will always exist. But a number of brilliant thinkers have said no to the question of whether there is an answer for every question for a variety of reasons, and many who have thought deeply about it realize that the question may be as important to us as human beings as the answer may be.

In this post, I am going to agree with Leibniz and answer yes, there is an answer to every question, but my ‘yes’ is a qualified answer, and my reasons for answering in this way are different than the reason given by Leibniz. Not because he was wrong. In fact, it is provable that he was right, but my reason for answering yes differs from his because of the existence of a very important mathematical proof that provides us with information that was not available during Leibniz’s lifetime. That theorem, proved by an Austrian mathematician named Kurt Gödel, is known as the incompleteness theorem.


The answer to any question requires a declarative statement. And, according to the theory of types famously developed by Bertrand Russell and Alfred North Whitehead, any statement must be either true, false, or meaningless. But, if you have been reading my posts, then you should know that the theory of types was radically amended by G. Spencer Brown in his monumental work, Laws of Form, when he proved that some statements designated as “meaningless” may actually be complex paradoxical statements that include the logical equivalence of complex numbers with “imaginary” components, represented by multiples of the square root of minus one, as, for example, in solutions of certain algebraic equations of the second degree or higher. What does Leibniz’s answer and the incompleteness theorem have to do with whether every question that can be asked has an answer or not? I’m glad you asked, because the answer is related to the extent of our knowledge about the nature of reality and the expansion of consciousness.

The incompleteness theorem proved that there are meaningful questions that can be asked that cannot be answered in the logical system within which they have been stated. Some of the leading philosophers, mathematicians, and scientists at the time the incompleteness was proved to be true thought at first that this meant that there could be very important meaningful questions that could never be answered. But most soon realized that that is not necessarily what the proof of the incompleteness theorem implied. If the system of logic within which a seemingly unanswerable question was asked could be expanded with an appropriate new axiom, then there would actually be a meaningful answer within the newly expanded paradigm.

This truth was proved with applications of Brown’s calculus of indications interpreted for logic in Laws of Form. Application of Brown’s calculus to questions that could not be answered in the existing logical system were shown to produce meaningful answers, if the logical system could be expanded to include the conceptual equivalence of imaginary numbers. He gave examples of intractable engineering problems that were successfully resolved with complex number solutions, and he also provided demonstrations that proved that complicated logical syllogisms can be solved much more easily with the logical system extended to include the equivalence of imaginary numbers, than with complicated classic symbolic logic methods that do not include analogs of imaginary numbers.

Application of the quantum calculus of the TDVP, i.e., the calculus of dimensional distinctions (CoDD), makes this point stand out even more clearly because it deals directly with the dimensionality of the question that is being analyzed. Appearances of imaginary numbers in the solution of a quantized CoDD equation indicate that an additional dimension, beyond the measured dimensionality of the expression of the question is involved, and when the logical system is expanded to include the additional dimension, a valid answer is available. The CoDD solution of the three-dimensional equation representing the combination of two up quarks and a down quark to form a proton is a prime example of this increased clarity. Because the dimensionality of the equation expressing the combination is explicit in the notation, the existence within each quark of specific numbers of quantum units of something we decided to call gimmel is revealed; and surprisingly, the units of gimmel that are revealed represent additional measurable components of reality that cannot be categorized as either matter or energy.

The measurements of finite units of mass, energy, space, time, and their combinations are the only tangible evidence we have of the existence of the physical universe as a separate objective reality outside of the consciousness associated with our individual physical bodies, so now we need to pause and ask exactly what does the existence of something measurable that is neither mass nor energy tell us about the nature of reality? It tells us a lot, including the fact that that nearly 95% of objective reality is non-physical.

I submit to you that this is probably why the inventive genius Nikola Tesla said: “The day science begins to study non-physical phenomena, it will make more progress in one decade than in all the previous centuries of its existence.” The TDVP has explained more than fifty things ignored and unexplained, or poorly explained, in current mainstream science. It is also remarkable that TRUE analysis, based on the mass and volume of the electron and the triad of mass, energy, and consciousness in the drawing of distinctions, reveals the existence of three categories of nine mutually orthogonal dimensions in the six-directional domain of finite reality. Perhaps this is why Tesla also said: If you knew the magnificence of 3, 6, and 9, you would have the key to the universe.

Finally, if every meaningful question that can be asked has a meaningful answer, and we can prove that it does, then we must ask: What is the most important question that can be asked? If we can identify that question, and the existing logical paradigm can be expanded with the inclusion of an axiom that guarantees the existence of the correct answer to that question, then that answer will be the most significant thing that any conscious being can ever discover.

ERC – 8/20/2022

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Tuesday, August 16, 2022




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Entrance into The Mind and the Brain

Where do our thoughts come from? Why do I wake in the middle of the night with a head full of ideas that come from somewhere unknown? Tonight, the thoughts that wakened me just after midnight included: “This has to be said!” As usual, the thoughts that enter my mind in this manner come in triads. Tonight, they were insistent and specific:

1)   “Wake up! This has to be said! You know what the questions are, here are the answers:”

2)   “Judge not, lest ye be judged!”

3)   “You shall know them by the fruits of their actions!”

What were the questions? Recalling them, and the information that links the questions to the answers, was just a matter of reversing the mental process that awakened me and pulling the whole story out of the state of consciousness that I was experiencing while I was sleeping.

The questions were:

1) Why have people become so divided now, that both sides are expecting violence to erupt at any moment and why do they totally believe that it will be instigated by those evil people on the other side?

2) Why are some politicians, people we have elected, and some people in the media, people we used to trust, blatantly lying to us?” Are they truly evil, or are they just misguided and brainwashed by foreign entities that want to destroy our way of life?

3) How can we know who is lying and who is telling the truth?

In the last fifty years, neurologists have mapped the brain pretty thoroughly and we know that when information comes in, in the form of pulses of energy from the sense organs, is it processed and automatically directed along neural pathways in the basal ganglia of the brain that have been identified by science and are well known:

The basal ganglia are collections of grey-matter cells situated deep in the white matter of the cerebral hemispheres. There are four main groups of basal ganglia: the striatum, globus pallidus, subthalamic nucleus and substantia nigra.

These ganglia in the brain are connected by numerous neural pathways. The various inputs from the sense organs are received by the caudate nucleus and the putamen from the cerebral cortex, thalamus, subthalamus, and substantia nigra of the brainstem. The function of  the basal ganglia in these locations is to compare the incoming information with information that has been accepted previously as valid, by the conscious mind of the individual and stored in memory. The new information is either accepted as true or rejected as invalid, on the basis of these comparisons. If accepted, it is integrated as part of the model of reality existing as patterns in the mind of the individual and passed via the previously mentioned numerous direct and indirect pathways on to the globus pallidus, the main output nucleus. The globus pallidus sends the patterns of energy pulses back to the cortex via the thalamus and other structures, along the many direct or indirect pathways, forming a loop that is repeated over and over again, until the new information from the senses that has been verified, is fully integrated into the individual’s conceptual model of reality. This model, whether a true representation of reality or not, modulates that person’s thoughts and actions, both voluntary and involuntary.

The way the brain processes and validates or rejects input explains how we can become so divided. We tend to lose sight of the origin of our conscious thoughts and confuse our internal conceptual models with reality. Our conceptual models are almost always constructed from hearsay. Most of our basic ideas about reality are adopted from the beliefs of other people, mainly people that we trust as authorities because of their position in life or their stated convictions and their strength of personality, not from our own direct experience of reality. This makes us particularly susceptible to the propaganda of those who want to control people for their own personal gain. This brings us to the answers.

The Things that Have to be Said

When we judge those ‘evil’ people on the other side of the deep division that splits us apart around the world today, into those who want government to take care of us and those who don’t, we are falling into the very deep trap that has been set for us by those who are truly evil; and we have become involved in the vicious circle of confusion promoted by ‘we said - they said’ mentality. Once there, how do we know who is the evil lair, and who is telling God’s Truth? Some of us have even become convinced that ‘the truth’ is whatever we want it to be. The slippery idea that we can “re-imagine reality” has become common today. This too, is part of the cleverly evil trap that was laid especially for those of us of European descent during the presidency of Woodrow Wilson (1913 – 1921).

One hundred years later, in 2021, we actually reached the point of fruition of the evil plan, where those who dare to question the authority of government, and even mention the “God”, as a concept to be taken seriously, are immediately condemned as out of touch with “modern thinking”, stupid, and dangerous! The conspirators who put this into motion so long ago, are back among us even now, reincarnated to enjoy the fruits of their actions. Actually, they have been with us all along, gleefully watching the plan unfold, wittingly or unwittingly, as minions of Satan. Yes, my friends, Satan is real. He is to the Author of Reality as anti-matter is to matter. On this earth, he is the equal and opposite force that keeps the duality of material reality going. Of course, those of us on the other side have also been here all along, working to counterbalance the lies and keep truth alive.

In Secrets of the Sacred Cube, a Cosmic Love Story, published in 2019, Jacqui and I provided some of the details of how the opposing forces of good and evil were already playing the game that is going on today on the world stage around 500 A.D., at roughly the lowest point in the dark ages. Eventually, the forces of good will win and the forces of evil will perish because evil is always based on lies, but in the meantime, we must deal with the realities of the conflict.

The message I was asked to bring to you tonight, is that when you judge others in the heat of the battle, you are definitely playing with fire, because you may be unwittingly becoming part of the problem; but you can know who is lying and who is telling the truth by looking at the fruits of their actions. When you do this objectively, without allowing yourself to fall into the trap of judging the wrong people based on a model of reality that you have accepted from others, you will soon see who the players are on each side. When you do, you will realize that the division is not between democrats and republicans or liberals and conservatives, it is between good and evil.