Friday, April 24, 2015


Was there actually a big bang? In a word: NO. In the so-called ‘big bang theory’ of the current widely accepted paradigmatic model, the origin event was neither big, nor a bang. It was exceedingly small relative to the size of today’s universe, certainly smaller than a hydrogen atom, a proton, or an up-quark. So one might call it a sub-quark spark! Also, there could be no ‘bang’, since there was no medium through which sound waves could travel, and, presumably, no ear to hear it.

The acceptance of the idea of a big bang expanding universe stems from astronomer Edwin Hubble’s discovery of red shifts in the wave lengths of light coming from distant stars; the farther away the star, the greater the shift; suggesting an expanding universe. It was just one easy step of logic (as it turns out, an incorrect step) to run the clock backward to a smaller and smaller universe, all the way to a ‘singularity’, a point that must have ‘exploded’ into the 13.7 billion year old expanding universe we appear to have today.

Why do I say that this simple concept, which quickly caught on in the imagination of the general public, is incorrect? Because it didn’t take physicists and cosmologists long to discover that there was a problem with it. Calculating the age of the universe based on the current expansion rate, they found an impossible contradiction: Some stars were older than the universe! This would indicate that the big bang explosion was not the beginning of the universe. MIT theoretical physicist and cosmologist Alan Guth solved the problem by proposing that there was a period of rapid expansion, or inflation in the beginning, during which the universe expanded at a rate much faster than the speed of light. That works. I’ve done the calculations myself, verifying it from more than one perspective. That makes it very convincing.

The drive-by thinker might say: ‘O.K., what was there before the big-bang expanding universe?’ smugly thinking he had posed a mind-blowing question. The answer, however, is quite simple: There was nothing! If there was a ‘big bang’ (sub-quark spark) matter, energy, time and space all originated there. The question of what existed before the origin event, whatever it was, is a meaningless question leading to an ‘infinite regress’, the mother of all contradictions. End of story!

Well, no, not quite. The flaw in this reasoning is the assumption that there could be nothing rather than something. The Calculus of Distinctions reveals something quite amazing: If mass and energy are quantized, as Planck discovered they are, there is either something or nothing, not both! I think we’ll all agree that there is something. Otherwise, I wouldn’t be writing this, and you wouldn’t be reading it. Therefore, there is no such thing as nothing. This is consistent with one of the most basic and well-known laws of physics: the conservation of mass and energy. The substance of reality is neither created nor destroyed. There is no absolute beginning or end, only change. Even if all the mass and energy in the universe eventually spreads out to the bland state of maximum entropy, something still exists.

But, wait! The ‘big bang’ (sub-quark spark) theory says nothing existed before the explosive event creating the physical universe! But there’s no such thing as nothing. What does this mean? It means that there never actually was a big bang. The big-bang-expanding universe is an illusion; a very persistent one, that looks the same from any point in the universe, but nevertheless, an illusion!
Incidentally, I applied the Calculus of Distinctions to the big bang theory in 1989 and reached this same conclusion. I published the details in my second book “Infinite Continuity” in 1990.

Reference: E.R. Close, 1990, Infinite Continuity, Part III Section 1.4, pp. 127 – 138.

Watch for new videos  with and without detailed math, explaining the Close-Neppe Theory of everything.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015


Thank you for the feedback from some of you who have watched EXPLAINING THE UNEXPLAINABLE on www.ERClos are the questions fo  You’ve been very helpful. I am posting questions, received so far, with answers here and on Facebook because it could be helpful to others who are interested. Here are the questions so far:

1. If I’m a not interested in science, why should I wade through all this? Just give me what it proves.
Answer: OK, I know that most people don’t want to put a lot of time and effort into thinking about something they’re not interested in, but I like to encourage people to use their brains and expand their horizons. Most people only use about 10% of the brain power they were born with. The Close-Neppe Theory of Everything proves a lot of things not proved by current mainstream science, but I’m not going to list them all here. I’ll just mention one: It proves that consciousness exists in every atom in the universe. Please think about that. It puts everything in a new light!

2. What does TDVP stand for?
Answer: It is the acronym for the Close-Neppe theory of everything. It stands for: Triadic Dimensional Distinction Vortical Paradigm. It was defined in earlier videos, but should have been defined here too.

3. Why didn’t you explain what is shown in the particle collision of slide #3?
Answer: It was not necessary for the points essential to this video, and I worked hard to keep the length of the video down.

4. What’s that in the little white box on slide #4?
Answer: It’s a diagram of mass being turned into energy.

5. Where can I get your book?
Answer: Transcendental Physics is available on Amazon, from Barnes & Noble and other book sellers, or send a check or money order for $50 to EJC Advantage Publications, PO Box 368, Jackson, MO, 63755 for an autographed copy!

6. What does N stand for in slide #8?

Answer: It stands for Newton, the SI (International Standard metric system) unit of mass, equivalent to 0.2248 pounds (lbs.) on the Earth, named after Sir Isaac Newton. The slide illustrates the fact that weight and mass is not the same thing. Weight changes with location, mass does not. The astronaut weighs less on the moon, is weightless in space, but his mass (resistance to motion) is the same.

More questions and/or comments welcome. Please post here, or on my Facebook page. Thanks.

Monday, April 20, 2015


Dear Friends,
I am earnestly and URGENTLY appealing to you to take the time to view the video “EXPLAINING THE UNEXPLAINABLE” below, an important presentation - WITHOUT MATH - Even if you don’t particularly like science, we need your support. We are not asking for money. As the number of people who understand what we are doing grows, it will eventually reach a critical mass of consciousness, and the dominant world view will change.  It is important to me for you to understand that we are not doing this to draw attention to ourselves, saying “look at how smart we are!” Neither Dr. Neppe nor I need that. We are not doing this for self-aggrandizement. We are doing this because, as Dr. Neppe says, it is simply our song to sing, we can do no other. Here is why I think this is so important:
The world is composed of three kinds of people: those who believe there is nothing beyond the material world of our limited physical senses (this includes most of today’s mainstream scientists), those who believe in something more, and those who are undecided, i.e., believers, atheists and agnostics. For millennia, there has been a clash between the ‘believers’ and the ‘non-believers’. Millions of innocents have been maimed and killed, each side blaming the other! If the Close-Neppe Theory of Everything is understood by enough people, it will no longer be a fight between philosophical beliefs. Real Science will settle the debate forever.
I know EXPLAINING THE UNEXPLAINABLE has complex ideas, some of which will be new to almost everyone, but I promise you it will be worth the effort. I know that, simply as human beings, we have a tendency to believe what we want to believe, regardless of the facts; but the truth will emerge, and if enough people understand what Dr. Neppe and I have discovered, it can happen soon! And when it happens, the level of political and religious strife and bloodshed will gradually be reduced worldwide, as people realize how senseless and unnecessary it is. The TDVP Theory of Everything reveals the deep connectedness of all human beings, and in fact of all life. It is no longer a matter of guesswork or blind belief; it is a scientifically provable fact, from the quantum level to the galactic level. The truth is undeniable. As Dr. David Stewart said so eloquently in his Foreword to my book Transcendental Physics:
“The marriage between science and religion is complete … No longer is there a contradiction. If you believe in one, you necessarily believe in the other, even if you don’t realize it.”
If you have read this far, I think you can see why I think this is so important. Please take the time to view EXPLAINING THE UNEXPLAINABLE.
Thanking you in advance,

Ed Close

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Explaining The Unexplainable

Explaining The Unexplainable
By Edward R Close

Non-locality, the speed of light, and how we determine True Units! The weirdness of Quantum Physics, Relativity's guiding principle, and what the LHC tell us about True Units. Presented are necessary concepts for the non-mathematician or scientist.

If the video is not visible above, or does not render properly, you can click the following link to watch this on YouTube:

Saturday, April 11, 2015



TDVP presents irrefutable evidence of the universal existence of a third form of reality in addition to the well-known forms of mass and energy. You might think that the discovery that the physical universe could not exist without the stabilizing involvement of this third form of reality would excite scientists. When the qualities and attributes of the third form of reality are found to be consistent with an omnipresent, super-intelligent form of consciousness, you might think theologians would get excited. But, with the exception of a handful of professional scientists and theologians worldwide, when the evidence is presented to them, the overwhelming reaction is to first try to refute it. When they cannot refute it, they call it ‘controversial’ and choose to ignore it! Why?

The answer is simple: It challenges their personal and professional belief systems, and destroys the myth that science and spirituality are mutually exclusive. On the other hand, ordinary people with no invested interest in the belief systems and dogmas of science or religion, of whom there are a growing number; see that this REAL shift out of materialistic reductionism and religious fantasy is the way to a brighter future, a future that restores purpose and meaning to life and physical existence.

Thursday, April 9, 2015


So scientists and mathematicians come up with new theories and theorems. So Close and Neppe have come up with a theory that puts consciousness into the equations of science. Why should anyone care?

Here’s why:

Science is the basis of technology, and technology affects every aspect of your life, every day, whether you like it or not. The two great paradigm shifts of all time happened between 1905 and 1935 with Einstein’s relativity and Planck’s quantum physics. Since that time, technological applications of the discoveries made possible by the paradigm shifts of relativity and quantum physics have totally transformed the lives of every person on the planet. Born in 1936, I have literally and personally seen the transformation happen. Lives like those of my grandparents, consisting of isolation, hard work and little time of their own, have been transformed into the lives of the ‘baby boomers’ and ‘generation Xs’: a world their parents and grandparents could only have imagined, with virtually instant communication around the world, and electronic gadgetry to do almost everything, --including think for them!

The transformation brought about by relativity and quantum physics has been amazing, but is nothing compared to the changes that will occur once science is dragged out of the dark ages of reductive materialism. This is what putting consciousness into the equations will do. The science of the future, recognizing the existence of a pervasive form of consciousness, and its real role in the creation, organization and sustenance of the universe, will allow humankind to truly transcend the limitations of matter, space and time, and finally understand the role, meaning and purpose of individual conscious beings. Can you imagine how this will change the world and the universe beyond?

Monday, April 6, 2015


Most people think of modern science as making slow but sure steady progress, increasing our knowledge and understanding step by step. And this is true within a given paradigm. But paradigm shifts, like Einstein’s relativity and Bohr & Heisenberg’s quantum mechanics, come about as revolutions. See Thomas Kuhn’s work: “The Structure of Scientific Revolutions”. New scientific paradigms are resisted vehemently by the scientific establishment because of their investment in the existing paradigm. For example, Galileo derided Kepler’s idea that the gravitational pull of the moon affects ocean tides, as “paranormal” and “childish nonsense”. You may not realize that Einstein’s ideas were ridiculed as “utter nonsense” by the mainstream physicists when his first paper was published in 1905. And plate tectonics, a major geologic breakthrough,was labeled “a crackpot idea” by mainstream geologists as late as the 1960s.
Albert Einstein was lucky. Max Planck, who happened to be the editor of the Physics journal “Annalen der Physik” in Germany in 1905, saw the importance of Einstein’s paper on Special Relativity, titled “On the Electrodynamics of Moving Bodies”, and published it. A paper like Einstein’s would never get published in today’s scientific journals, because it listed virtually no references, and had no peer reviews. Einstein’s revolutionary ideas were ridiculed by most mainstream scientists until it was carefully proved and validated by real-world observations. Transcendental Physics and TDVP are in the same position because they represent a true shift in the scientific paradigm out of the dead end of materialism, including consciousness as a real and important part of the physical universe. And we have proof and validation.
By its very nature as a new idea, a paradigm shift can have few references to publications by mainstream scientists working within the current paradigm, and of course there will be few willing peer reviewers. So, in the beginning, a paradigm shift has great difficulty gaining the attention it deserves. This is the current situation for Transcendental Physics and TDVP, so I am undertaking a novel approach by appealing to the general public in this series of video presentations.
A new scientific paradigm is difficult to get across to people steeped in the current paradigm because it challenges their cherished belief systems. And a scientific paradigm shift is necessarily complex, so that in the rigorous presentation of the welter of new ideas it is easy to miss seeing the forest for the trees. For these reasons, after the posting of ten explanatory videos, I am offering a summary that I think will be helpful for readers, before going further into the details of the empirical, mathematical and logical proof of the validity of the new consciousness-based paradigm.
Here is a list of the videos posted so far:
#1 Science & Spirituality TV (Intro)
#2 The Real Theory of Everything
#3 Who are Close & Neppe?
#4 The Vision
#5 What is Unique about TDVP?
#6 Mathematics
#7 Uniting Science & Spirituality
#8 The Most Important Question
#9 Symmetry & Stability
#10 The Electron, Relativity & TRUE Units

Videos #1 through #7 are mostly background and preliminary to the next three and those yet to come. Videos #8 through #10 present the logical physical and mathematical basis for TRUE units. The TRUE unit is the logical basic unit of measurement for all observations and measurements in our quantized universe. They are similar to Planck units, but Planck units, limited to the materialists’ reductionist approach, do not include consciousness. Video #10 specifically describes the application of the principles of relativity and quantum mechanics to the electron to define the TRUE unit, and in the process, describes the discovery of the actual shape of the electron.

Video #11, which I will be posting shortly, is titled “TRUE UNITS, FERMAT’S LAST THEOREM AND PARTICLE STABILITY”. It will describe the application of TRUE unit analysis to electrons, protons, and neutrons, the elementary particles that make up virtually all of the observable universe. It also introduces the third form, in addition to mass and energy, of the essential stuff of reality, and explains why a third form is necessary, and why quarks combine in threes. Videos #1 through #11 set the stage for additional videos explaining how a primary form of consciousness creates and sustains the universe we experience, and how finite entities of individualized consciousness, like you and I, participate in creating the reality we experience.

Saturday, April 4, 2015

The Electron, Relativity and TRUE Units

In this presentation learn how the Electron and the Principles of Relativity and Quantum Mechanics determine the size and nature of TRUE Units, the shape of the electron, and a glimpse at one of the connections between consciousness and matter.

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