Thursday, April 9, 2015


So scientists and mathematicians come up with new theories and theorems. So Close and Neppe have come up with a theory that puts consciousness into the equations of science. Why should anyone care?

Here’s why:

Science is the basis of technology, and technology affects every aspect of your life, every day, whether you like it or not. The two great paradigm shifts of all time happened between 1905 and 1935 with Einstein’s relativity and Planck’s quantum physics. Since that time, technological applications of the discoveries made possible by the paradigm shifts of relativity and quantum physics have totally transformed the lives of every person on the planet. Born in 1936, I have literally and personally seen the transformation happen. Lives like those of my grandparents, consisting of isolation, hard work and little time of their own, have been transformed into the lives of the ‘baby boomers’ and ‘generation Xs’: a world their parents and grandparents could only have imagined, with virtually instant communication around the world, and electronic gadgetry to do almost everything, --including think for them!

The transformation brought about by relativity and quantum physics has been amazing, but is nothing compared to the changes that will occur once science is dragged out of the dark ages of reductive materialism. This is what putting consciousness into the equations will do. The science of the future, recognizing the existence of a pervasive form of consciousness, and its real role in the creation, organization and sustenance of the universe, will allow humankind to truly transcend the limitations of matter, space and time, and finally understand the role, meaning and purpose of individual conscious beings. Can you imagine how this will change the world and the universe beyond?


  1. Roll on Homo Sapiens Cosmos, Edward! Hopefully, by our next life! I joke not!


    1. Thanks Brian! I agree completely, but hope for a exponential growth rate in global awareness.