Sunday, August 9, 2020


Thoughts on a Sunday Morning

On a beautiful Sunday morning, self-quarantined in my Southern Missouri Ozarks retreat on the edge of the National Scenic Waterways Park, - what used to be known as the Irish Wilderness- I have a lot to be thankful for. I miss my wonderful wife of 43 years, but she worked hard to help me, both before and after she had to leave this world. She has even guided me to the one person who could help me after she left, for the rest of my life! That person just happens to live in Romania. But that’s another story, and I’ve written something about it in ”Secrets of the Sacred Cube, a Cosmic Love Story”, Published in 2019, and in “Survival”, which a publisher has accepted for publication within the next year. So I have a lot to be grateful for! But today, I want to share a realization with those of you who are ready for it.

A few mornings ago, I woke in a strange state of consciousness, It is a hard thing to describe. I woke from a deep sleep with no memory of any dreams, no fading images, nothing. But, different than any morning ever before, there were no memories of the day before, and no projections of the day to come. No tomorrow. Nothing. Just a vast emptiness. Had I died during the night? Even that question did not arise until much later. I was aware of my skin, it was an itchy surface, like the surface of a balloon, stretched over an infinity of hollow nothingness. No matter where I searched inside that itchy skin for myself, I found nothing. Later, I realized it was the Void that Buddhist adepts talk about.

One of my Rubik’s cubes was on the bed. It was scrambled. I picked it up, thinking that this vacant bit of nothing that was now me, would be unable to solve it. How could I, with no memory, solve a scrambled Rubik’s cube? But  I solved it quickly, without even thinking about it!  Surprised, I re-scrambled it, switched on the timer on my iPhone, and solved it again. 20 seconds! A new record for me! How was that possible? How could a complete emptiness solve a Rubik’s cube???! Was I really awake, or was I dreaming, or had I actually died during the night? Needless to say, the day that followed was an interesting one.

Fast forward to today. After I had my second coffee I had a wonderful communication with my helpmate in Romania, via texting. Then, relaxing, unexpectedly, I fell into a short nap.  The realization I want to share came at the end of the nap. It has to do with the Cube. As those of you who have read it know, Secrets of the Sacred Cube is, in part about lessons learned from the “Magic Cube” (That’s what Erno’ Rubik called it at first.) This is a further revelation of how the cube mirrors life.

The picture above is of a scrambled cube. It is well scrambled. Aside from the six center pieces, around which the other pieces move, and which never move relative to each other, only one single piece is where it’s supposed to be! There are two, quite different ways to solve this scrambled cube: One way, the way that only took me 20 seconds that other morning, is to reverse all of the moves that resulted in getting a chromatically aligned (solved) cube to that scrambled configuration. It’s like what cosmologists do when they try to mathematically rewind the expanding universe back to the big bang. The second way is to apply the algorithms I explained in the book, algorithms that will solve any scrambled cube, regardless of how it was scrambled.

Now, here’s the realization: the first way is like the un-raveling of all of your past karma, retracing your soul’s journey back to the Original Source. The second way is like applying spiritual concentrations, visualizations, and religious rituals, that gradually raise your spiritual vibration, and eventually get you re-aligned with the Source, like a chromatically aligned cube. The first is fast (like the 20-second solution) if you can do it, but for most of us, it is virtually impossible to remember all of the acts that got us to where we are today. Who can remember all of the actions of a single lifetime, let alone those of multiple lives? It is only after you have used spiritual techniques (algorithms) for several lifetimes, that you begin to remember all of your past actions. This is why, at this time of low overall spiritual virtue on this planet, most of us have to go  the second route, in hopes of progressing to a better opportunity in the next life, while a rare few will attain ascension to Cosmic Consciousness in this lifetime.

Finally, let’s tie this back to the Void: When you have silenced the verbal chatter in your head, repented back to your heart, opened the inner door to the world of Spirit, and experienced the Void, all things are possible! All problems are solved, and all paradoxes are resolved in the Ultimate Paradox: The Void that is the Source of all things, the ALL and the Nothing. This is why one can act appropriately from the Void. The answer is there in the Infinite, call it God, Nature, or whatever fits for you. No word can describe the Infinite Intelligence behind all things. When you are conscious of the fact that your ego simply does not exist, you can become like a hollow tube, a flute through which the Infinite can play the song of life. You are not ego-attached to the results of what happens. You are the able to act according to God’s will, not react according to ego attachments.

A few years ago, a Nobel Prize physicist reviewing a bit of one of my mathematical proofs, said: “Reading your stuff is like reading the writings of a magician!” He didn’t mean it as a compliment, quite the opposite. He went on to say: “You seem to see some deep meaning behind every equation. But mathematics is not like that!”

Yes, it is! Everything we experience in this life is symbolic, and behind every symbol is a deeper reality. I did not reply that way at the time, but now I would say: Maybe it’s not that way for you, but it is for me! And I’m sorry for you, and the many scientists who feel that way, because you are missing most of Reality!

ERC 8/9/2020

Friday, August 7, 2020




Something deep in Spirit wakened me at dawn yesterday morning. When the first hint of light came through the trees, as the Earth continued turning to the East as it has done for an eternity, longer than human beings have been civilized, I was suddenly wide awake. Was it the problems that I have in my personal life right now, with critical decisions to make, and critical actions I must take? Those things were in the back of my mind, making me uneasy and eager to get up and get busy while there is still time, but my waking mind also remembered a lingering dream, fading with the spreading of the morning’s light: the concerns about the global crisis that has impacted every living being and brought to the forefront the decisions we must soon make: What is the solution? Is it returning to the principles of the Founding Fathers  that made this country great? Or is it the Progressive Socialism of a New World Order?

Then, that something deep in Spirit that had wakened me said to me: “These problems you obsess over are not the real problem. They are only the superficial symptoms of the real problem, which is much deeper. The world is not in crisis; it still turns on its axis, and continues in its orbit around the sun, and nature will right itself, as it has many times before. The crisis that disturbs you and the millions of inhabitants of this planet, and has become a problem for all forms of life, is a crisis of the human heart! The solution is not in returning to National Sovereignty, or stumbling forward into governmental social engineering that has failed so catastrophically in the past, the solution lies in the necessary turning of each individual heart to face its own flaws and heal its own wounds.”

The real decision that will change the world of human experience is how we decide to resolve the question that lies deep in the consciousness of every living human being: Am I an immortal soul, or an accidental anomaly that has become a blight on the earth, and a threat to nature? If I am an immortal soul, why should I fear a flu-like virus that has a much lower fatality rate that many other things that result in the deaths of many citizens of this planet every year? The answer is that the COVID-19 virus is just the current handy tool used by those who would like to control everyone else. Could this be why the professional politicians are quicker to close down churches and open-forum  discussions than bars and political protests, and even violent riots, that favor their agendas?

Of course human life is of great value, and every life should be saved and prolonged as long as it has the joyful quality that accompanies natural health, and the potential to improve itself and the lives of others. But most of the practices and institutions that call themselves “healthcare” today, are not that at all. The focus of studies in medical schools in modern Western society is on disease, not health. If the goal of medicine were to prevent disease, cure disease, and maintain health, then the focus would be on understanding health and maintaining healthy immune systems. Instead, we have a disease-care system that focuses on disease and death-prevention. When cures for major diseases are found, they are quickly suppressed. Why? The answer is simple: There is far more money in disease-care than in health. That is why there is an expensive drug for every disease they can invent, and “rest homes” for the elderly have become holding prisons for legal drug addicts who are just waiting for death!

Why are we, as a society, so afraid of dying and death? The answer is simple. It is because most of us have not really confronted that question,  mentioned above: Am I an immortal soul, or a strange accident of physicality? We have buried this question deep in our subconscious minds. If we are immortal souls, then dying and death, as natural as birth and living, are not something to be feared. We should be able to embrace life as a wonderful opportunity to improve ourselves and the lives of others, and  death as a normal, natural part of existence that comes when the opportunity of enjoying physical life is over, Then, when the physical body is destroyed or simply worn out, we will be ready to move on to the next stage of conscious existence.  

If life and consciousness are just fleeting dreams caused by the accidental occurrence of physical complexity, then existence is meaningless, and death should be eventually welcomed as the cessation of suffering and pain. At any rate, there should be no fear of the natural process of dying. If the question of the nature of existence is confronted and definitively answered, one way or the other, then the psychopaths who are possessed with the desire to control and force their agenda on others would lose their most powerful weapon of negativity and fear. They would not be able to use fear of death and dying to control you. At any rate, healthcare should change its focus from disease to health and look for ways to promote natural health and strong immune system maintenance, and peaceful drug-free dying. At worst, COVID-19 is nothing more than a bad case of flu for a person with a healthy immune system.

Until now, the religions of the modern world have framed this all important question of the nature of existence as a choice: You either believe in a higher power, or you don’t. This dichotomy of choice has divided the world of human civilization (or lack thereof) for centuries. In our blindness, we have fought and killed each other over some minor details of how we make this choice! But reality, however you choose to think of it, has given each one of us a brain. It’s time we use it! The scientific method, if honestly applied, is capable of revealing the pathway to truth. But when science ignores its own basic principles, it becomes just another belief system, a religion without meaning or purpose. But even in a democracy, science is over-ruled by government.

Ultimately, no government conceived by human beings is any smarter than the dumbest among us. It is the weakest link of the chain that breaks, causing the whole chain to fail. Government burocracy is the perfect example of the “Peter Principle” (If you are not familiar with the Peter Principle, Google it). It makes no difference how smart elected officials, like the president and congresspeople are, the burocracy of any government grows like a cancer, and non-elected civil servants who rise to the top and become the “deep state”, i.e.,  the people who actually decide the future of the country, are eventually those who have been promoted beyond their level of competence. They are the weakest links that cause governments to fail. Add to this the weakest link of elected officials - those who think that morality and compassion can be legislated -  and you have an excellent formula for disaster.

Notice also, that the loudest political activists are those with the deepest personal flaws. The typical political activist is seeking to cover up the fact that their personal life is an abysmal failure by blaming everyone else, and fooling themselves into thinking that they need to change the world. This brings me back to the “something deep in Spirit” that woke me yesterday morning. The real problem is not with “the world” it’s with our own hearts. If you think you need to change the world, it’s time to look in the mirror. Face the crisis in your own heart before you try to tell everyone else what they should do.

And this, of course, brings me back to me. Am I going to try to tell you what to do? Am I illustrating the very problem that I have described? Am I trying to change the world before I have solved the crises of my own life? I don’t think so, but that’s for you to decide.  I have published my work in a number of papers and books, some as the sole author, and some with Dr, Vernon Neppe, and a few others. Am I going to ask you to read them? No. I am at the age and position in life that I do not need to beg you to buy my books. Do I want to promote the ideas they represent? Yes, I do, because they document my life’s work, the work  that I see as my mission in this life. But whether you read and value what I write or not is your decision and yours alone.

Sometime in 2011, I solved a set of Diophantine equations derived from the application of a quantum calculus that I had developed several years earlier, to analyze the combination of the three quarks that form the proton. The solutions revealed a non-physical component of reality existing at the quantum level. This was the discovery that launched the paradigm shift that Dr, Neppe and I call the Triadic Dimensional Vortical Paradigm (TDVP). Since there was no reference to a quantifiable non-physical component of reality in the annals of science before this, we called it gimmel, after the third letter of the Hebrew alphabet. I had already demonstrated the need for a quantum variable representing consciousness in the equations of science, and published it in my 1997 book, Transcendental Physics. Dr. David Stewart wrote this in the Foreword to that book:

 “With the publication of this work it is no longer logically consistent to be both a scientist and an atheist. One cannot place too much importance on the genius of this work I, for one am thankful for Ed Close’s devotion and commitment to this project that have never flagged over the years. Because of his perseverance, a door has been opened for us all. He has broken forever he barrier between science and religion. What seemed to be antagonists he has made friends – even better: he has proven them to be one. Only history will tell what this work will do for science and humankind, but its potential is without limit. Science was confined in a self-imposed cage with the majority of the universe on the outside. Ed Close has broken the bars and forged a key link in the chain of advancement of mankind for the ages. This book should be read by everyone who seeks to know the truth. It is worth every effort to study and comprehend – even if you have to read it several times. It could change your entire outlook on life forever, and change it for the better.”

The point is this: It is no longer necessary to rely on blind faith. You no longer have to choose to believe or not believe. Based on the fact that we live in a quantized reality, using exquisitely accurate data from the Large Hadron Collider and mathematical theorems that have been proved true for all time, the existence of non-physical reality at the quantum level is proved unequivocally. The proof has been published, and anyone who chooses to take the time to read and follow the logic can understand it.

For the past month or so, I have been preparing an online course called the Science of Immortality, that we plan to offer under the auspices of the Academia Ars Moriendi. Check on the Face Book page of Grig Oprea, my Face Book page, and this Blog for announcements. For those of you in Europe, follow Grig on her talk show broadcasts on KTV Bucharest, Romania. The Academia Ars Moriendi emphasizes the art of living and dying joyously, and the discovery of gimmel and the development of TDVP as the scientific paradigm of the future supports this attitude with a solid scientific framework.

The bottom line is that more than 95% of reality is not physical. The implications of this are beyond exciting! They are spiritually  and intellectually liberating! Consciousness, mind, and Spirit can now take their rightful place in science. Materialism is no longer a valid metaphysical basis for understanding the nature of reality, for science, philosophy, or life. We can logically and scientifically face and answer the question of the nature of our existence. We are immortal souls! The existence of gimmel extends the law of the conservation of mass and energy to mass, energy, and consciousness. Awaken to the immortality of your own soul! Once awake to this reality, you can face and resolve the crisis in your own heart. Only then will you be capable of living fearlessly and helping others.

ERC 8/6/2020

Sunday, July 12, 2020


It's a new day! In fact, every time the planet turns on its axis, making the sun appear to rise in the east, we, each and every one of us, have another chance to become more aware and improve on what and who we are. In my posts on this blogsite, a lot has been said about transcendental physics and the new science of TDVP. During the past 10 plus years, Dr. Vernon Neppe and I have discovered many new, exciting applications of the quantum mathematics of TDVP that have solved problems and answered questions that mainstream science, still based in the mis-leading assumptions of materialism cannot touch. Most of these, including the discovery of gimmel, the non-physical part of reality at the quantum level, have been published in papers in journals, in books, and on this blogsite. It is now time, in my opinion, to talk about what these discoveries mean to the average person. How can this new knowledge improve our lives?

I want to focus in this post on what, in my opinion, is the most important aspect of our discoveries: There are three aspects of life and existence (thus the Triadic term of TDVP), they are physical, mental, and spiritual. This is of course, not a new idea, but the application of quantum calculus has revealed why we have a stable, conscious life-supporting universe. It is because the driving force behind all meaningful evolution, even all progressively complex physical evolution, is spiritual. The existence of stable structures of energy and what we mistakenly think of as matter, is the result of spiritual evolution, not the other way around, as assumed by mainstream science. With TDVP, this is not just a philosophical or religious theory, it is scientifically and mathematically provable!

Don’t make the tragic mistake of believing that you are the physical body and nothing more. The death and destruction of the physical body that you currently inhabit is part of a natural process of spiritual growth. You existed before you came into your present physical body, and you will continue to exist after you leave it. We now have overwhelming scientific evidence that individual consciousness survives the death and destruction of the physical body. It’s just part of the process, like the dawning of another day. This knowledge is liberating. Once you free yourself of the illusion of dead-end materialism, and begin to actually remember that you existed before, during, and after birth and death, you can say with the Apostle Paul in his letter to the Corinthians, echoing the prophet Hosea: “O death, where is thy sting? O grave, where is thy victory?”

So, if this was known at the time of Paul, an Apostle of Jesus, and even before, what’s the big deal? The big deal is that now, something that has necessarily been a matter of blind faith and belief for people of the modern world, has been proved scientifically and mathematically. Understanding that, as a conscious being, your soul is immortal, is no longer something you can chose to believe or reject. Discovery of gimmel, the non-physical part of reality, that has to exist in order for there to be a stable, life-supporting physical universe, changes that! The development and application of a quantum calculus appropriate for the quantized physical reality discovered by Max Planck and amplified by Albert Einstein, using the meticulous data from the Large Hadron Collider and the Hubble space probe, has proved that reality is primarily spiritual, and that energy and the illusion of matter are epiphenomena of conscious spirit, not the other way around.

We must wake up to the truth being taught by Neppe and Close, the Academy for the Advancement of Postmaterialist Sciences in the US, and Academia Ars Moriendi in Europe: Death is not to be feared. It is part of the natural process of spiritual consciousness.

It’s truly a new day! Now that we can prove that we are immortal spiritual beings, temporarily wearing the disposable garments of physical bodies so that we may grow spiritually, we can be thankful for the opportunities of each new day for greater awareness of who and what we are, in the context of spiritual immortality.

ERC July 12, 2020

Monday, July 6, 2020



The scientific explanation of our experience of physical reality makes it quite clear that we do not experience concrete things, such as mountains, rivers, houses, tables, chairs, etc. directly. We experience them indirectly through the transfer of various types of energy through the sense organs. We are able to see a material object, for example, when packets of energy called photons reflected off the surface of an object enter our eyes and initiate a series of energy transfers that ends up in the brain, where an image is formed. A similar thing happens with all of the sense organs, and the combination of those impressions in the brain creates the mental concept of a material object, which is then compared with images previously stored in another part of the brain. If the newly formed image matches the major features of one of the stored images, say a chair, then we conclude that there is a chair in front of us.

It is clear that we don’t experience matter directly; we intercept patterns of energy and interpret them as images and impressions that imply the existence of material objects. So, if we don’t experience matter directly, do we experience the energy that carries the information that is used to construct our impressions of the world? The answer is no. Our experience is an interpretation of patterns of transient energetic impulses. We don’t experience the individual photons, electrons, or other quanta of energy that enter our brains through the sense organs. If we did, we would miss seeing the patterns. We wouldn’t be able to see the forest for the trees!

The patterns that we find to be meaningful appear to exist in space-time. So does that mean that we experience space-time directly? Again the answer has to be no because Einstein’s relativity shows us that space-time has no existence of its own, it exists only as a geometric relationship between matter and energy. The inescapable conclusion from quantum physics and relativity is that we do not experience the physical universe directly.

This leads naturally to the next question: What do we experience directly? The answer should be obvious: The only thing we experience directly, is our own consciousness, our sense of “I am”. But what is that? Our current science says consciousness is an epiphenomenon of physical complexity. But scientists have no explanation for why or how this comes about. If consciousness arises spontaneously from matter and energy, just why and how does this happen? This puzzle is sometimes called “the hard problem”.

A theoretical philosophical solution to the hard problem has been around a lot longer than science has, at least modern science as we know it. It is the idea that there is a non-physical aspect of reality, sometimes called spirit. And this is where it gets interesting! Believers tend to think there must be a spiritual energy, variously called the Elan Vital, Chi, or Prana, depending on the culture. But Scientists say, there is no such thing, because we can’t measure it! It turns out that, in a strange and surprising way, both sides are right, and both sides are wrong! There is a non-physical part of reality that cannot be measured as mass or energy, but it does have an effect, it fact a major effect on physical reality, but not in the way those on either side of the debate expected.

Quantum physics and relativity provided the clues, and Max Planck even stated: “I regard consciousness as fundamental. I regard matter as a derivative of consciousness.” And Einstein showed us that matter and energy are two forms of the same thing. His famous equation E = mc2, when expressed in natural quantum units, shows that mass and energy are equivalent. What neither man, nor neither side of the debate about consciousness suspected, is that consciousness is primary, and matter and energy are quantized forms of consciousness. The realization of this came about in stages. The breakthrough came in 2011, when I discovered that there had to be a third form of reality, in addition to mass and energy, in every atom in order for there to be a stable physical universe.

This was not a theory, or hypothesis derived from a theory. It was a discovery that occurred as the result of applying solid principles of mathematics and physics to the combination of quarks to form protons, using Large Hadron Collider data. The math is slightly beyond the scope of this post, but it has been published in several peer-reviewed journals and two books. The second stage was developed by Dr. Vernon Neppe and me. Over a period of a few years, we went from thinking of the third form, which we called gimmel, as an unknown, to realizing that it had to be a primary form of quantized consciousness. This realization came about as a result of solving a number puzzles that couldn’t be solved within the current materialistic paradigm.

The third stage, which I’ve embarked upon, is to explore consciousness based on this new understanding of reality that turns the existing materialistic paradigm on its head. Instead of consciousness being an epiphenomenon of a complex physical universe, we now know that our quantized physical universe is, as Max Planck suggested, an epiphenomenon of consciousness. Suddenly, I have a scientific basis for understanding and explaining experiences like out of body experiences (OBEs), near-death experiences (NDEs), psi phenomena, spiritual, and mystical experiences! Having had such experiences myself, and knowing others who have had them, I am excited at the prospect of being able to explore consciousness and the possible connection of my consciousness with the consciousness of others and the consciousness in all other things.

What does the existence of gimmel in every atom of every object in the universe imply? Does it mean that there may be a way to communicate with other people, animals, plants, and maybe even inanimate objects at the quantum level? Stay tuned!

ERC July 6, 2020

Sunday, July 5, 2020


Today, as I sit and look out my office window onto the wonderful natural world around me, I realize that I have been blessed with the perfect laboratory within which to probe the depths of reality! I am referring to my own consciousness. Of course everyone has his or her own laboratory of consciousness, but not everyone realizes the potential existing in this domain for discovery!

There are several states of consciousness that we experience virtually every day, like: waking, sleeping, dreaming, focused and receptive. These states are in relation to the physical body and brain. In addition, there are several forms of expanded consciousness that we may explore, both within and outside of the physical body. There are a number of consciousness expansion techniques, developed over the millennia by people known now as Rishis, Yogis, Gurus, Bodhisattvas, Lamas, or Spiritual Masters.

Not everyone is an explorer, but if you are motivated to explore your consciousness, it is up to you to find the line of teachers and techniques that will work for you. You may want to search for a teacher, or line of teachers whose ideas sound right and reasonable to you. You can start by reading mystical religious scriptures, or the writings or pronouncements of spiritual teachers, but no one becomes an adept on any spiritual path by reading books. You can explore consciousness on your own, but unless you have been on a spiritual path for several lifetimes, it is probably not a good idea, because some states of consciousness, especially outside the physical body, or deep within the neurological network, can be frightening, and even dangerous for the un-initiated.

Having had memories of birth and pre-birth consciousness, and previous lives during which I was propelled on the spiritual path, I am a natural explorer. But I had to learn to be careful. Let me first give a physical example. I was an avid spelunker (cave explorer) from about the age of 10 or 11 years. I read books on speleology and studied techniques like rappelling and cave diving, and knew that there were many dangers. I knew full well that one should never go underground alone. But one summer day, when I was about 12, and had explored a few mine shafts and limestone caves with older friends, I was very eager to explore a cave on the Gasconade River near a resort called Ozark Springs, owned by a relative, one of my mother’s cousins.  A friend was supposed to meet me at the mouth of the cave, but when he didn’t show, I decided to go in alone.

I was so eager to explore this cave because, during a previous visit, we had discovered a side passage, accessed by crawling under a massive flowstone, that led to a whole new unexplored branch of the cave, and I was always eager to go where no one had gone before. The new branch of the cave was huge, with beautiful formations and many side passages around a main passage where a sizable underground stream flowed. Following the stream for perhaps a quarter mile, I came to a narrowing of the passageway to a vertical slit, too narrow to wriggle through, but I could see that it opened up again on the other side of the slit.

I found a side passageway, mostly blocked by a slab of sandstone about the size of an automobile, but with room to crawl under. To make a long story short, I got stuck, upside-down under that stone slab. I couldn’t go forward, and I couldn’t back up, because my knees would, of course, only bend one way! After struggling until I was nearly exhausted, and reflecting on how stupid it was to have come into this cave alone, I relaxed and turned my light out. Using a relaxation technique that I had learned in a past life as a Tibetan Lama,  I went to sleep. I slept about 15 or 20 minutes. During the nap, I had a lucid dream revealing the way out of my dilemma. When I woke, I turned over so I could bend my knees the right way, and literally did pushups standing on my head to back up and out from under the huge slab of stone.

When I got back to my cousin’s house at the resort, it was dark, and they were just forming a search party to go looking for me. I had been in the cave for more than five hours! Needless to say, I never went into any cave alone again, after that experience!

By analogy, it is possible to get stuck when exploring your consciousness outside the body, and find yourself unable to get back into your body. If this happens, you are dead, and may have to wander in the between-life state for some time before being able to be reborn, and have to go through the travails of birth, childhood, etc., again, to get back on track on your personal spiritual journey. And there are other dangers, including temporary insanity, which can be brought on by slipping into dark, negative states of consciousness, or re-living a traumatic past life.

So, the bottom line is, we are all, each one, at a different point in our own personal spiritual journey. The whole purpose of life is to learn and find our way on the spiritual path from simple awareness to Cosmic Consciousness. It is by no means as simple as this may sound! There are many, many inviting side passages that may lead somewhere, nowhere, or bring you around in a circle. But in the end, we are all on a spiritual journey, even if we don’t realize it. I don’t think Cosmic Intelligence intends for anyone to be lost forever. Be thankful that you have consciousness to explore, and enjoy the journey!

ERC July 5, 2020

Saturday, July 4, 2020


One of the most insightful quotes ever attributed to Mark Twain is:

It is easier to fool people than it is to convince them that they’ve been fooled.”

We, the people of Western Civilization, have been deliberately lied to and fooled about some of the very most basic facts of our existence for more than a thousand years. It started with a megalomaniac politician who used fear, intimidation, eradication and distortion of history, and subversion of the truth to maintain his power and control over people. Sound familiar? Politicians have been doing the same thing to obtain and maintain power throughout the history of Western Civilization. What makes our man stand out, is the scope, depth in the human psyche, and duration of the deception he perpetrated.

Before I tell you who this megalomaniac was, and exactly why and how he went about fooling so many people for so long, let me set the stage historically: His deception happened at the lowest point in this cycle of human development, which occurred about 500 AD. From around 11,500 BC until about 1000 BC, the mental, spiritual, and technological development of human beings was actually much more highly developed than it is now. It's the unabashed ego of modern man that makes us believe that we are at the highest point of human virtue ever, right now. There is plenty of evidence that this is untrue, but that is not the focus of this post. See Part X, Cycles of Consciousness and Time, in Secrets of the Sacred Cube, a Cosmic Love Story, for more detail about this fantasy of modern man.

For this post, I just want to put the greatest hoax of the Western World into the proper historical context of the three Roman Empires: The first extremely brutal and bloody Roman conquest of Europe, second, the Holy Roman Empire, and third, the attempt by the same evil forces to dominate the world in the third Roman Empire, the utopian dream that its architect called the Third Reich! The connection between these three attempts to control the people of the world has been hidden from the people of Western Civilization for rather obvious reasons, that will become clear once you know the real history of the three Roman Empires.

The Roman Catholic Church claimed that St. Peter was the first Pope of the Catholic Church, but this is clearly a lie concocted after the fact. Peter was never actually part of the Roman Catholic Church. Peter, like Jesus was a Jew. and he was crucified in Rome, by Romans, in 67AD, during the reign of the Emperor Nero. He was crucified in a horrific manner in the public square in Rome because he was identified as the leader of an underground group following the anti-Roman teachings of Jesus of Nazareth. The teachings of Jesus challenged the pagan religion of the Roman state. Peter was replaced immediately, according to historical records, by Papa Linus, a Roman. It is obvious to any objective observer that this was a political move by the Emperor and the Roman government, to take control of the followers of Jesus, recognized by Rome as a rapidly growing Jewish cult at the time. 

There was no such entity as the Catholic church at the time of Peter’s execution in 67AD. The term “Catholic” comes from the Greek word καθολικός, meaning universal, or “of the whole”. It was coined by the Greek Christian theologian Origen around 200 AD. Predictably, from the time of Peter’s execution, the popes of the Christian Church were either appointed by the Emperor or elected by the Romans, and until the end of Roman Empire, popes were always either Roman or Greek, never Jewish. 

For several hundred years, Christian teachings included many Oriental ideas, including immortality of the soul and reincarnation. Origen, a Greek born in Alexandria, was the most prolific Christian writer of the third century AD, producing more than 6,000 treatises on Christian philosophy and theology, including commentaries on the Hebrew Bible and the teachings of Jesus recorded in scriptures that became known as the New Testament, as well as several other scriptures later rejected by the Catholic Church as too Jewish or too pagan. He wrote about reincarnation in two of his major treatises as follows:
"Each soul enters the world strengthened by the victories or weakened by the defects of its past lives. Its place in this world is determined by past virtues and shortcomings."     - From Origen’s work: “De Principalis 
"Is it not more in accordance with common sense that every soul for reasons unknown - I speak in accordance with the opinions of Pythagoras, Plato and Empedokles -  enters the body influenced by its past deeds? The soul has a body at its disposal for a certain period of time which, due to its changeable condition, eventually is no longer suitable for the soul, whereupon it changes that body for another."  - From “Contra Celsum

Origen was, and still is to this day, highly regarded as one of the most important Christian theologians of all time, and a founding father of the Catholic Church. So, just how did his recording of some specific teachings of Jesus, especially the belief in the pre-existence, survival and continuation of souls get eliminated from Church doctrine? The answer may surprise you: It was not a Pope nor any member of the  Catholic priesthood who banned certain earlier teachings from Church doctrine, it was Justinian, Emperor of the bloody Roman Empire.

By the year 500, the power and influence of the Roman Empire was beginning to fade. The Emperors of Rome, like the rulers of many civilizations before them, had gained their power by use of brute force, and had maintained power, claiming that the line of emperors were direct descendants of the Roman gods, Zeus, and company. They used the wealth gained by killing, conquering, and converting the peoples around them to slavery to perpetuate and glorify their gods and images of their emperors as descendants of the gods. But they were actually only human beings after all, and their absolute power gradually became absolute corruption. 

The Emperor Justinian I was a clever, well-educated, and thoroughly evil man, also known as Justinian the Great, and would become known as Saint Justinian in the Eastern Greek Orthodox Church. His stated goal was to “revive the Roman Empire's greatness and reconquer the lost western half of the historical Roman Empire”. In his mind, the decline of Rome’s influence in the western parts of the Roman Empire was due in large part to the ascending influence of Christian teachings, as disparate anti-Roman groups had coalesced under the teachings of Jesus of Nazareth, who was becoming a mythical legend, challenging the divinity of the line of Roman Emperors. Justinian was smart enough to see that he couldn’t openly declare war on the offending churches, so he cleverly plotted to undermine their influence and integrate them into the Roman theocracy.

By the time of the Emperor Justinian, the decadence and debauchery of the rulers of the Roman Empire had been well-known for hundreds of years, and the ranks of the Christian Religious Sect had also been steadily growing during the same period of time. He carefully studied the writings of Origen, by far the most influential of the Christian theologians, and picked out a list of ideas that he could use to subvert the Christian teachings in the western provinces and integrate them into Roman theology. 

Justinian realized that some of the teachings of the followers of Jesus constituted a serious threat to his power. E.g., according to Origen, Jesus had said: “Render unto Caesar the things that are Caesar's, and unto God the things that are God's”. And “All are sons of the most-high God”. And Origen had written: "Each soul enters the world strengthened by the victories or weakened by the defects of its past lives. Its place in this world is determined by past virtues and shortcomings." Such teachings were in direct conflict with what Justinian saw as his divine right to rule, so he seized on this statement and related ideas in Christian doctrine, as recorded by Origen, that potentially undermined the Roman ruler’s claim of divinity and right to rule. If people were led to believe that by being virtuous, they could rise to the level of an Emperor, i.e., to the status of a son of god, then the Emperor’s power would be seriously threatened. He decided that he must declare this idea to be heresy and act to stamp it out as quickly as possible. In what he called the ten anathemas, an edict that he prepared for this purpose, read in part: 

"Whosoever teaches the doctrine of a supposed pre-birth existence of the soul, and speaks of a monstrous restoration of this, is cursed. Such heretics will be executed, their writings burned, and their property will become the property of the Emperor."

In 553AD, the Emperor called for an immediate assembly of a Council of the Church Fathers to ratify the decree, but the meeting of the Council was opposed by the Pope. So the Emperor cleverly forced several Eastern bishops to attend a secret meeting where he presented his ‘Fifteen Anathemata’ to them, condemning Origen’s interpretations of Christian teachings of that time. He prevailed upon them, under threat of death, to sign the decree. The meeting with the bishops prior to the Council was a bold ploy to undermine the Pope’s power and ban the offending teachings of Origen. The scheme worked. An official meeting of the Council was held on the fifth of May 553, and the Pope was forced to accept the decree, allowing the Emperor to issue the ban as if it were imposed by the Pope and the Council of Bishops. 

As a result, throughout Europe and the Middle East, Christian monks educated as scribes were put to work, urgently expunging all references to the pre-birth existence and transmigration of the soul from all of the existing versions of Biblical scripture, so that Christian dioceses throughout the land would not risk the wrath of Justinian, which they knew was a very real threat. The purge of references to rebirth was very thorough, and where it could not be eliminated without destroying whole passages vital to the teachings, it was carefully re-worded to imply a spiritual rebirth, not a physical one. 

In this way, the ban on the belief in the pre-existence and immortality of the soul was forced into Church doctrine, and no attempt was made to rectify Justinian’s self-serving actions until after the participants in the Council of 553 had passed away and even the memory that the immortality of the human soul had once been part of Christian doctrine had faded away. In this way, the ban was passed down to this day, and the delusion that we have only one life to live has become mainstream Christian thinking, in stark contrast with almost every other authentic religion in the world.

The account I’ve given here of the history of the banning of the concept of reincarnation from Christian thought comes from a number of reliable sources, including a Roman Catholic monk and member of a European royal family I met in 1960, who told me that he had seen the records of the purging of the mention of the immortality of the soul from Church documents in the archives of the Vatican City in Rome. A German Biblical scholar wrote extensively about the expunging of reincarnation from Church doctrine. Here is a quote from that German Scholar:

"… the ‘ban’ on the teaching of reincarnation is based on historical misrepresentation and has no ecclesiastical authority. It was in fact a ‘fait accompli’, brought about by Justinian, which no-one within the Christian church has dared to challenge in the course of some 1500 years. What is worse is that the subject has been totally ignored, as a glance at any encyclopedia will show." (Peter Andreas: Jenseits von Einstein, Econ Verlag, Germany, April 1999)

Clearly, the Emperor Justinian was not a spiritual man, He was a political tyrant whose goals were to gain and keep power and wealth anyway he could. He enforced the ban on the teaching of reincarnation and initiated other heavy-handed rules of state on the leaders of the Church under threat of execution and confiscation of Church property. His goal was to control people, not enlighten them. The priests and the Pope acquiesced, and within a few decades, Justinian’s oppressive rules became institutionalized as part of the dogma of the Catholic Church and the Church became the most powerful arm of the Holy Roman Empire, used to control the masses and most of Europe.

Justinian’s evil scheme to subvert Christian doctrine and integrate it with Roman paganism was successful far beyond his personal goals, and reached far beyond his time. Justinian’s anathemata were happily adopted and adapted by power-hungry priests within the Roman Catholic Church and used to initiate and perpetuate the bloody inquisitions that swept across Europe in the 13th century AD. A group of institutions were established within the Catholic Church whose stated aim was to combat heresy. In fact, the institutions of inquisition were used to wage war against religious sectarianism that threatened the ruling power of the Holy Roman Catholic Church, in much the same way Justinian had used his power to re-conquer the parts of the Roman Empire that were converting to the original form of Christianity and integrate them into the Roman Empire in his time. Such diverse sectarian groups as the Cathars in France, the Hussites in Eastern Europe and the Waldensians in the Italian and Swiss Alps and Germany were targeted. Within the Catholic Church, the Spiritual Franciscans, and other orders with whom the Dominicans, who dominated the inquisition institutions, disagreed, were also viciously targeted.

During the Middle Ages and the early Renaissance, the scope of the Inquisition was expanded in an effort to put down the Protestant Reformation. This expansion resulted in the Spanish inquisitions, and consequently, the inquisitions throughout Spanish empires in Africa, Asia, and the Americas, including the Peruvian and Mexican inquisitions, where hundreds of thousands of natives were tortured and killed in the name of the Holy Roman Catholic Church.

Encouraged by their successes, the Spanish and Portuguese inquisitors focused on the Jewish and Muslim converts to Catholicism, under the assumption that they were still practicing their former religions in secret. This led to a further expansion of the inquisition as a means of eradicating whole communities of Jews and Muslims.
I hasten to add that the Catholic Church is not completely evil, as many of the leaders of the Protestant movements like Martin Luther, Jehan Cauvin (John Calvin) and Jan Hus proclaimed - and some protestants still do today. Many priests and lay practitioners of the Catholic faith were and are spiritual people devoted to Christ and Christian principles. They are just ignorant of the great hoax pulled off by Justinian I.

The story of the perversion of organized, institutionalized church and state into heavy-handed political entities, is by no means limited to the Catholic Church. It appears to be endemic in organizations that become dogmatic state-controlled institutions. Such organizations magnify human weaknesses and failures often bringing about unnecessary death and destruction.

The Institution of Inquisitions, like Justinian’s anathemata, was created to stamp out heresy, i.e., anything that contradicted Church doctrine, and in spite of claims by Church spokesmen to the contrary, it has never gone away, it has been renamed as: "The Supreme Sacred Congregation of the Holy Office". Its purpose is essentially the same as it has always been, to suppress ideas that are counter to Church dogma, its stated objective is to "spread sound Catholic doctrine and defend those points of Christian tradition which seem in danger because of new and unacceptable doctrines.” In the 1930s, Adolf Hitler became the latest and most powerful world leader to use the same evil logic of Justinian’s anathemata to perpetuate violence and genocide.

Hitler was born to a Catholic mother in Braunau, an Austrian town near the German border, and was christened Adolphus Hitler in 1889. While he was a child, his family moved back and forth between Austria and Bavarian Germany. At the age of eight, he sang in the choir in the Catholic Church in the town where he lived, and after he was confirmed as a Catholic, he considered becoming a priest. But that was not to be his path in life. When the First World War broke out, he volunteered in the German Army. Injured in battle, he was awarded the Iron Cross and commended for bravery by his superiors. Hitler never accepted the idea that the German Army had been defeated, He blamed the capitulation on civilian leaders who had no stomach for war. 

After the war, Hitler joined the National Socialist German Workers Party, where he became a confirmed socialist and anti-Semitic, and within which he eventually rose to power because of his tireless energy and impressive oratory skills. He took advantage of the bitterness of the German people over the heavy penalties imposed on them at the end of the war, blaming the British, the Russian Marxists and the Jews for Germany’s military and economic collapse. For personal and political reasons, Hitler embraced the evil logic of the anathemata of the Emperor Justinian I with great fervor as an excuse to continue the inquisitions started by the Catholic Church in the name of the Holy Roman Empire, and exact revenge on the Jews and other non-Aryan people in Germany, blamed for all of Germany’s woes. Hitler’s vision was the Third Reich, meant to be the new, emboldened version of Justinian’s Rome and the Holy Roman Empire.

The same evil spirit that drove Emperor Justinian I drove Adolf Hitler. In 1933, when Mussolini, the socialist dictator of Italy, joined with Hitler’s National Socialist Party to form the Third Reich Axis, Hitler signed an agreement called a Concordat with the Vatican in an effort to strengthen the power of the Nazi party with the Catholic Church as the spiritual arm of the new world government.

This was a no-brainer for the Pope XI and Pope XII because it protected the Church’s holdings in Germany and if Hitler succeeded in his quest to conquer all of Europe, which it looked as if he was likely to do, the socialist ideals of the Holy Roman Empire and the Catholic Church would be spread across the globe. If he didn’t succeed, the Church could claim that the Concordat with Hitler was signed only to protect its churches in Germany and to avoid an invasion of the Vatican City, which Hitler certainly could easily have done.

The Italian government, with the secret complicity of the Vatican, helped fund Hitler’s war efforts, because it was a way to re-establish the Holy Roman Empire as an integral part of the new world government, Hitler’s Third Reich. 
Franz von Papen, a German Nobleman, Chancellor of Germany in1932, a strong supporter of Hitler as he rose to power, and Vice-Chancellor under Hitler, was instrumental in setting up the concordat between Germany and the Vatican. Von Papen publicly announced that "The Third Reich is the first world power which not only acknowledges but also puts into practice the highest principles of the papacy." The Vatican considered the governments that had signed the concordat, i.e., Italy, Germany, and Spain, as a part of the “Government of God”, and the Vatican swore to stabilize and uphold such socialist governments and give them divine protection.

Hitler wrote this about his Third Reich: 
"I learned much from the Order of the Jesuits. Until now, there has never been anything more grandiose, on the earth, than the hierarchical organization of the Catholic Church. I transferred much of this organization into my own party." 
After the defeat of the Axis in the Second World War, the connection of Hitler’s Nazi party, the “Third Reich” with the Catholic Church was covered up for obvious reasons. It is interesting to note that, because Hitler became such an icon of evil in the western world, the word Nazi, pronounced “naht-zee” in German, has become a popular symbol for pure evil. In fact, NAZI is simply an abbreviated contraction formed by taking prominent letters from the title National Socialist Party in German, which translates in English to “The National Socialist German Workers Party”.
Most people certainly do not think of Adolph Hitler as a Christian, but he was a life-long member of the Catholic Church. The following, from Hitler’s reassurance to the Pope Pius XII about the safety of Christian churches under his Reich provides a glimpse of how he related to Christianity personally:
"I am personally convinced of the great power and deep significance of Christianity, and I won't allow any other religion to be promoted. That is why I have turned away from Ludendorff and that is why I reject that book by Rosenberg. It was written by a Protestant. It is not a Party book. It was not written by him as a Party man. The Protestants can be left to argue with him ... As a Catholic I never feel comfortable in the Evangelical Church or its structures. That is why I will have great difficulty if I try to regulate affairs of the Protestant churches. The evangelical people or the Protestants will in any case reject me. But you can be sure: I will protect the rights and freedoms of the (Catholic) churches and not let them be touched, so that you need have no fears about the future of the Church."

At the end of the war, when the world press announced that Hitler was dead, Franco, the military dictator of Spain who had also signed the concordat with the Vatican in his effort to establish a Socialist Catholic Monarchy, published the following:
 "Adolf Hitler, son of the Catholic Church, died while defending Christianity. … Over his mortal remains stands his victorious moral figure. With the palm of the martyr, God gives Hitler the laurels of Victory."

Once the true history of the three Roman Empires is revealed, it becomes clear that even today, we are not really dealing with struggles between Communism and Capitalism, Marxists, Maoists and Democracy, Democrats and Republicans, as the political pundits would have us believe, but the struggle between good and evil. The Prince of the material world, AKA Satan, works by keeping the people of this world ignorant of their true nature as “sons and daughters of the Most High God” perpetuating the hoax of the possibility of a socialist utopia here on Earth, by hiding the truth of the immortality of the soul and the ascendance into a real Heaven prepared for us by our loving God!

The evil forces in the world happily promote and use the fear of death and annihilation of the soul to dominate and control the population, keeping them in the dark about their true nature, and promising a socialist utopia on Earth, which in reality is only a utopia for the ruling class.

The greatest hoax ever perpetrated on the Western World is the subversion of the teachings of the Spiritual Masters concerning the pre-existence, divinity, and immortality of every single soul ever born onto this planet. Once you know the truth, evil has no power over you!

ERC July 4th US Independence Day, 2020

Sunday, June 28, 2020


The great Masters of Wisdom of all times have warned us against identification with the things of the material world as opposed to identification with the spiritual Source of our being. They state, in no uncertain terms, that endless suffering and death are the wages of sin. But was is sin? The definition has become blurred by so-called religious and political science. Let’s be clear: Sin arises easily in those who reject the Oneness of Spiritual Consciousness in favor of identification with limiting concepts of selfish desire for things.

Identity politics is all the rage right now. Why is that? It is the symptom of a disease far more deadly that the effects of the COVID-19 virus! It is a disease that darkens the heart and clouds the mind. The partisan politician’s most effective tool, It pulls millions either to the left or right so far, that once good people, capable of love and cooperation, begin to hate each other. This is the primary MO of evil! And each extreme side blames the other, not realizing that they themselves are the problem!

We ask, what’s the antidote? The answer is simple and obvious, but extremely difficult to implement. It’s love and compassion. But love and compassion can’t be legislated or forced on one extreme by the other. It must start in the heart by rejecting being the willing pawn of any political party. The political parties right now are trying to pull the people toward ideologies that we know have failed in the past. Why do we pretend that they might succeed now or in the future? That’s insanity! The thing that has succeeded better than any form of government in the history of the human race is what we have in the US, at least in theory: Freedom. Freedom of expression, freedom of thought, freedom of action that does no harm. Identity politics promotes the exact opposite.

Tune out about 99% 0f the talking heads on your TV screen. They are willing promoters of the insanity! Look for the few who honestly try to present both sides of the story, unconcerned about the horrible names and vicious attacks the partisans on both sides will certainly hurl at them. Do your own research as much as you possibly can. Look for real evidence and data, and don’t allow yourself to interpret it in ways that make it seem to say what you think you might want it to say.

We live in unsettled and unsettling times, but I believe the craziness, violence, and verbal attacks will be seen in a few years to have been birth pangs related to the emergence of a new level of human consciousness. Neither left nor right, republican or democrat, but a new form of universal equality born of identification with the true spiritual nature of reality and free of both blame and guilt, a true dawning of freedom and opportunity for all.

ERC June 28, 2020

Sunday, June 21, 2020


We are living at an extremely exciting time! Science is finally beginning to escape the confining box of materialism! Check out the work of Dr. Gary Schwartz of the university of Arizona and the founding members of the Academy for the Advancement of Postmaterialist Sciences. Their work is amplified with my quantum calculus, the Neppe-Close consciousness-based paradigm shift TDVP, and the discovery of Gimmel, the non-physical part of reality. If this isn’t exciting, then you haven’t yet understood what is happening. It is the advent of a major scientific paradigm shift!

According to the current scientific paradigm, life is nothing more than an accident resulting from a big explosion that happened about 13.8 billion years ago - an epiphenomenon of physical evolution. From a purely intellectual point of view, it would be nice if that were true. It would make things really simple: You are born, you struggle through the pleasures and pains of life, you die. End of story. That way, it would make little or no difference what you did or didn’t do during your individual lifetime. Your life, pleasures and pains, accomplishments and failures, good fortune and bad, triumphs, and defeats would all be, as Bertrand Russell famously said, doomed to disappear in the great heat death of the universe. But, of course, it really isn’t that simple.

Let’s look a little more closely at the origin of Russell’s statement. It is based on the Second Law of Thermodynamics, which was just being formulated as the basis of scientific materialism during his lifetime.  It says: “Every process occurring in nature proceeds in the sense in which the sum of the entropies of all bodies taking part in the process is increased. In the limit, i.e. for reversible processes, the sum of the entropies remains unchanged.” For those not familiar with the physics word “entropy”: It is a negative term meaning disorder, or lack of meaningful structure.

To explain the second law in terms that anyone can understand: If I lose my grip and drop my coffee cup onto a concrete floor, a natural process occurs: it shatters into hundreds of pieces, flying in all directions. The ordered, meaningful structure (the cup) becomes disorder (the pieces). We never see this reversed in a natural process. For example, no one has ever seen an old, neglected run-down house reverse its natural process of decay and revert to its once beautiful newly constructed state without the input of a lot of intelligently directed material, energy, and time! And that’s the point: The natural decay of finite physical structures can only be reversed by input from a source external to the structure.

If reality were finite, the second law of thermodynamics would always apply, and Bertrand Russell would be right: the physical universe, without any input from an external source, would eventually “run down”, reaching the equilibrium of maximum entropy, i.e., total disorder. In addition, if the universe originated in the explosion of an extremely hot, extremely dense concentration of matter, as the current scientific paradigm hypothesizes, then it would be flying apart like the bits and pieces of the coffee cup.

In an ever-expanding universe, also hypothesized by current mainstream science, none of the pieces would ever encounter each other, because they are forever flying apart; and even if they did, the second law would assure that any momentary accidental structure would rapidly decay, lacking any outside intervention. So, why is it that we have a physical universe? As Leibniz said: The most important question, the question that science should answer first, is why is there something rather than nothing? It turns out that the answer is simple: Reality is not finite. Any spiritually conscious person knows this. Every new-born child knows this. But it is hidden from the mainstream scientist by his inability to see outside the box of materialism.

The truth of the infinity of reality is not revealed by our finite physical senses. We are only capable of seeing a finite portion of reality through our physical senses, so the universe appears to be finite. In fact, it is not. Also, it is the nature of scientists and philosophers to further obfuscate the truth by inventing new words and pretending that they represent a new understanding of reality better than the old words. So yesterday’s materialism has become today’s scientific physicalism. But a handful of dirt is still a handful of dirt regardless of what you call it!

Even biologists, psychologists, and others who study consciousness, easily fall into this intellectual trap, because they admire the simplicity and clarity of the materialistic sciences like physics and chemistry. And they think that if they can invent a word for something, then they actually know what it is! They fail to realize that there is not a scientist alive who knows what gravity is, why one compound has all the distinct qualities it does, what light is, or why we experience things the way we do, never mind what life and consciousness are!

The discovery of Gimmel changes all this! If you haven’t read some of the hundreds of papers, and two or three books written by Dr. Vernon Neppe and this author, you may not be familiar with the term “Gimmel”. Like all the words in any language, it hides more than it reveals, but it is our attempt to provide a name for the third form of reality. The axiomatic basis of the belief system of our current mainstream science recognizes only mass, energy, space, and time as the basic measurable parameters of reality. The discovery of Gimmel, the third measurable substance of reality in addition to mass and energy, adds consciousness to the equations of science.

The existence of Gimmel is not a philosophical or scientific hypothesis. It is a mathematically and physically demonstrable fact of nature. It is not something that I and/or Dr. Neppe invented. I happen to be the one who made the discovery sometime in 2011, and I have been amazed ever since by the way it explains so many things that are either poorly explained, or simply ignored by mainstream science. I am happily grateful to God or, if you prefer, the universe, to have been the one to discover Gimmel, the measurable non-physical part of reality. Not that anyone else could not have discovered it, they could have, because it is there, just like the sun is there. Of course it is not as obvious as the sun, but never-the-less, it is just as real.

Bottom line: Gimmel is the up-until-now mysterious something that makes the difference between existence and non-existence, converts physical energy to life force, enlivens inert matter, and produces conscious organic life forms!

The development and application of a quantum calculus was necessary for the discovery to happen, but the precise demonstration of the existence of Gimmel can be understood by anyone with a rudimentary understanding of math and physics. Dr. Neppe and I have made peer-reviewed scientific papers available to the scientific community, and I am currently preparing a series of online courses to make the discovery available to everyone. It will begin with basic concepts, and proceed in short logical steps to the demonstration of the proof of discovery. The series of online courses will become available through the Academia Ars Moriendi, an organization promoting the enjoyment of the reality of life and death, founded by Grig Oprea in Europe. Stay tuned!

ERC – 21st of June 2020