Saturday, January 14, 2017


This is the abstract for a paper I'm preparing for a mathematical physics journal. Obviously it is a technical and mathematical paper, but I plan to post it here after it has been published. 

By Edward R. Close, PhD, DSPE
Arguably the most important scientific discovery in modern times is the revelation that we exist in a quantized reality governed by the laws of general relativity. By far the most successful mathematical procedure used by scientists to analyze physical reality is the calculus of Newton and Leibniz. But, mainly because of its successes, the fact that Newtonian calculus is mathematically inappropriate for application to the quantum phenomena revealed by Planck and Einstein discoveries has been largely overlooked. It is the theme of this paper that this oversight causes much of the co-called “quantum weirdness” that physicists often talk about, and that the proper analysis of a quantized reality requires an appropriately quantized system of mathematical logic.

In this paper, focusing on the four most basic elementary particles: photons, electrons, up-quarks and down-quarks, a system of mathematical logic operating on quantum mass-energy-volumetric equivalence units is introduced. The Triadic Rotational Unit of Equivalence (TRUE) quantum equivalence unit is derived from the basic principles of quantum mechanics, relativity and particle-wave complementarity. Introduction of quantum equivalence units enables us to revise the calculus of Newton and Leibniz to produce a calculus that is more appropriate for application to the phenomena of relativistic quantum reality.

Applying this new calculus to elementary particles and combinations of elementary particles, we obtain a clearer understanding of the sub-atomic, atomic and molecular structure of reality. The use of this system of quantized mathematical logic clears up much of the “quantum weirdness”, yields new information about the multi-dimensional nature of reality, and makes the scientific description and analysis of quantum phenomena much more comprehensible and complete. As a result, experimental data that seemed irrelevant become meaningful, and some observations that are inexplicable in the current paradigm, are explained.

Monday, January 2, 2017



It is my hope that each and every one, who has the desire to know the truth and become everything that human beings are meant to be, is blessed with the greatest success possible in the New Year. My earnest prayer for Humankind is that 2017 is the year that, as beings of infinite potential, we experience a mass awakening from the destructive delusion of materialism, the blinding, unsustainable belief system that has dominated mainstream science for far too long. Today we stand on the threshold of the doorway to a new era of enlightenment made possible by the discovery of a third form of reality. The existence of this third form proves that reality is much more than matter and energy interacting in space and time. This discovery is easy to understand, and its proof is based on real data and mathematics reproducible by anyone who cares to try.

The mistaken idea that human consciousness is an accident emerging from random physical processes is a pernicious intellectual distraction from the real purpose and goal of existence, which is spiritual growth, enlightenment, and eventually Cosmic Consciousness. The simplistic lie of materialism, that there is nothing beyond matter and energy, is the root cause of the frightening spiral of modern society into despair and violence. The tyrannies of religious dogmas have been replaced by the tyranny of scientific materialism, specifically enforced by public education, commercialism and government. But both tyrannies are based on the same lie: the lie that you must believe what you are told, and behave as those in power dictate.  This lie has at last run its course. Even though strongly supported by the mainstream media and academia, the falsehood of materialism will melt away and the truth will shine through: We are spiritual beings temporarily inhabiting material bodies.