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“It is far better to deserve honors and not have them, than it is to have honors and not deserve them.”   Mark Twain

Dear reader, lest we fail to see the forest for the trees, let’s review the origin and purpose of this series. I initiated it on Christmas Eve, 2021 with a post entitled New Approach Part One: The Threshold. At that time, Dr. Vernon Neppe, and I, already at the peak of our respective careers, had spent countless hours, over a period of more than a dozen years working together to develop and introduce the shift to a comprehensive consciousness-based scientific paradigm that we call the Triadic Dimensional Vortical Paradigm (TDVP). We had produced detailed mathematical proofs and ample experimental evidence validating it, but, for the most part, mainstream science was not interested.

After trying to get their attention for years, I no longer care whether mainstream scientists with vested interests in the status quo of scientific materialism wake up to the amazing potential of investigating the non-physical aspects of human experience, or not. In my opinion, trying to get scientists to question their most basic beliefs and assumptions about the nature of reality is just too time consuming and frustrating to pursue much further. Max Planck was right when he said: “Science advances from funeral to funeral.” Trying to convince those who will never be convinced is a big waste of time, and it is time for me to move on and reach out to a much broader audience than the handful of scientists who are willing to think outside the box of scientific materialism.

To reach a broader audience - those who can benefit from the deeper understanding of the nature of reality provided by TDVP - I believe that I must focus on relevant TDVP findings with practical applications that can improve the lives of ordinary people, and I must explain them in a way that anyone can understand. The people I want to reach are those who are ready to explore the unknown like the pioneers who explored the North American Continent half a thousand years ago. Pioneers know that they have no time to waste, and unlike the majority of other people, they have no fear of the unknown. On the contrary, for brave pioneers, the Great Unknown has irresistible magnetism. Drawn into the physical, mental, and spiritual unknown by visions of what might be found, such pioneers will choose the path less traveled. I know that the TDVP findings, however wonderful, are of little value if they cannot be shared with others, and I am optimistic. I know there are serious people out there who are ready for what we have discovered, so let’s have a look at the highlights of this series to see where we’ve been, where we are, and where we might be going in our attempt to see beyond the trees of gross physical reality.

I have talked about the Threshold, where there is access to four distinct types of experience: three conscious states of existence and unconsciousness. Even those in the totally blank state of unconsciousness have the potential of waking and taking action to expand their consciousness. This potential reflects the motive of the underlying source of all things, an infinitely continuous reality existing beyond names and forms. I have called the all-encompassing substrate of reality Primary Consciousness, knowing full well that no words in any language can ever begin to describe it. So, how can we hope to understand that which cannot be described? First, we must not be intimidated by the complexity of the task. To that end, it may be helpful to recall the statement by Alfred North Whitehead that I quoted in Part Eight:

...the only simplicity to be trusted is the simplicity to be found on the far side of complexity.”

Sometimes it is necessary to attack the thorny underbrush of intellectual complexity and carefully pick our way through it, in order to eventually discover the elegant clarity and simplicity of the beautiful forest of reality that lies beyond.

As we proceeded in the series, our discussions included references to the Triadic Dimensional Vortical Paradigm (TDVP), a self-referential, all-inclusive model of reality, the Calculus of Dimensional Distinctions (CoDD), a primary form of mathematical logic, Triadic Rotational Units of Equivalence (TRUE), defined as 3-D quantum measurement units, and the mathematical procedure I call Dimensional Extrapolation (DE), a generalization of the Pythagorean Theorem, mathematically describing movement from one dimensional domain to another.

I realize that these acronyms represent conceptually formidable systems of logic that may have to remain mysterious ‘black boxes’ for many readers, but I don’t see that as a problem, because the object of these posts is not to turn readers into mathematicians or theoretical physicists. All the reader of these posts needs to know is that there is a lot of solid science and mathematics behind these acronyms. Anyone who wants to see the detailed proofs and demonstrations can find them in an extensive list of peer-reviewed publications located at the end of Describing the True nature of Reality, posted on this blog September 8. 2018.

Actually, I am hoping to accomplish something in these posts that I believe to be more important than explaining the DE, applying TRUE analysis to quantum phenomena, developing the fundamental operations of  the CoDD, and explaining TDVP. What I hope to do, dear reader, is to encourage you to convert your mind into a laboratory, creating a spotless domain for the investigation of reality, and consider your body to be a sacred temple where you can prepare to be filled with the light and joy of expanded consciousness. I want to help you to turn the spotlight of your mind around to illuminate the Threshold leading into the fourth state of consciousness, where you can move from limited physical awareness into spiritual awareness where you may experience reality directly. In that expanded state, you will see that consciousness is not an accidental side effect of a series of random physical processes, but that, in fact, a Primary form of Consciousness is the organizer of the patterns of physical reality that make life, rational science, and self-knowledge possible.

Because of our unique individual experiences as sentient beings occupying physical bodies, the conceptual models of reality that we have constructed in our minds are unique, and to a greater or lesser extent, incongruent with reality as it actually exists. But, in the laboratory of your mind and the temple of your heart, it is possible to become aligned with the logic of Primary Consciousness and the natural dimensional orientation of the cosmos. When this happens, your conceptual model of reality will become one with reality as it actually exists.

Poised on the edge of infinity, between the finite quantized world of the physical universe and the infinitely continuous reality of Primary Consciousness, we find that we are actually immortal souls, temporarily identified with finite organic bodies, formed to provide vehicles that enable us to experience the contrasts of pleasure and pain, ecstasy, and agony, smiles and laughter, sadness and tears, and know the ups and downs of human relationships, all within the embrace of the Eternal Love of the Infinite. We have the privilege and burden of experiencing our own individual drama, a blessing, or a curse, depending upon the way we react to the experiences of life and the endless processes of creation.

We looked at evidence suggesting that the entire physical universe is expanding and discussed how constant light speed in an expanding universe creates logical paradoxes. Then we found that the resolutions of those paradoxes expanded our understanding of the nature of reality in some unexpected ways involving the quantization of space and time. The multi-dimensional expansion of energy, in the form of electromagnetic vibrational frequencies - a small range of which we see as visible light - is yet another repetition of the ubiquitous patterns of expansion, and this radiant energy constantly expanding throughout the universe connects everything in the cosmos, including our individualized consciousness. Realization of this fact brings one to the Threshold of Cosmic Consciousness. Focus on the light beyond the Threshold aligns the focused soul with the magnetic lines of the force field generated by those advanced souls who have already crossed the aetheric bridge into infinite continuity.

So where are we in this series of discussions about expanding awareness? It is one thing - a very valuable thing, to be sure - to be able to produce scientific evidence of the existing and potential expansion of space, time, and consciousness, and gain an intellectual understanding of the transcendental nature of reality, but it is quite another thing to experience it directly.

In this life, we find ourselves somewhere on the path between the bare essential awareness of self and other, and the electromagnetic rainbow bridge into the greater reality beyond space and time. As sentient beings on this planet, at this time, we have the priceless opportunity to consciously seek and find our way onto the straight and narrow path transcending the limitations of physical separation into the ultimate transcendental union with the infinitely Divine nature of reality. It’s up to each one of us to determine where we are on the path, and to learn how we may be able to move forward toward the goal of Cosmic Consciousness.

What then, you may ask, will be the content of the next post? I have to confess that I am, like everyone else, just a bubble of individualized consciousness, like a drop of water trembling on a lotus leaf, I may slide into the water at any moment, absorb nutrients in the mud, and then eventually re-emerge as part of a beautiful flower; or I may evaporate in the rays of the sun to contribute to a cloud of vapor in the hydrologic cycle, to eventually become a drop of refreshing rain. It depends on how aligned I am with the forces that exist, and how focused I am on the goal, whether I continue in the cycle of physical life or sublimate into a transcendental state. I must also report that these posts are not random thoughts formed from nothing. I write only when I am inspired. I wake some mornings, or even in the middle of the night, with written words floating on the screen of my mind, even whole paragraphs sometimes.

I think the next few posts will probably contain more detail that could be helpful for someone trying to determine where she, or he, is on the path. I think I may be prompted to share more information from one of my OBEs or NDEs that might have bearing on the illumination of someone’s path. Quite often, relevant details surface from the volumes of audio and visual information that streamed rapid-fire into my brain during my experience in the Great Pyramid, and for three days afterward, when I saw it streaming every time I closed my eyes. Logically, I expect there will be more specifics about the discovery of gimmel, the non-physical essence of reality appearing in the observation and measurement of quantum phenomena, but the bottom line is I don’t really know what will be in the next post because I am the conduit, not the source.

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Copyright 2022, Edward R. Close, PhD

“Those who are able to see beyond the shadows and lies of their culture will never be understood, let alone believed, by the masses.” – Plato

One of the sub-themes of this series of posts is that the advancement of human consciousness occurs by concurrent triadic expansion, i.e., by expanding in three dimensional domains: physical, mental, and spiritual. Neglecting any of the three, leads to serious imbalance and instability. This is because none of the three have much meaning without the other two. Like mass, energy, and consciousness, all three are quantified aspects of the essence of reality, providing conscious experience ranging from the simplicity of physical reality to the subtlety of mental reality, to the infinite complexity of spiritual reality. No model of reality is complete without all three.

At this point in planetary time, because it is the simplest, our understanding of the physical aspect of reality has outstripped mental and spiritual virtue, causing a dangerous imbalance in human societal activity. If a balance of the three is not achieved, civilization will continue to become more and more divided, until the bulk of humanity realizes that we are on the brink of self-destruction. Then, whether it is called TDVP, or something else, a science based on the fundamental recognition of the triadic nature of reality, physical, mental, and spiritual, must emerge.

These posts have also been about recognizing that what most of us call reality is primarily our own involuntary personal conceptual model, burdened with illusions created by our perceptual limitations. If we don’t seek to think for ourselves and expand our consciousness beyond the awareness we were born with, we are simply accepting the average-to-lowest common denominator of the illusions of mainstream mindlessness. Today’s society seems to be designed to interfere with the freedom to seek the truth, rather than to aid in the effort, and formal education, both public and private, and even modern science, has become more of a hinderance than a help.

With the specialization and dumbing down of education over the past century, we now have hundreds of thousands of people who think they are scientists. But the vast majority of them have MS or PhD after their names simply because they parroted back to university professors and department heads what they wanted to hear, while those same professors were too busy getting mostly mediocre papers pushed through the academic bubble of peer-review to teach their students how to think clearly. Sad to say, but, to many of them, any original thought that might actually lead to scientific advancement is labeled as pseudo-science. They are just too busy complying with the groupthink of their narrow field of study, in search of tenure, to think outside the sterile box of simplistic materialism. As a result, there has been no real paradigm shift in human thought since Einstein and Planck, nearly a century ago, - until TDVP.

“Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect.”  – Mark Twain

In this post I want to continue to explain the triadic nature of dimensionality. Without a clear understanding of how and why there are three dimensions of space, three dimensions of time, and three dimensions of consciousness, progress in individual consciousness expansion is very difficult. While spontaneous mental and spiritual leaps into hyper-dimensional domains may happen for many of us, an understanding that there is a step-by-step procedure from where you are now, into an expanded state of consciousness, is critical. A basic awareness of the triadic nature of reality is very helpful, if not necessary for progress at this point in planetary time.

Because most of the changes in our individual physical existence are governed by the time cycles of Earth’s rotation on its axis and revolution around the sun, it is difficult to conceive of why and how the apparent flow of time we experience on this planet is not uniform and universal, but it is not. We have Albert Einstein to thank for exposing the cultural shadows and lies related to space and time. But modern science has yet to discover the complex laws governing the connections between the cycles of space, time, and consciousness. With the TDVP model, we are drawing science into a deeper analysis of the triadic nature of reality. In this post, we will have a slightly more detailed look at what applications of the CoDD reveals about the dimensional domains of space and time.

Expanding Our Awareness of Space and Time

With the application of the CoDD TRUE analysis, once again, we find that the phenomenon perceived through the physical senses as light, plays a critically central role in the expansion of our awareness of the nature of reality. The simplest, most basic aspect of light is its constant speed for all observers, regardless of relative motion. While the speed of light is expressed as a ratio of linear units of distance per linear unit of time, in current scientific analysis, CoDD TRUE analysis shows that this linear expression of light speed is inadequate, and that it results in erroneous implications about reality, because light is a three-dimensional phenomenon, not a linear one.

In fact, light is not propagated linearly. It is propagated radially by alternately fluctuating electric and magnetic fields expanding to infinity in every direction of the three-dimensional domain. When expressed in triadic rotational units of equivalence (TRUE), the speed of light is equal to one TRUE unit of space per one TRUE unit of time, For easier calculation in the CoDD, that ratio is set equal to one. At first glance,  this may appear to be identical to the setting of the speed of light equal to one in Planck units, but it is not. In the TDVP model, the speed of light is defined by the expansion of light through one 3-D TRUE volume of space in one 3-D TRUE of time, making the speed of light equal to (one TRUE)/(one TRUE ) = 1. In this way, the speed of light is automatically unity because of the basic principle of quantum equivalence.

The principle of quantum equivalence is the central mathematical axiom of the TDVP. The unitary quantum equivalence of the rest mass and volume of the smallest stable elementary object, the electron, is the most logical natural base unit for analysis of quantum phenomena. Defining the electron mass/energy/volume quantum equivalence unit as the basic unit of measurement for quantum phenomena, allows us to develop a natural primary calculus for mathematical analysis of phenomena at the quantum scale. I call that calculus the CoDD.

Max Planck discovered that energy is quantized and suggested that “there is no matter as such”, while his friend and colleague, Albert Einstein, derived E = mc2, defining the mathematical  equivalence of mass and energy, and declared that space and time have no existence of their own. With no physical existence, it seems reasonable to assume that space and time are infinitely divisible, even though energy and the mass equivalence of energy are not. But, if space and time are infinitely divisible, and the speed of light energy moving between two observation and measurement locations is constant, then we have another paradox related to light.

The fact that that this is a paradox may not be immediately obvious, but to see that it is a paradox, we need only remind ourselves that speed is distance traveled divided by the time it takes. For example, if it takes us two hours to drive 100 miles, then we compute our speed as 100 miles divided by 2 hours equals 50 miles per hour. Of course, we didn’t drive at the exact speed of 50 mph all the time during the 2-hour trip, so 50 mph is an average, but light doesn’t speed up or slow down, because light speed is constant. As the linear distance in space between the two points decreases, and the time interval between measurements approaches zero, instantaneous linear velocity (speed) of a moving object determined by Newtonian calculus approaches either some finite linear value divided by zero, or zero divided by zero (0/0), and both are mathematically undefined. What does this mean? Every basic course in algebra includes a demonstration showing that dividing by zero results in erroneous results or mathematical absurdities like 2 = 1.

So, how is this paradox resolved? By looking at the assumptions and determining which one is erroneous. There are only two assumptions in this case: 1) the speed of light is constant, and 2) space and time are infinitely divisible. Constant light speed is the basis of the theory of relativity, and the fact that the speed of light is constant is so well documented that we must accept it as true. So, we are left with the conclusion that the assumption that space and time can be divided into smaller and smaller amounts indefinitely must be wrong. To eliminate the paradox, we simply recognize that TRUE quantum units, whether of energy, mass, space , or time, are three-dimensional. Then, the smallest possible ratio is one 3-D quantum/ one 3-D quantum = 1.

This is just one example of the many ways that ignoring the fact that everything existing in quantized reality is three dimensional, not singular, one-dimensional, or two-dimensional, leads to absurd results. In fact, application of the primary calculus to quantum combinations exposes all of the “weirdness” of quantum mechanics that particle physicists like to talk about, as simply the end result of the inappropriate application of Newtonian calculus to phenomena at the quantum-scale level. Why is the Newton/Leibniz differential and integral calculus inappropriate for application at the quantum level? Simply because it is based on the assumption that space and time are infinitely divisible. Why does it work at the macro-scale? Simply because TRUE quanta are many orders of magnitude (powers of 10 times the basic unit) smaller than the limited precision of our means of direct observation and measurement, so that the facts of quantum-scale phenomena must be ascertained by indirect means and deductive reasoning.

In future posts in this series, I intend to further clarify exactly how the misapplication of Newtonian calculus to quantum phenomena came about and why it leads to paradoxes and errors that can be explained and corrected using the quantum calculus I call the calculus of dimensional distinctions (CoDD). We will also see how the appropriate application of the quantum mathematical principle made the discovery of non-physical quantized reality possible. Of course, I am referring to the discovery of gimmel, the measurable non-physical aspect of reality.

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Copyright 2022, Edward R. Close, PhD

Reality has a shape. What is it? Our senses do not ordinarily reveal it to us. Our senses are focused very pointedly on the immediate local domain of our physical bodies. This is necessary for our individual survival, and the survival of our species. But our mental and spiritual consciousness is broader, and indeed capable of expanding our awareness beyond the temporarily narrow focus of the five physical senses. The narrow survival focus of our senses leads us to incorrect conclusions about the nature of reality. For example, the surface of a body of water appears to be flat, until we expand the scope of our awareness beyond the immediate locality. If we rise far enough above the surface of our world, we can see islands or ships that were hidden from our view by the curvature of the planet. Long before we reach the moon, it becomes obvious that the Earth, appearing locally flat, is a beautiful, marbled in blue and white, oblate spheroid, dynamically suspended in a surrounding regional volume of the gravitational field of our solar system, and our galaxy beyond that. - Perhaps Ernst Mach was right!

If Ernst Mach was right, the dynamic stability of our world is actually going to be more and more explainable in an increasingly broader perspective of the interaction of all things existing in the universe. TDVP research strongly suggest that this is the case. For example, the rapidly spinning resistance to linear motion observed in the study of elementary objects is a natural response to the multi-dimensional  expansion of the universe. Just like the localized focus of our physical senses hides the curvature of the surface of the Earth, it also hides the existence of hyper-dimensional domains. In these posts, I am attempting to explain, in plain English, how we know that dimensional domains with more than the four dimensions that are obvious to our localized sensual perceptions actually exist, and even how we can not only know that they exist, but also begin to understand how we can experience them directly.

At this point in this series of posts, I want to take a moment to look back and make sure that I am still on track with the original plan and purpose of the series. I think of this series as a new approach because, after about 45 years - including joining forces with Dr. Vernon Neppe, MD, PhD for the last twelve years - trying to get the attention of the scientific community to introduce a new way of thinking, with very modest results, I felt it was time to let science continue on its way as it will, and work on explaining the new paradigm in a way that the average citizen of the world can understand, and hopefully find useful. I also want to thank those who are following the series and respond to some important feedback I have received.

Central to the new paradigm that Dr. Neppe and I developed, the Triadic Dimensional Vortical Paradigm (TDVP), is a form of primary mathematical reasoning that I call the Calculus of Dimensional Distinctions (CoDD). The result is a change in thinking to a new, consciousness-based, post-materialist mode of analysis. In a comment on the last post, one of my most trusted and respected readers in Europe pointed out that to members of the general audience that I am trying to reach, the intelligently interested public, the acronyms TDVP and CoDD are still abstract “black boxes” with little or no meaning. While there are fairly detailed explanations of these terms elsewhere, I cannot expect the reader to search for them, likely loosing the thread of the post in the process.

My first reaction was: Surely anyone who had read the previous seven posts in this series would have an adequate idea of what these acronyms mean or would have gathered their meaning from context. Then I realized that I was making one of the most basic errors commonly made by many of the less-than-professional math instructors I derided in the third paragraph of the previous post (Part 8), I was assuming too much. Thus, in this post, I am providing the following explanations of these acronyms for some more rational clarification in this series of posts.

TDVP – Triadic Dimensional Vortical Paradigm

Sometime between 2008 and 2010, Dr. Vernon Neppe and I decided to use this label to represent the combination of our ideas, as we developed a consciousness-based model of reality. At the time, we had not yet demonstrated more than a few of the proofs and validating applications to experimental data resolving real problems and paradoxes that exist in the mainstream standard model. We used these four words to describe our model because they represented what we saw as major patterns of  reality. Let’s look at the meaning of each word:

Triadic – Reflecting the fact that the patterns in reality that allow science to exist are composed of triads and repetitions of triadic relationships. Examples include three dimensions of space, three quarks are needed to form a proton, three forms of ordinary matter (solid, liquid, and gaseous), three force fields (electric, magnetic, gravitational), three kinds of human experience (physical, mental, and spiritual), three regular states of consciousness (Waking, sleeping, and dreaming), etc.

Dimensional – A basic feature of our experience of reality Recognizing the importance of extending the successful approach of Einstein and Minkowski, Kaluza, Klein, Pauli, and Nordstrom, using four, five, and six dimensions, to the hyper-dimensional domains existing beyond.

Vortical – A common pattern of mass/energy throughout the physical universe, from the rotations of elementary particles, to spiraling nebulae, to the structure of DNA and RNA molecules.

Paradigm – A set of concepts or a way of thinking, in this case it is meant to indicate a general model of reality that includes mathematics, dimensionality, and consciousness as fundamental.

CoDD – Calculus of Dimensional Distinctions  

The development of a primary calculus called the calculus of indications by G. Spencer Brown in his ground-breaking book, Laws of Form, was the inspiration for the development of the CoDD. As Brown’s calculus of indications was being adapted for analyses of paradoxes in the physics of the standard model, it became clear that the primary calculus had to be modified to deal with quantum phenomena, and with reality as experienced by sentient beings. Changes in axiomatic structure and mathematical notation were necessary to connect the unitary distinctions of the calculus with the conscious perception and conceptualization of elementary objects.

Calculus – A system of calculation designed for application at the quantum level of reality. The CoDD is a primary calculus consisting of a system of mathematical logic dealing with distinctions drawn by conscious observers.

Dimensional Distinctions – Distinct observable structures existing in reality, that are  measurable in variables of extent as multiples of units of equivalence (See TRUE below).

TRUE – Triadic Rotational Units of Equivalence

Traditionally, units of measurement have been arbitrarily chosen for practical purposes with different sets of units defined for various kinds of measurements, requiring rules for converting from one set of units to another. To avoid difficult conversions, there have been attempts to define sets of “natural” units based on universal constants. The best known is Planck units, based on setting the speed of light and four other universal constants equal to one (unity) to simplify calculations in physics. Max Planck developed Planck units when he discovered that energy only occurs in whole-number multiples of a very small, very specific unit, and that there was a mathematic equivalence between energy and mass. Natural units for use in the application of the CoDD to quantized phenomena were developed by setting the basic units of the physical variables of mass, energy, space, and time to unity, rather than the universal constants. This results in a natural set of units similar in some ways to Planck units: Setting the basic units of space and time equal to unity automatically sets the speed of light to one, and mass and energy also have a mathematical equivalence. The resulting quantum equivalence units, based on the mass and volume of the free electron, are the CoDD triadic rotational units of equivalence (TRUE).

Triadic – Used as a descriptor here because the basic defining entity, the electron, is three-dimensional.

Rotational – The mass (resistance to motion) of the electron is created by rotation in three planes.

Unit – No explanation needed.

Equivalence – Mass, energy, space, and time share a mathematical equivalence.

DE – Dimensional Extrapolation

The mathematical process of rotation and projection from an n-dimensional domain into an n+1 dimensional domain. This mathematical process involves application of a generalization of the Pythagorean theorem, and automatically defines the basic unit of measurement in the n+1 dimensional domain, relative to the basic unit of measurement in the n-dimensional domain. I originally thought of this as a mathematical description of the spinning projection of consciousness I experienced in 2010 in the Great Pyramid.

From the first post of the New Approach series, The Threshold, to the last one posted so far, Dimensions of the known and unknown, my goal has been to explain the results in plain English, to the best of my ability, how the mental images we visualize in our individual consciousness and the mathematical models called the laws of science are both ever-changing approximations of the logical patterns actually existing in reality. The fact that they are ever-changing reflects the fact that reality itself is not static but expanding into infinity. This new approach is not intended to be a “dumbing down” of information, but rather, an explanation in terms available to the average person.

The main point of this post is that reality consists of interacting dynamic sequential dimensional domains, embedded in encompassing domains far beyond the localized 3-space, 1-time domain automatically available to our senses because of their current localized structure, and that both the universe and conscious awareness appears to be expanding. Furthermore, the expansion of awareness can be accelerated, stagnated, or reversed by our own actions.

The results of my research in mathematical physics, in combination with intense experimentation in the laboratory of consciousness, has convinced me that the shape of reality is that of a self-referential bubble of multi-dimensional intra-acting domains of space, time, and consciousness, containing vortices of mass, energy, and consciousness, all suspended in the a-temporal, ex-spatial, infinitely continuous field of Primary Consciousness. The implications of this are enormous, but what it means in respect to the overall shape of reality is that the large-scale structure of reality is always different than localized perceptions of it. Perhaps even the four-dimensional perception of a big bang expanding universe is an illusion caused by our limited view of reality.

Dear reader, you are invited to explore the implications with me, as in future posts, I do my best to explain the complexities of reality as revealed by TDVP investigations into the nature of reality, in plain English, to the best of my ability.

ERC 02/04/2022