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“It is far better to deserve honors and not have them, than it is to have honors and not deserve them.”   Mark Twain

Dear reader, lest we fail to see the forest for the trees, let’s review the origin and purpose of this series. I initiated it on Christmas Eve, 2021 with a post entitled New Approach Part One: The Threshold. At that time, Dr. Vernon Neppe, and I, already at the peak of our respective careers, had spent countless hours, over a period of more than a dozen years working together to develop and introduce the shift to a comprehensive consciousness-based scientific paradigm that we call the Triadic Dimensional Vortical Paradigm (TDVP). We had produced detailed mathematical proofs and ample experimental evidence validating it, but, for the most part, mainstream science was not interested.

After trying to get their attention for years, I no longer care whether mainstream scientists with vested interests in the status quo of scientific materialism wake up to the amazing potential of investigating the non-physical aspects of human experience, or not. In my opinion, trying to get scientists to question their most basic beliefs and assumptions about the nature of reality is just too time consuming and frustrating to pursue much further. Max Planck was right when he said: “Science advances from funeral to funeral.” Trying to convince those who will never be convinced is a big waste of time, and it is time for me to move on and reach out to a much broader audience than the handful of scientists who are willing to think outside the box of scientific materialism.

To reach a broader audience - those who can benefit from the deeper understanding of the nature of reality provided by TDVP - I believe that I must focus on relevant TDVP findings with practical applications that can improve the lives of ordinary people, and I must explain them in a way that anyone can understand. The people I want to reach are those who are ready to explore the unknown like the pioneers who explored the North American Continent half a thousand years ago. Pioneers know that they have no time to waste, and unlike the majority of other people, they have no fear of the unknown. On the contrary, for brave pioneers, the Great Unknown has irresistible magnetism. Drawn into the physical, mental, and spiritual unknown by visions of what might be found, such pioneers will choose the path less traveled. I know that the TDVP findings, however wonderful, are of little value if they cannot be shared with others, and I am optimistic. I know there are serious people out there who are ready for what we have discovered, so let’s have a look at the highlights of this series to see where we’ve been, where we are, and where we might be going in our attempt to see beyond the trees of gross physical reality.

I have talked about the Threshold, where there is access to four distinct types of experience: three conscious states of existence and unconsciousness. Even those in the totally blank state of unconsciousness have the potential of waking and taking action to expand their consciousness. This potential reflects the motive of the underlying source of all things, an infinitely continuous reality existing beyond names and forms. I have called the all-encompassing substrate of reality Primary Consciousness, knowing full well that no words in any language can ever begin to describe it. So, how can we hope to understand that which cannot be described? First, we must not be intimidated by the complexity of the task. To that end, it may be helpful to recall the statement by Alfred North Whitehead that I quoted in Part Eight:

...the only simplicity to be trusted is the simplicity to be found on the far side of complexity.”

Sometimes it is necessary to attack the thorny underbrush of intellectual complexity and carefully pick our way through it, in order to eventually discover the elegant clarity and simplicity of the beautiful forest of reality that lies beyond.

As we proceeded in the series, our discussions included references to the Triadic Dimensional Vortical Paradigm (TDVP), a self-referential, all-inclusive model of reality, the Calculus of Dimensional Distinctions (CoDD), a primary form of mathematical logic, Triadic Rotational Units of Equivalence (TRUE), defined as 3-D quantum measurement units, and the mathematical procedure I call Dimensional Extrapolation (DE), a generalization of the Pythagorean Theorem, mathematically describing movement from one dimensional domain to another.

I realize that these acronyms represent conceptually formidable systems of logic that may have to remain mysterious ‘black boxes’ for many readers, but I don’t see that as a problem, because the object of these posts is not to turn readers into mathematicians or theoretical physicists. All the reader of these posts needs to know is that there is a lot of solid science and mathematics behind these acronyms. Anyone who wants to see the detailed proofs and demonstrations can find them in an extensive list of peer-reviewed publications located at the end of Describing the True nature of Reality, posted on this blog September 8. 2018.

Actually, I am hoping to accomplish something in these posts that I believe to be more important than explaining the DE, applying TRUE analysis to quantum phenomena, developing the fundamental operations of  the CoDD, and explaining TDVP. What I hope to do, dear reader, is to encourage you to convert your mind into a laboratory, creating a spotless domain for the investigation of reality, and consider your body to be a sacred temple where you can prepare to be filled with the light and joy of expanded consciousness. I want to help you to turn the spotlight of your mind around to illuminate the Threshold leading into the fourth state of consciousness, where you can move from limited physical awareness into spiritual awareness where you may experience reality directly. In that expanded state, you will see that consciousness is not an accidental side effect of a series of random physical processes, but that, in fact, a Primary form of Consciousness is the organizer of the patterns of physical reality that make life, rational science, and self-knowledge possible.

Because of our unique individual experiences as sentient beings occupying physical bodies, the conceptual models of reality that we have constructed in our minds are unique, and to a greater or lesser extent, incongruent with reality as it actually exists. But, in the laboratory of your mind and the temple of your heart, it is possible to become aligned with the logic of Primary Consciousness and the natural dimensional orientation of the cosmos. When this happens, your conceptual model of reality will become one with reality as it actually exists.

Poised on the edge of infinity, between the finite quantized world of the physical universe and the infinitely continuous reality of Primary Consciousness, we find that we are actually immortal souls, temporarily identified with finite organic bodies, formed to provide vehicles that enable us to experience the contrasts of pleasure and pain, ecstasy, and agony, smiles and laughter, sadness and tears, and know the ups and downs of human relationships, all within the embrace of the Eternal Love of the Infinite. We have the privilege and burden of experiencing our own individual drama, a blessing, or a curse, depending upon the way we react to the experiences of life and the endless processes of creation.

We looked at evidence suggesting that the entire physical universe is expanding and discussed how constant light speed in an expanding universe creates logical paradoxes. Then we found that the resolutions of those paradoxes expanded our understanding of the nature of reality in some unexpected ways involving the quantization of space and time. The multi-dimensional expansion of energy, in the form of electromagnetic vibrational frequencies - a small range of which we see as visible light - is yet another repetition of the ubiquitous patterns of expansion, and this radiant energy constantly expanding throughout the universe connects everything in the cosmos, including our individualized consciousness. Realization of this fact brings one to the Threshold of Cosmic Consciousness. Focus on the light beyond the Threshold aligns the focused soul with the magnetic lines of the force field generated by those advanced souls who have already crossed the aetheric bridge into infinite continuity.

So where are we in this series of discussions about expanding awareness? It is one thing - a very valuable thing, to be sure - to be able to produce scientific evidence of the existing and potential expansion of space, time, and consciousness, and gain an intellectual understanding of the transcendental nature of reality, but it is quite another thing to experience it directly.

In this life, we find ourselves somewhere on the path between the bare essential awareness of self and other, and the electromagnetic rainbow bridge into the greater reality beyond space and time. As sentient beings on this planet, at this time, we have the priceless opportunity to consciously seek and find our way onto the straight and narrow path transcending the limitations of physical separation into the ultimate transcendental union with the infinitely Divine nature of reality. It’s up to each one of us to determine where we are on the path, and to learn how we may be able to move forward toward the goal of Cosmic Consciousness.

What then, you may ask, will be the content of the next post? I have to confess that I am, like everyone else, just a bubble of individualized consciousness, like a drop of water trembling on a lotus leaf, I may slide into the water at any moment, absorb nutrients in the mud, and then eventually re-emerge as part of a beautiful flower; or I may evaporate in the rays of the sun to contribute to a cloud of vapor in the hydrologic cycle, to eventually become a drop of refreshing rain. It depends on how aligned I am with the forces that exist, and how focused I am on the goal, whether I continue in the cycle of physical life or sublimate into a transcendental state. I must also report that these posts are not random thoughts formed from nothing. I write only when I am inspired. I wake some mornings, or even in the middle of the night, with written words floating on the screen of my mind, even whole paragraphs sometimes.

I think the next few posts will probably contain more detail that could be helpful for someone trying to determine where she, or he, is on the path. I think I may be prompted to share more information from one of my OBEs or NDEs that might have bearing on the illumination of someone’s path. Quite often, relevant details surface from the volumes of audio and visual information that streamed rapid-fire into my brain during my experience in the Great Pyramid, and for three days afterward, when I saw it streaming every time I closed my eyes. Logically, I expect there will be more specifics about the discovery of gimmel, the non-physical essence of reality appearing in the observation and measurement of quantum phenomena, but the bottom line is I don’t really know what will be in the next post because I am the conduit, not the source.

ERC – 2/20/2022



    Funny I completely missed the point about acceleration when I commented on post XI January 18th. Thanks for your kind answers Ed. Reread a few times, and have been wanting to ask about circular motion being another dimension or aspect of time. This was posted on another blog (wolfgansters) today. Now beyond the syncrhonicities involved, I am fascinated by this point of view. Is it correct there is no equation for circular motion, or does it involve "complex imaginary" numbers? I also chuckle at the thought pi could be the whole number 4 !! But my thought was about time being motions of expansion, acceleration, and circular motion. I remember how you talked about feeling the spin during your experience in the pyramid. That's where I'm coming from, my academic skills are very limited. I've experienced the nauseousness you speak of, forced me to sniff coke (cola) syrup back when.

  2. Thanks Pat, I read the article on the link you sent and I agree with some of what Miles Mathis says. I'm still looking at his math. I ARRIVE AT SOME OF THE SAME CONCLUSIONS, BUT FROM A DIFFERENT DIRECTION. He is certainly correct when he says that circular motion is acceleration. Speed and velocity are two different things. Speed is distance per unit time, without regard to direction, while velocity is a vector, meaning that it has both speed and direction. Acceleration is any change in velocity, and curvilinear motion is constantly changing velocity. Most, if not all of the problems Mathis talks about go away in the calculus of dimensional distinctions when everything is measured in quantum equivalence units.