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Notice how, in the process of solving the cube, just as in the course of our lives, there is no simple formula with a set number of rules and deterministic steps to the solution. There are many choices at every turn, and many, if not most of them may lead into time-consuming loops that take us nowhere, and often only make matters worse. In life, as in the course of solving the cube, the path from pain, chaos and confusion to a coherent and stable existence is not obvious. We are constantly struggling to understand where we are in the process of learning the lessons of life, looking for hints, in the form of patterns that occur as results of our actions. Sometimes we make wrong decisions that lead to time-consuming sidetracks, just as in solving the cube. But there is always something to be learned...

...In most cases, we have no conscious memory of what happened before we opened our eyes as an infant, but this is an illusion. We do have a deep somatic memory hidden in the structure of our slowly forming bodies. We are not born as empty containers, little blobs of unstructured protoplasm with no knowledge of the past. Not at all. In fact, each blob of protoplasm blossoming into this world has within it a vast storehouse of memories, physically manifest in complex single and double spiral structures called RNA and DNA, containing records of the distant past and blueprints for the distant future...

...Also hidden from us as long as our consciousness is focused on and attached to the physical body, is the complete record of the process of the manifestation of Primary Consciousness in the finite worlds of nine dimensions. This memory, existing beyond time and space, in Primary Consciousness, is called the Akashic Record. Our sub-conscious and super-conscious connection with Primary Consciousness is the reason we have an intuitive sense of direction, of meaning and purpose. Without this intuition, we are nothing, full of sound and fury for a while, signifying nothing. Without intuition, we have no way of knowing who we are, where we came from, or where we are going. We only know that we are conscious, and truly, for us, reality begins with consciousness...

…The finite, measurable manifestation of Primary Consciousness in the physical universe, shapes reality from the quantum level to the cosmic level, and how experimental data and the known laws of dimensional mathematics and physics reveal the existence of gimmel, and our connection with infinite Primary Consciousness. In the process of learning who and what we really are, we become aware of all our memories and our connection with Primary Consciousness. Achieving this level of individual awareness is called cosmic consciousness. Cosmic consciousness is the purpose of finite reality, the physical universe, life, and the consciousness manifested in it...

… Life, in its many forms, is finite manifestation of consciousness, which is infinite. The most important discovery of TDVP is that there is a third finite form of reality, in addition to mass and energy. We call it gimmel. Gimmel is mathematically and physically required for sub-atomic, atomic, and molecular stability. 

[Gimmel is the first manifestation of consciousness that makes atoms, molecules and life possible. Gimmel is the simplest form of consciousness that organizes physical reality to allow the kind of stable structure that supports organic life, the physical vehicle of consciousness.]
...The discovery and proof of the existence of gimmel eliminates materialism as a viable basis for science and human understanding. Spiritual evolution is the driving force behind the universe, not some random meaningless explosion, the conclusion of reductionist materialistic science. Reality does not, and cannot exist without consciousness.

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How can this popular puzzle/toy have anything to do with serious questions about reality?

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For me, the first glimpse of the potential utility of the Rubik’s cube for explaining the geometrical aspects of reality came when I found that the “intrinsic ½ spin” of fermions, the building blocks of the universe, could be physically simulated using the cube. Not only that, I discovered that the simulation provides a visual physical understanding of how intrinsic spin is simply the natural result of an object spinning in three, six or nine dimensions. This was an exciting discovery, but when I found that electrons, quarks, protons, and neutrons could also be modeled using the cube, I knew I was on to something. Imagine my excitement when I discovered that the cube could be used to simulate not only quantum physics, but also relativistic cosmology, and even spiritual evolution!

To understand how a simple Rubik’s cube can be used to simulate things as different and complex as particle physics, galaxy formation and spiritual advancement, it is necessary to realize that all possible finite patterns and forms are reflections of the structure of infinite reality, and that the structure of reality is pure invariant mathematical geometry.

The Greek philosophers Pythagoras and Euclid developed much of the logical and geometrical basis for the mathematics of modern science. The axiomatic concepts upon which their work was based were drawn from observations of the natural world. They were, in fact, symbolic representations of the structure of reality. But the various forms of mathematical methods based on their work developed over the past few hundred years, have been used primarily for practical engineering and technical purposes. Because of this, most scientists, and virtually all engineers and technicians, consider mathematics to be nothing more than tools for solving physical problems, and the connection between mathematics and reality has been blurred, if not completely lost. Because of this, we find modern scientists and mathematicians expressing surprise when theorems developed in pure mathematics turn out to have direct correspondence with observable physical phenomena.

This loss of awareness of the connection between mathematics and reality is the hidden cause of a major problem in modern scientific efforts to produce a successful mathematical representation of reality. Without re-establishing this most basic connection between mathematics and reality, finding anything approaching a “theory of everything” is impossible. This problem, endemic in modern science, once identified, is surprisingly easy to resolve. Let’s have a brief look at how the problem arises, and the solution.

Some statements we hear from modern scientists are symptomatic of the problem: Physicists today declare that there are two different sets of mathematical rules for physics, one for the macroscale and another strange, counter-intuitive set of rules for the quantum realm. And they can’t seem to resolve the conflicts between the two sets of rules. Intuitively, they must know that reality is internally consistent, and that the conflicts really just indicate that one or both sets of rules are either partially wrong, or incomplete.

At the root of the problem is the misapplication of a mathematical method that has been known as “the calculus” for more than 300 years: the calculus of Newton and Leibniz. The fact that it is called the calculus, and not just “a calculus”, is also symptomatic of the problem. It is in fact, just one of several calculi that can be defined at the interfaces of dimensional domains. It happens to be defined at the interface of space and time, which makes it very useful for analyzing and solving everyday problems involving motion.

Like all puzzles, once the nature of the problem is understood, and a solution is found, we often wonder how we could have missed it for so long. This is no different: The fact that “the calculus” doesn’t apply at the quantum level should have been obvious. The only excuse we have is that the calculus was so successful solving everyday problems that we simply didn’t think to look at the basic assumptions behind it. If we had, it would have been obvious that there was a serious problem.

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I am working on a new book with the working title:  “The Dimensions of Reality”; sub-title:” Solving the Mysteries of Life and the Universe with a Rubik’s Cube”. It is a fun book that anyone can enjoy, with a serious purpose in mind. It is about 50% written now, and I want to finish it ASAP, but I am still working to earn a living, and I need some help to free up time to complete the book. If you are interested in helping us get this book into print, you can send a donation to Ed and Jacqui Close, P.O. Box 368, Jackson, MO 63755. A donation of any size will be appreciated. But for a contribution of $25 or more, we will reserve a copy of the book for you. As a thank you, if you include a mailing address, we will send you an autographed copy as soon as the book is published. Thank you in advance, and whether you can contribute or not, God bless you for your interest and support

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