Thursday, November 19, 2020



In these strange times, when greedy politicians and the wealthy control freaks who back them, have stolen ten months of our lives, we all need to take a break from this nightmare. You can turn the tables on them, and take advantage of the self-quarantine, lockdown, or whatever form of forced isolation you are experiencing at this time, by making it an opportunity to re-connect with the Essence of Reality. Most of the human race has lost touch with the simple Joy of Being because of the daily, constant immersion in the intoxicating delusions of the world. I don’t know about you, but I have an innate, fundamental need to reconnect with essence of reality ever so often. For most of us, reconnection with Reality seems to happen spontaneously, maybe only once or twice during a lifetime. It may be triggered by a moment alone in nature, the witnessing a beautiful sunset, being fully awake in a forest by a waterfall, or sometimes it is occasioned by the shock of a near death experience. But it is always uplifting, inspiring, a moment of enlightenment and Self-Realization.

For you, however, if you are one of those among us who have come to realize that life as a human being is a wonderful opportunity to reconnect completely and permanently with the essence of Reality, whether you think of it as God, the Over-Soul, the transcendental Self, Nature, Infinity, or Primary Consciousness, then reconnecting with Reality is your reason for living. If this describes you, then I want to encourage you to seize the moment, forget about the current pandemic, the election, and any and all negative personal concerns that make you feel sad, angry, defeated, discouraged, or hopeless, and right now, for just one moment, allow your innate consciousness to expand into the depth of the moment and ascend into the heights of the multi-dimensional Reality that embraces us. It will change your life forever.

If you can release all your memories and anticipations, good and bad, both your past and present, and your imagined future, if only for an instant, your consciousness may become free to return once again to its original state. Experiencing this even once, will open your eyes to the real purpose and meaning of being. But most of humanity at this time, is loath to take this leap into Reality due to habitual attachment to the physical body and a paralyzing fear of the unknown. The paradox of being both finite and infinite at the same time, looms as an impossible barrier to moving into the awareness of the Infinite Self. The finite living organism that you have identified with, has a great fear of pain and suffering, including the imaginary prospect of ceasing to exist, even though the Great Spiritual Masters of all times tell us that death is an illusion. Their universal message to us is that our soul is immortal, and that even when your physical body dies, or is destroyed, and no longer exists, you will still retain the spiritual awareness that you have attained as a conscious being living life on this earth. 

Turn the tables on the Pandemic: Choose to rejoice in the opportunity to experience Reality. Live life in joyous ecstasy, despite the efforts of tyrants to impose their delusions on the rest of us. Declare the Glory of God! Make a joyous noise that may be heard around the world! Create a pandemic of Love.

ERC 11/19/2020

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