Thursday, March 22, 2018



Time is important to every one of us. Whatever your goal or mission is, even if it is just to find happiness in this lifetime, time is of the utmost importance. My goal, my mission, if you will, in this lifetime, is to do everything I can to bring science, which is humanity’s effort to know Reality, out of the stifling dark ages of materialism. I am very thankful for those who resonate and align with me in this effort. But, increasingly, I do not have time for those who just want to discuss, deny and obstruct.

The following message is directed to anyone reading my posts on this site, my books, or the several books by others of like mind, including Drs. Vernon Neppe, Stanley Krippner, Deepak Chopra, Charles Tart, Gary Schwartz, Dean Radin, Imants Baruss, Marjorie Woolacott, Julia Mossbridge, Mario Beauregard, Lisa Miller, Diane Powell, Menas Kafatos, Rupert Shelldrake, Stephan Schwartz, and others. It is especially intended for those who are upset or angered by what I write and want to defend materialism and/or atheism as viable belief systems. Skepticism is encouraged, close-minded materialism is not.

Dear skeptic, I want to be completely honest with you, and hope that you will reciprocate. I have spent a lot of time over the past 60 plus years, since earning my first degree in mathematics and physics, debating with colleagues who have strong backgrounds in physics and other science disciplines. Some such discussions have been very productive, some have been a great waste of time. I am currently in my 82nd year on this planet in this lifetime, so time is increasingly important to me. Consequently, I have no desire to spend my time trying to convince someone who will never be convinced.

Having had discussions with literally hundreds of colleagues, some continuing for several years, I have learned that there is a basic difference between those with whom I have had productive discussions and those with whom it was a waste of time. The difference is one of basic metaphysical belief. It is a waste of my time to argue with anyone who has an adamant materialistic belief system and is unwilling, or unable to think outside of that box. I know from direct experience that there is much more to reality than matter and energy interacting in space and time, and any real “theory of everything” must contain consciousness and spiritual reality as real components, in addition to mass, energy, space and time.

If it is the case that your belief system does not allow you to consider anything beyond the limiting box of materialism, then I suspect that no matter how many peer-reviewed papers I direct you to, or how many people with PhD degrees in math and physics have endorsed some or all of our work, you will not be convinced. Please be honest with me. If this is your position, it is better that we just agree to disagree and get on with our lives. Or, if you are genuinely interested in the work that Dr. Neppe, the one-dozen plus scientists of the Academy for the Advancement of Postmaterialist Sciences and I are engaged in, then we can proceed.

Sincerely, Edward R. Close, PhD, PE, DISPE, Distinguished Fellow ECAO.


  1. First of all, great list of people to read! I didn't know about half of them.
    You most definitely should not waste your time arguing with a wall. Hopefully, humanity itself has plenty of time ahead, so for as long as everything you had to say was said and preserved, it will slowly but steadily make it into our collective knowledge.
    We had several examples of work that needs generations to be processed. A close example that comes to mind right now is De Broglie's Pilot Wave interpretation, which albeit flawed in many aspects, was nonetheless a step forward (well, in my humble opinion and understanding at least)

    1. Thanks, my friend for your comment. I agree about De Broglie's contribution, it was a simple but important step that was very controversial at the time.