Sunday, March 11, 2018


©Edward R. Close 2018  

Sometimes we wonder whether there is intelligence behind the reality we experience, i.e., the universe.

Of course, there is! It’s just our fragmented way of thinking that causes us to think that there might not be.

Until you can see the complex in the simple, and the simple in the complex, you haven’t begun to see the intelligence behind your being!

Let me explain:

Take something very simple, e.g., something everyone experiences, like breathing.
Breathing in and breathing out, - without it, you cannot live for more than a few minutes. Breathing in brings oxygen into your lungs and to your brain. Breathing out expels toxins from your body. And, you never have to think about it. There is an intelligence behind breathing that you never have to think about. It is the same intelligence that sustains the atom and the universe.

Dr. Neppe and I call it Gimmel. It exists in every atom. You cannot weigh it, and you cannot feel it as physical energy. It is neither, and it is both.

It exists in the simple and in the complex. It exists in the atom and in the luminous nebulae – in the quarks and in the stars. It vibrates within your breath, your life, and your consciousness. It is not matter and it is not energy, but both. Both matter and energy depend upon it. It is Spirit, and as Yogananda says:

It is the nearest of the near, and the dearest of the dear!”

Without it, you would not exist, Neither would the Earth, Moon, Sun and Stars. It is the intelligence behind everything. It is the signature of the Infinite in our finite world.


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