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It might seem as if life would be easier without ever concerning ourselves with this question. But that is like living with your head buried in the sand. The saying “If I ignore it maybe it’ll go away” could be prophetic. It is very possible that, if our answer to the first question is wrong, our niche in the universe could go away through the natural destruction of our planet, or through our own mistakes. We live in a very, very tiny (relative to the size of the universe) bubble that supports our form of conscious life. The fact that we have stayed alive for thousands of years is nothing short of miraculous, if the physical universe is as violent as it appears to be. Are we being protected some way? Oh, you might be saying: “Now he’s going to tell us that a Divine Being breathed life into us and protects us from destruction in a violent universe and from ourselves, in spite of our ignorance. No, I’m not. Because that would be a statement that can be neither proved nor disproved. Instead, I’m going to tell you how we’ve discovered the answer to the first question, and how we are proving that it is the correct answer!

Here’s why the current scientific paradigm hasn’t answered, and can’t answer the first question: The current paradigm assumes that consciousness is a late-comer in the history of the universe, an emergent feature that has no direct effect on the evolution the physical universe. It is because of this assumption that current mainstream scientists see no need to include consciousness in their mathematical equations describing the physical universe. But this assumption is based on the totally unwarranted idea that human consciousness is the ultimate form of consciousness in existence to date, and the only form of consciousness operating in the universe. Clearly, if the universe is 13.7 billion years old, and the Earth is only 4.5 million years old, i.e. only about three one-hundredths of one percent of the age of the universe, there could be forms of consciousness operating far beyond the level of any life forms on this planet. The Close-Neppe TDVP theory of everything, which includes a primary form consciousness in the equations describing the universe, explains a number of very basic things, like the spin of elementary particles, the mixing angles of quarks and why there are exactly three quarks in every stable proton and neutron.

Based on the red-shift evidence of an expanding universe, and the assumption that it has always been expanding, the currently accepted conclusion of modern science is that the universe as we find it now is the result of an explosion that occurred about 13.7 billion years ago. This conclusion is reasonable if you assume time and space exist as an unchanging background against which all things can be measured. But, with Minkowski’s 4-D space-time and Einstein’s general relativity, we have overwhelming evidence proving that this is not true: Neither time nor space can be constant in the dynamically expanding universe we live in. All observations and measurements of space, time, mass, and energy are dependent upon the inertial state of the conscious entity doing the observing and measuring relative to that which is being observed and measured. This means that conclusions drawn about conditions and events that occurred thousands, millions or billions of years in the past, when the universe had to be expanding at a different rate than it is now based on the current analysis of light from distant stars, are wrong.

With the Close-Neppe discovery of the Triadic Rotational Unit of Equivalence (TRUE) and Gimmel, the third form of reality besides mass and energy, operating in nine finite dimensions, three dimensions of space, three dimensions of time and three dimensions of consciousness, it becomes clear that a primary form of consciousness necessarily existed before any particle could emerge from a big bang-like origin, or any other origin of the physical universe. Why? Because no purely physical, stable sub-atomic structure could overcome the dispersing action of the second law of thermodynamics without it. No atomic, molecular or cellular structure supporting life, - to become a vehicle of consciousness - could ever survive an explosion, never mind forming in debris flying away from such an explosion. That would be like expecting a stick of dynamite exploding in a junk yard to assemble a brand-new shiny Cadillac.

With the inclusion of Gimmel in the equations describing the physical universe, we find that it had to be in the first particle ever formed. No stable particle could emerge from the big bang, or any other origin event without it. In addition, we have shown, in a paper to be published this month that the life-supporting elements of the periodic table, like Hydrogen, Oxygen, Carbon, Nitrogen, and Sulfur, are stable and abundant in the universe only because they contain high percentages of Gimmel. Finally, because Gimmel cannot be measurable as mass or energy, the ONLY candidate for the third form of reality, the mathematically organized structure behind mass, energy, and Gimmel, and the three dimensions of space and one dimension of time of the physical universe, is a pervasive form of consciousness. It appears that the universe was and is designed for the manifestation of organic life as a vehicle for consciousness, and that’s why there is something rather than nothing.

Explore this blog for more details in posts like Explaining the Unexplainable, What is Mass, TRUE Units and Gimmel,  etc. and watch for a link to the IQ Nexus Journal publication of 
Edward R. Close PhD and Vernon M. Neppe MD, PhD, FRSSAf 


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