Tuesday, December 22, 2015


Look deep into your lover’s face.
In those eyes you will see
A paradox of time and space,
Containing all eternity.

A whirlpool of diaphanous fire,
Wheeling through time and space,
Drawing to you your hearts’ desire,
The heights and depths of the race.

A world of comfort and of ease,
May instantly disappear,
Replaced by sorrow and disease.
Heaven and Hell -- both so near!

Even in the morning sun,
Quicksilver on a razor’s edge,
We worry that the day is done,
And we’re slipping off the ledge.

We struggle hard to hold on,
But, betrayed by the sun’s warm kiss,
Our slim purchase is soon gone,
And we plunge into the dark abyss.

But child of God, or accident,
Wake us from this dream so deep,
Before the drop of time is spent,
So we may make the quantum leap.

The quantum speaks of life and death
And the data do insist,
That after the last and final breath,
‘Nothing’ cannot exist.

With knowledge true, or gnawing doubt,
With victory or defeat,
God knows that we will turn out
Whole, not incomplete.

Between the poles of paradox
You and I will never, ever despair.
For we have  a key that unlocks

The fire that burns beneath our hair. 

ERC 12/23/15

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