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“There is no question that there is an unseen world. The problem is, how far is it from midtown and how late is it open?” –Woody Allen

I usually try to make my posts as understandable as I can, by providing the background for a given discourse so that the reader can grasp the message I wish to convey. But in this case, I’m going to forgo any elucidation of contextual predication and accept that those for whom this discussion might be meaningful will understand it, and anyone else will dismiss it as incomprehensible.

So-called “new age” people, and sometimes others, talk about “another dimension” and “planes of existence”. These are inexact and misleading terms that, frankly, indicate to me that those using them probably don’t actually know what they are talking about. For example, I’ve heard someone say: “The aliens exist in another dimension!” Or: My spiritual guides exist on another plane of existence.”

Nobody can exist “in a dimension”. A dimension is a measure of extent like length, width or height.
If those using the term another dimension have any inkling of what they are trying to convey, what they should say is another dimensional domain. Let me explain: A point (mathematical singularity) is a zero-dimensional domain; a line as a one-dimensional domain; a plane is a two-dimensional domain; a volume is a three-dimensional domain, and space-time is a four (or more) dimensional domain. Now, the question is not whether there are higher-dimensional domains. The problem is, how do we get there from here?

The idea of “existing on a plane” comes from the mistaken idea that we literally exist on a plane, the “Earth-plane”. We don’t. We actually exist in a multi-dimensional reality that starts with a three-dimensional domain. The surface of the Earth may be thought of as a plane, but, if you rise above it, but not too far, because if you ascend high enough (about 36,000 feet in an airliner), you will see that it is actually a curved surface, with bumps and divots in it. This should bring the realization that a two-dimensional domain can only be seen as such from the third dimension. This brings to light one of the invariants of dimensionometry: the recognition of the existence of an n-dimensional domain can only be obtained from a vantage point in an (n+1) dimensional domain.

Thinking about this gives you the conceptualization of multi-dimensional reality. In TDVP, with the application of a mathematical procedure I developed in 1989, called Dimensional Extrapolation, we have derived the mathematical nature of the dimensions of domains beyond 3-D. But mathematical derivations are reflections of the nature of reality, not actualizations of it. The ability to be able to describe something verbally and mathematically is the first step to experiencing it. That is the power of science and mathematics, they allow us to conceptualize and visualize reality beyond what is available to us through the physical senses.

Are there methods, processes and exercises that can help us to raise the level of our consciousness to the point of actually experiencing higher dimensions directly? Yes, I believe there are. This is one of the practical applications of TDVP. An understanding of TDVP provides a basis from which to ascend into higher dimensions. Is this the only way? No, but it does unite science and spirituality.

We live in a domain of nine finite dimensions, embedded in a 10-dimensional transfinite domain, embedded in the Infinite. How do I know this? The mathematics of TDVP, the Calculus of Distinctions indicates this, and I have experienced it briefly several times, and experience it partially all the time. How can one become aware of extra-dimensional reality? Remember I indicated above that describing something verbally and mathematically is the first step to experiencing it, 

Verbalization and mathematical description are just two aspects of the same thing, communicating experience with symbols. Most of us remember, as children, saying a word or phrase over and over again until it becomes meaningless, just sounds, conveying nothing. This is what someone speaking a language you are not familiar with sounds like, just noise. Different than the barking of a dog or the cawing of a crow, but just sounds.

Learning mathematics is exactly like learning another language, only it is harder because no one speaks pure mathematics. People do, however, speak German, Spanish, Hebrew, Hindi, etc. So, learning to speak another language is easier than learning advanced mathematics. So, start there. The average person who speaks only English, can learn to speak enough Spanish to get by in about a month if she/he puts his/her mind to it. German is a little harder because the grammar is more complex, but English is basically a Germanic language without the grammar and a few Latin-based words thrown in, so it’s not that hard once you get beyond over the grammar. Dutch and Swedish are “in-between” languages, somewhat intermediate between German and English.

Why should you learn another language? It will help you think in terms beyond your normal habits of speech. Learning to understand and speak another language literally opens a door to  different world. Slavic, Cyrillic, French, Arabic, and Oriental languages really open doors to different ways of thinking, and learning mathematics is like learning Greek or Latin. Learning math as a language, not just a tool to use to balance your checkbook or calculate square feet of floor space, allows you to think in math, and that will open the door to TDVP and extra dimensions.

The step (leap) from writing symbols and making sounds to the actualization of the meaning of those symbols and sounds in direct experience is a big one. The step from intellectual comprehension of the mathematical procedure of dimensional extrapolation (moving from one dimensional domain to another) to directly experiencing it is definitely not an easy one, but one very much worthwhile, because it enables you to perceive matter, energy, space, and time from a new perspective. The next step, however, attaining the awareness of all levels of consciousness of fewer dimensions than the one you occupy is an even bigger jump, but the view is tremendous.

ERC 6/30/2018


  1. TDVP... can you explain please? Do you put paranormal abilities, clairvoyance and teleportation in the domain of dimentional extrapolation?

    1. Yes. One of the things the new paradigm does is provide a scientific basis for studying psi phenomena, including those you mention,

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