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Since initiating this blog in 2012, I have now entered 108 posts, including a number of videos, published papers, explanations and comments related to the inclusion of consciousness in the equations of theoretical physics, which I call Transcendental Physics, and the collaborative work with Dr. Vernon Neppe, MD, PhD, on the Triadic Dimensional Vortical Paradigm, a shift moving science beyond the current standard model, which is a materialistic, reductionist, incomplete picture of reality.
The number of visits to this website is now approaching 50,000 and there were 129 visits yesterday. With over 100 entries posted, people new to the site are asking questions like: Which post or posts will give me a quick overview? Does your theory really resolve the Holy Grail of theoretical Physics by including relativity and quantum physics under one consistent, workable theory? If so, How? What are TRUE units? And how do they differ from Planck units?

The purpose of this post is to provide easy access to a basic understanding of this material and answers to these questions

We live in a quantized physical world. A world composed of whole numbers of a basic unit. How do we know that? Planck discovered that energy occurs only in multiples of a quantum unit, never a fraction. And Einstein proved that mass is frozen energy. If energy is quantized, then so is mass, because E = mc2.
In physics, Planck units are physical units of measurement defined exclusively in terms of universal physical constants that take on the numerical value of 1 when expressed in terms of these units. Planck units are very useful in theoretical physics because they elegantly simplify the mathematical statements of physical law by replacing the arbitrary units of inches and feet, centimeters and meters, pounds and grams, miles and kilometers, etc. TRUE units are Triadic Rotational Units of Equivalence. While Planck units normalize space, time, mass and energy in the equations of physics, they fail to normalize all quantitative parameters occurring in the equations of science.  The problem is not a short coming of Planck units, but a short coming of the mathematics being used. The calculus of Newton and Leibniz is based on continuity and infinitesimal that can approach infinitely close to zero. This is inappropriate in a quantized reality.

I developed a new calculus, The Calculus of Distinctions to replace Newtonian calculus with a mathematics that includes the action of consciousness. Application of this new calculus to relativity and quantum mechanics required replacing Planck units with TRUE units. TRUE units are derived from the relativistic equivalence of mass, energy, space, time and consciousness at the quantum level. TRUE units replace the infinitesimals of Newtonian calculus.

To gain a basic understanding of this, without learning a whole new system of mathematical logic, scroll down to the post “True Quantum Units, 3 Dimensions of Time and the Big Bang Myth” posted May 5, 2015 (my son Joshua’s birthday).

You might also want to review “What are Dimensions?”, “What is Mass?” and “Explaining the Unexplainable” posted April 19, 2015.

These four short videos should give you the basics.

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