Wednesday, November 11, 2015


Moderation in all things is a good rule of thumb, except when falling in love, or seeking to know the true nature of Reality. To know real love is to ascend to the point of being able to touch the ecstatic soul of God, and to know Reality at its deepest level is to know the mind of God; and half-way measures in seeking God/Reality will not suffice.
You cannot stop short of the goal, because a mind with a little knowledge of reality, mixed with either too much fantasy or too much cynicism is a very dangerous thing, And both, as history has shown us, have caused a plethora of suffering and misery, and way too much death and destruction.
The world today is divided as never before, between those on one extreme, like Richard Dawkins and many main-stream scientists, who say there is no need for the concept of a god, and those on the other extreme, like religious zealots who say that if you don’t accept the specific dogma and doctrines of their particular belief system, you are bound for Hell. Most people fall somewhere between these extremes. But this can be the land of Limbo, where there are no goals beyond surviving from day-to-day, no direction, and in such limbo, life has no meaning. This leads to the dark night of the soul and endless despair. So we must avoid the extremes, but live as if your hair were on fire, because it literally is. Your body is designed to withstand the ravages of time and physical entropy for only so long. Your physical body is not likely to last forever, but your essence is spirit, which cannot be burnt by fire, drowned by water, or harmed in any way by the trials and vicissitudes of this world.
Some scientists say that science tells us that there is no God. This is totally false. Science does not tell us there is no God. On the contrary, since the discoveries of the relativistic and quantum nature of physical reality, science has been telling us over and over again that there is more to reality than matter and energy interacting in space and time. Both Planck, the father of quantum physics, and Einstein, the father of relativity, stated in no uncertain terms that there is an intelligence far beyond the mind if man behind it all. You can find their words to this effect in other posts on this blog. 
In fact, the universe without a Supreme Intelligence organizing and sustaining it would rapidly decay to maximum entropy (nothingness). In fact, it is easy to show scientifically and mathematically that there could be no physical reality in the first place without a pervasive creative force. This what my science and Spirituality posts are all about: You need to know that science and spirituality are not mutually exclusive. No one need despair! We are all sons and daughters of the most high God, we were created for the purpose of expressing His Perfection, each in his or her own unique way, in this physical universe.
All goals pale in comparison with the goal of knowing Reality, so we must act as if we might die tomorrow, because until we truly know that we are Spirit, ever in touch with God, we have not achieved the real purpose for which we were born.
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