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Hello and Welcome!

To those who are following my latest series of blogposts, thank you very much. I really appreciate your interest. To those for whom this may be the very first of my Transcendental Physics blogposts you’ve ever read, I welcome you and hope you will find something of interest here. This is the 584th post, including about a dozen videos, published on this blogsite, since my wife Jacqui and I initiated the site ten years ago, in July 2012, when I was a young man of only 75 years.


I would like to invite you to consider browsing the site archives. There are many subjects related to science and spirituality addressed here. Type a word or two describing your interest in the search box and see what comes up!


Transcendental Physics is exactly what the title implies: Science transcending materialism; and TDVP is an expanded model of reality that explains the physical universe as simply part of the much greater cosmic reality which includes all of the phenomena of life, mind, spirit, and consciousness. If you don’t find your topic of interest addressed here, please submit a question and I will answer it if I can. Of course, I don’t pretend to know everything, but I have been described as a polymath by several authorities on the subject of creative intelligence and I have received achievement awards from government and academic organizations across the US and several other countries. You can also find me in YouTube videos of interviews on New Thinking Allowed, with Jeffrey Mishlove, radio interviews on Coast to Coast with George Noory, interviews with Shirley MacLaine, Joyce Riley on the Power Hour, and others.


In this series of blogposts, I have been explaining, in considerable detail, the metaphysical basis and mathematical logic behind the Triadic Dimensional Vortical Paradigm (TDVP), a comprehensive model of reality that Dr. Vernon Neppe and I have developed over the past twelve years. The TDVP is an evolving model of the reality we experience as living, breathing human beings. From my point of view, TDVP is a result of the natural evolution of Transcendental Physics, which I introduced in Part V, Summary and Conclusion, of Infinite Continuity, a book I wrote between 1986 and 1989. Transcendental Physics is specifically defined on pages 178,179, and189.


This science transcending materialism began by including consciousness as a fundamental part of reality and TDVP concludes by proving that a Primary form of Consciousness of which human intelligence is a faint reflection, actually exists. TDVP is more than a theory, it is a song about reality, a song that Dr. Neppe and I are here to sing, and Jacqui is is always part of the choir!. It is a song reuniting science and spirituality, a paradigm filled with reverence and awe for the amazing Infinite Intelligence that exists behind everything. You are invited to join in. Your comments and questions are welcomed.


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