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In case there is any question, let me clarify the theme of these blogposts: It is important for people living in the present age to begin to realize that the shallow idea that the reality we experience is nothing more than the sum of the accidental after-effects of a massive cosmic explosion at some point in the past, is demonstrably false. The discovery of gimmel, the finite non-physical part of reality, provides scientific evidence and conclusive proof that the development of sentient life on this planet was not an accident. This conclusion brings with it the realization that there is real meaning and purpose to the existence of physical reality and in the lives we experience.

In the recent past, it has been generally assumed by academic scientists and philosophers that belief in the existence of a higher power is based on blind faith and thus impossible prove or disprove with objective logic. But now that the analysis of quantum reality with the triadic logic of TDVP has resulted in the discovery of gimmel, the non-physical organizing component of the stable structure of the universe, we have mathematical proof that there is an infinitely intelligent design underlying objective reality. As a result of that proof, it is no longer intellectually honest or morally acceptable to pretend that the existence of an intelligence far superior to that of human beings is open to debate. It is not. We now know that without pre-existing organizing intelligence, there would be no physical universe.

As independent conscious beings, we have the free-will ability to accept or reject any concept, even one that is validated with experimental evidence and logical proof. E.g., one can reject the concept of intelligent design either by questioning the a priori assumptions upon which the axiomatic proof is based, or one can reject it simply because one doesn’t like the implications of that conclusion. So, in regard to the question of whether we can affect reality by the way we think about it, the appropriate question becomes: Can our beliefs and our acceptance or rejection of specific concepts about the nature of reality have any direct effect on that which actually exists? Can we “re-imagine” the reality we are part of and manifest something better?

The Problem

The answer to any question that can be expressed in mathematical logic is generally already present in the question itself, hidden by layers of meaning that can be unraveled by a sufficiently well-developed calculus. This means that to get valid answers, we must ask the right questions. In the opinion of one of the greatest minds of recent history, Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz, all logical questions have valid answers, and the foremost and most important question of all questions that scientists can ask is: “Why is there something rather than nothing?” In my opinion, given that there actually is something called reality that exists all around us, an even more important question is: How is it possible that conscious beings can exist within the reality that they experience through their awareness? Consciousness exists, and without the existence of consciousness, the question of why there might be something rather than nothing, cannot even arise.

As explained in previous posts, for the first time in recent history, some light has been shed on the question of the existence of consciousness, and the nature of reality as a result of the discovery of non-physical gimmel. Because of the way atomic and subatomic objects that are composed of elementary particles are known to decay, it is clear that gimmel had to exist before any stable physical structures could form. Without the pre-existence of the primary organizing presence of gimmel, no physical substance could have formed and remained stable long enough for a one-celled living organism to develop, or even for a single atom to form, and in that case, as Leibniz suggested, there would have been nothing instead of something 

While the Biblical statement that God spoke reality into existence may be true, that answer is scientifically and philosophically unsatisfying because we are left wondering who or what God was, and/or is, and how He, She, or It came to exist. It turns out that this question is not answerable in the logical system currently underlying contemporary science because of unwarranted a priori assumptions about the nature of space, time, and consciousness. The basic problem lies in assuming that space, time, and consciousness are physical realities limited to no more than what is perceived by the five physical senses. It is obvious that this is an erroneous belief as soon as we realize how very weak the five senses are, in terms of their limited perception of the vast range of energies that exist in the universe.

A major problem that arises when contemporary science tries to answer the questions posed above about the nature of consciousness and reality, is the fact that no experimental scientist seems to have any idea what consciousness is. Many functional aspects of consciousness have been identified by clinical psychologists, psychiatrists, and experimental neuroscientists, based on the observed behavior of sentient beings, but the origin and location of the root of consciousness within the structures of physical reality has remained a deep mystery until the discovery of gimmel.

The Solution

Gimmel showed up in the solutions of the CoDD Diophantine equations describing the combination of the three quarks that form the proton, and the amounts of gimmel in quantum equivalence units existing in the structure of all of the atoms that make up the elements of the periodic table have been calculated and published in several of the books and papers by Neppe and Close or Close and Neppe, as cited in previous posts. The percentage of gimmel existing in life-supporting elements and compounds is much higher than in elements and compounds that are harmful to sentient life. The correlation between elevated levels of gimmel existing in the life-supporting elements and the consciousness of organic lifeforms suggests that gimmel, if not a form of consciousness itself, is at the very least the connection with and conveyor of the logical structure of the intelligence underlying everything, including the functioning of the brains of sentient beings.       

Recognizing that it is no accident that the natural laws governing the complex reality that we experience are consistent with the innate logical structures of a conscious mind, we can begin to understand the shocking TDVP conclusion that a primary form of consciousness pervades objective reality, and that this primary form of consciousness manifests in physical reality in the form of non-physical gimmel. Gimmel is an organizing force of nature that had to exist before a single atom of any stable physical universe could form. Conclusion: Primary Consciousness, represented by gimmel, still exists in every stable structure of physical reality.

This means that G. W. Leibniz’s question has been answered: Something exists because there never has been, and never will be absolute nothingness because the logical structure of Primary Consciousness, from which everything arises, has always existed, exists now, and will always exist. The dimensions of space, time, and consciousness, being non-physical, are not affected by physical change. And, as long as we remain totally identified with our finite physical bodies, we are unaware of more than 95% of reality. It is hidden from us because of the severe limitations of the physical senses which developed in a specific limited fashion that allows for survival of the physical body long enough to reproduce and provide a continuation of living physical vehicles for our individually evolving spiritual consciousness.

Application of the calculus of dimensional distinctions with TRUE analysis to the equations of quantum physics and relativity reveals that mass, energy, and gimmel are three forms of the same thing. This allows all three to be measured as integer multiples of the same quantum equivalence units (TRUE). The un-named thing that manifests itself in all of the logical structures of reality (that some of us have the audacity to call ‘the thoughts of God’) as mass, energy, and gimmel, is consciousness. This explains why no one can define consciousness. Everything that exists is, in effect, condensed forms of consciousness. Thus, consciousness is impossible to define in the customary manner, i.e., in terms of something else that is known, because there is nothing else. I believe this explanation can be added to the fifty-plus TDVP explanations of things that are either not properly explained, or inexplicable, in the standard model.

With this understanding, let’s return to consideration of the questions about the possibility of affecting reality by focusing with intelligent conscious intent on the connection between physical and non-physical reality at the quantum level. Can our beliefs and our acceptance or rejection of specific concepts about the nature of consciousness and reality have direct effects on that which actually exists? Can we “re-imagine” the reality we are part of and change it into a better, more desirable reality?

First, and this is the most difficult thing for our egos, we must recognize that, in our present form as conscious beings, we are not totally in charge of reality. As long as we identify primarily with finite physical lifeforms that are only capable of perceiving very small fractions of the ranges of vibratory energies that fill the finite dimensions of reality, the sensual pleasures, and pains that we feel through our physical bodies, demand our attention so strongly that we forget who we really are, from whence we came, and our reason for being.

Manifesting the Reality of Our Dreams

The first thing you need to do, is throw out the erroneous belief that time is an absolute limitation that you must willingly accept. Realize that the illusion of one-dimensional, unidirectional time is only one of the temporary limitations that are imposed on the physical vehicle that you think of as ‘your’ body. As a sovereign conscious spiritual being, you are not eternally bound by constraints of space, time, and consciousness. They are imposed on your physical body for purposes of physical survival. Your current existence as a conscious spiritual being, experiencing reality in a physical body, is an opportunity to use whatever freewill you may have to expand your consciousness in a way that will enhance your spiritual growth.

As you expand your consciousness away from the confines of your physical body and begin to see the additional dimensions that exist around you, you will see that you have been putting out impulses and images designed to manifest your desires in the physical world for as long as you have been conscious. The problem is not that your efforts are ineffective, it is just that in the current temporal limitations imposed on the Earth and related physical bodies, it takes more than one lifetime for most of us now alive on the planet to see more than some superficial results of our efforts to manifest what we believe to be a more desirable reality.

As we learn from experience and grow in spiritual virtue, the time required for the concrete earthly manifestation of our desires will decrease in proportion to our spiritual advancement. Physical reality has been structured this way to prevent us from unwisely manifesting too many things that are ultimately harmful and destructive. This safeguard, however, cannot be absolute because that would eliminate freewill and the whole purpose of objective reality.

There are three meaningful outcomes that can result from our thoughts and actions, as we try to manifest whatever reality we may desire. They are good, ineffective, and bad. This is the origin of the concepts of good and evil. The only meaningful definition of good and evil, with regard to individual actions, is whether they result in advancing or diminishing intellectual integrity and  spiritual virtue.

Reality is structured so that, in order to give us opportunities to choose to manifest realities that are ultimately good, ineffectual, or evil, freewill and the intellectual awareness of physical reality expand ahead of spiritual virtue. This meaningful design also allows mis-guided individuals to try to play God before they have gained enough intellectual insight and spiritual virtue to realize that their negative actions are detrimental to the spiritual growth of living beings in general, and for themselves in particular. Such mis-guided individuals do not realize that their evil actions designed to harm others will ultimately result in their own self-destruction. Human history is full of examples. Certain Ancient Egyptian Pharos, Roman emperors, Modern tyrants like Hitler, Mao, Stalin, and even some current globalist politicians in the same mold, who are misusing modern science and technology for personal gain, come to mind.

So, before you start trying to manifest your unique vision of reality, and before you agree to follow a visionary who wants to change reality by ushering in a “new world order”, look at the nature of the actions required, and look at the results of the actions of individuals who have had similar aspirations in the past. “You shall know them by the fruits of their actions.” Be sure that your thoughts and actions are good and not evil.

Can we affect future reality with focused thoughts and actions? Yes. But if those attempting to impose their vision of reality on the world lack the spiritual virtue to know the difference between good and evil, they will certainly reap the results of their actions. Make sure that you are on the side of the good of Primary Consciousness, not the evil of false gods before you seek to re-imagine reality.

ERC – 6/4/2022   


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