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Today, I feel an urge to write about the subtlety of the one and only thing that we, as conscious beings, experience directly: the wonderfully expansive and universal form of consciousness known as Love.

The Linguistic Barrier

First, I am prompted to say a few words about language: Language is a reflection of the logic of both mind and Spirit. It is also a filter that is full of cultural nuances, and it often obscures the truth one attempts to convey. Although I might write in any one of several languages, and I might prefer German for logical precision, or Romanian for subtle heart-felt nuance, I am writing in my native tongue of US English. English is at the same time, both a wonderful and a horrible language! It is wonderfully flexible in that the words, put out in order, nearly any, still understood can be. But English is actually full of words borrowed from other languages and as such, it is horrible in that it is about as linguistically confused and confusing as a human language can possibly be. The confusion is most noticeably ubiquitous in the use and misuse of the common vowel sounds, A, E, I, O, and U.

The vowels are the heart of a language. They start at the back of the throat and proceed to the lips, connected to facial expressions, picking up emotion and nuance on the way. They carry most of the real content of thought. They are connected to emotion and can be energetic, or soft and intimate, loaded with nuance and meaning, while consonants are hard sounds, separating and framing the content expressed by the vowel sounds. In older, more heart-centered languages, the vowel sounds are pure, pronounced: Ah, Eh, ee, Oh, oo. In English, we pronounce these five letters as: Aye, ee, ai, O, ee-you, but when they are used to spell words, we sometimes revert partially to the older usages, and sometimes not. We often pronounce the most common vowel, which is “E” with the original pronunciation of the letter “I”, and about 80% of the time, while speaking, we pronounce most of the vowels as “uh”!

But, to get to the heart of the expressions of human consciousness, we have to go deeper, beyond the cultural overlays of our many different contributing languages, some of which are contemporary, while others appear to have origins in the distant past, and perhaps even in other parts of the universe, when the physical expressions of mental and spiritual virtue were at a much higher level than they are now. This feature is, in fact, another reflection of the cyclic nature of three-dimensional time. Some of the most ancient languages found on Earth are more sophisticated than any of our modern languages. Hebrew, Ancient Egyptian, and Sanskrit are examples.

The Illusions of Separation

The infinite continuity of Primary Consciousness is effectively hidden from us by the extremely small-scale, finite quantization of fine-structure physical reality and the limitations of our macro-scale sense organs, that are only sensitive to very narrow bands of frequencies and amplitudes of vibrational energies. And perception by way of the physical senses is complex and very indirect, depending upon multiple energy transmission and reception processes, both outside our physical bodies and within the finely tuned neurological network leading to detailed comparisons of incoming impulses with virtual images stored in our brains.

Physical perception is focused on features of the environment that have significance for individual and group survival and reproduction, because the long-term goals of spiritual evolution cannot be attained if individual conscious beings do not survive the challenges and dangers of physical existence. The physical survival of the individual depends on a sharply localized focus at the level necessary to minimize the probability of physical harm or destruction. This focus leads to the virtual exclusion of the awareness of other, broader aspects of reality that are less critical for immediate survival, especially during the early stages of the organic growth and development of the physical vehicles of consciousness. But mere survival is not sufficient to explain the functioning of individual intelligent spiritual consciousness.

Touching the Heart

Every aspect of reality, even the most gross physical feature imaginable is imbued with the elegance of Primary Consciousness at the quantum level. As Spirit awakens in the course of the evolution of infinite consciousness in an individual, awareness of this in-dwelling glory is the origin of much beautiful music and poetry; and, when one soul sees this wonderful depth and beauty in the soul of another person, true love is born. But, love, like any other profound force of nature, must be handled with great care. Just like all of the energies flooding reality can be used for good or ill, love can be used to nourish the heart of another, or it can be used as a weapon. So, when you touch another’s heart, you must do so with the utmost care and tenderness, because when a heart is open to receive love, it is at its most vulnerable.

Just as there is a fine line between genius and insanity, there is also only a fine, gossamer film, thin as a butterfly’s wing, between love and hate. Jesus said “In my Father’s house are many mansions …” – John,14:2, and in this world of good and evil, there are also many self-constructed cells of pain and suffering. The misuse of love is the surest way to build one for yourself. So never say “I love you” unless you mean it.

To be in love, to give and receive love with all your heart, is to be fully alive at long last. Pure Love, like Pure Consciousness, is beyond the words of any language because they are one and the same. In Pure Love, the ego is gone. You cannot describe the experience of Love because the entity you have identified with and tried unsuccessfully to guard from all harm for eons, no longer exists. The body and soul have melted; the lover and the beloved have become one. Your drop of consciousness has become the Sea of Eternal Love.

ERC – 6/19/2022


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  2. 1st, thank you Ed for all you share in your blog, books and lifes work. I have a question regarding time related to some of your felt cowardly deleting this question, expressing my ignorance.
    You have given an example of the nature of 3-d time related to light speed and I remember the idea you shared of the shape of an electron being like that of a child's spinning top, the shape of which would restrict its' velocity to under light speed. If acceleration/velocity away of a light source approaching light speed from very far away can detect a 2nd dimension of time, as a red shift, could it be possible at the quantum scale the electron or atom contain the full domain of time by pulses of acceleration and deceleration? Is the LHC or anything physical capable of detecting such variables, so close yet so far away, with proper interpretation, perhaps as a mechanics of physical time? The access of time as a domain seems well documented but is mostly thought of as PSI or something non physical, but you have illustrated its' aspect in light speed relative to the capacity to observe its' velocity.
    Q: If the electron has a purposeful shape, could it vary during spin, causing a cycle in velocities...time given for stability? Could a measured portion of infinite eternity, all of time, be somehow physically mechanically contained by gimmel within the finite quantum movement, somehow related to Einsteins' light speed, only the now, balanced, of which we are mostly unaware? Sincerely, time bugs me, Pat

    1. Thanks for the question Pat! It is a good one. 3-D time is hard to grasp because our physical senses filter out all of the energies that are mutually perpendicular with respect to the three physical dimensions. Perception through the limiting sense organs of the physical body is focused on the three dimensions of physical space because unexpected changes in the contents of the physical dimensions can cause damage or destruction to the physical body, and consequently, the pragmatic computational capability of the finite brain structure is strictly physical. I find it very interesting that your question is one that I answered in the now-out-of-print book Infinite Continuity. In that book, reviewed by a physics professor at Berkeley in 1990, I described the possible cyclic variations of the velocity of the photon and wave front, of which c, the speed of light, perceived as constant in the 3-D spatial domain, - actually the average of the total variation of velocities - is the only motion detected by the physical sense organs of human beings and their extensions. The physics professor did not like this conceptual tying of the speed of light to human biology, but he did not refute the logical possibility of it. I went on to show that when the volume occupied by an electron spinning in one of the spherical energy shells of an atom collapses, the conservation of energy causes the light radiated away from the atom to manifest as a photon or wave font with a specific energetic frequency, depending on the energy shell from which it originated. – I hope this helps.

  3. Yes, thank you Ed. Every bit you share seems to help, though I have not read your book Infinite Continuity. It's your style of explaining what your fixing to say! Time may not be a prerequisite to consciousness expansion, but it certainly comes in to play!