Tuesday, April 21, 2020


WARNING: This Post is a Political Statement. It calls Communism and Socialism out for the purveyors of evil on this Earth that they are!

The Cause of this Phony Crisis, and the Silver Lining

The COVID -19 Crisis has been horrible. But there is a silver lining: This crisis has shown us one thing very clearly, as never before: Never trust a Communist regime to be forth-coming and tell the truth! One of the prime tenants of communism is “The End Justifies the Means” For those not familiar with the writings of Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels, that means in plain English, that any lie is justified if it advances the communist belief in the search for social utopia on this earth. Communist and Socialist governments and revolutionists have used this tactic ever since, from Lenin to Hitler to Franco, to Mussolini, to Mao to Castro, to the current Left-wing politicians in the USA. Socialist and Communist Governments always slide into atheism because the state has to be all-powerful, therefore another tenant is “Religion is the Opiate of the Mases”. Communist and Socialist organizations always end up suppressing human rights and out-lawing the Church, any church, even when they start off adopting a state religion, e.g., Hitler, Franco, Mussolini, etc.

As the facts come out, we are finding out that the Chinese Communist Government hid the truth about the COVID19 virus origins, covered up their ineptness and even attempted to use it to their advantage, making the pandemic much worse than it should have been. It would have been no worse than a normal flu epidemic, without the lies and propaganda, aided and abetted by the WHO and left-wing news media. The model-builders in America also helped create the fear and over-reaction by inflating the death rate by including all deaths that tested positive for the coronavirus, whether that’s what actually killed them or not.

This is not about Republicans and Democrats, it is about the where the extreme right and extreme left mee:, it’s called Communism. About Evil, Jesus said “By their fruit you will recognize them.” Mathew 7:16. The fruits of Communism and Socialism are plain: More innocent people have been murdered, tortured and deprived of their rights in the name of communist and socialist organizations than any other form of evil on the planet, from Hitler to Stalin to Mao. In case I haven’t been clear, let me spell it out in plain English: Communism, and its fore-runner, communism light, known as socialism, are the very real faces of Evil on the Earth. They know that they can never win in a free society. That is why they have to lie, infiltrate our news media and our state-run education, to indoctrinate the youth. Most people under 50 yers of age don't even know that Hitler was a socialist!

This pandemic is a wake-up call for America, and the rest of the world: Avoid the extreme left and the extreme right of any political party, they willingly open the door to totalitarianism, the loss of individual rights, freedom, and destroy moral civilization, in the name of achieving Utopia. “The Kingdom of God is within you”, not in any social organization on this earth. Yes, we can be compassionate and try to better the lives of all people, but Heaven is not to be found in government organizations. To keep on trying social engineering by government, when it has failed every time it has been tried, is a very dangerous form of insanity!

ERC 4/21/2020

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  1. AMEN, today they seized Bill Gates PC and all files. We are getting near the end of this madness. We Lightworkers are working very hard to keep the planet's frequency very high and I, for one will continue to perpetuate Love and Light as I know you and so many others are doing. I finally feel a sense of peace that I have been longing for. The Light will prevail. Bless you as always for sharing the truth with us.