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Disclaimer: This post is a summary of research that has led to my personal opinion about the COVID-19 pandemic. My research was not funded, influenced, or even encouraged by any other individual or organization, and I take full responsibility for it. My only associations with universities or academic organizations are in relation to consciousness research and mind-matter interaction at the quantum level. I have studied allopathic medicine and natural medicine, but I am not an MD. I have other credentials and capabilities mentioned in my blog posts that should lend credibility to what I have to say, but you are free to accept or reject my views and opinions, as you see fit; but please read what research without bias has revealed before you decide.

This post may seem long and complex, but the current situation is complex, and has been long in the making, so please bear with me, and read it all. When I discovered evidence that the current pandemic was part of a plot to bring down the US economy for the purposes of neoliberal globalism, I thought I should remain silent, or just try to encourage more people to do their own research and discover it for themselves, but because of the global shutdown of commerce, travel and religious freedom, the state of the consciousness of many individuals is reaching a level of panic that will lead to mass hysteria, which could end human civilization as we know it. So I believe that as an individual who still has a measure of freedom to speak, I should not, and cannot remain silent.

The organizations and individuals behind this plot are operating on the theory that because they created the crisis themselves by managing the coronavirus data, they can control it by claiming to have found a solution, and then managing the data as they did to create the panic, to convince everyone that their solution works. It appears that their “solution” will include mandatory mass vaccination. Anyone with any still functioning brain cells should resist this as strongly as possible. My intent in this post is to explain why. To do this, I must repeat and supplement some of the information that was in some of my earlier posts. First let’s look at what vaccines are.

Why You Should Resist Mandatory Mass Vaccination
Let‘s first have a look at what a vaccine is and how it works. A vaccine prepared for a specific disease contains the same micro-organism that causes the disease. The idea is to put a little bit of the disease-causing virus into your bloodstream, - not enough to make you sick - but just enough to provoke your natural immune system to start producing antigens that will destroy the invader. The vaccine will contain small amounts of the virus that causes the disease that have been either killed or weakened prior to injection. This started out as a good idea, but allopathic medicine researchers made a serious mistake. They inadvertently created a perfect immune system disrupter that short-circuits the natural evolution of the human immune system.

The developers of vaccines were right to recognize that the human body has a natural immune system, but wrong in thinking it was a good idea to manipulate it just because they could. By doing what they have done, they have turned many innocent human beings from potential Spiritual Saints into Frankenstein monsters, doomed to die before fulfilling their Divine potential. Research that I have been involved in with Dr. Vernon Neppe, MD, PhD, has proved that the physical universe is designed to support conscious life and that all natural physical processes are driven by the natural spiritual evolution of consciousness. My interpretation of our findings is that Primary Consciousness (God, in traditional terms) created the physical universe as a small part of the cosmos in which self-conscious physical bodies are vehicles of spiritual consciousness designed to allow individualized souls to evolve spiritually. All of the necessary support, including natural medicines, were created along with the vehicles of conscious spirit. Man’s efforts to “improve” on God’s design, while they may temporarily ameliorate disease symptoms, always cause more problems than they solve.

My understanding of the human condition is that our physical bodies should be treated as temples in which we can learn to advance spiritually. To defile them by injecting foreign materials directly into the bloodstream is wrong. The representatives of evil in the world have used the natural aversion of self-conscious beings to the physical pain and suffering of the body, meant to inspire the deep desire for the ecstasy of Spirit, into an unnatural fear of suffering and death. Their tactics are to instill fear and panic in the population to halt the growth of virtue and spiritual advancement in the world. This goes hand-in-hand with the suppression of the knowledge of the immortality of the soul taught by Jesus and other spiritual geniuses. The planned result of the current global shutdown is to stifle individual thought, create panic, and prevent us from having natural social relations, including gathering to practice any form of religion.

Over the years since Louis Pasteur made the first vaccine in 1879, traces of many things other than live or dead viruses have been added to vaccines under the guise of making them more effective. Today, a vaccine, in addition to multi coronaviruses,  will contain purified viral proteins, inactivated bacterial toxins, bacterial polysaccharides; and, In addition to these substances, other things that are there for specific profit-motive reasons. For example: preservatives like Thimerosal are added to prevent bacterial contamination, salts of Aluminum, to help boost the immune system response, sugars and gelatin as stabilizers, egg protein as nutrition to keep the virus alive, and there may also be residual antibiotics like neomycin, left over from the manufacturing process. In fact, today’s vaccines actually cause more health problems than they solve.

Most allopathic physicians, pharmaceutical representatives and other proponents of mass vaccination, claim that “A vaccine stimulates your immune system to produce antibodies, exactly like it would if you were exposed to the disease. After getting vaccinated, you develop immunity to a disease, without having to get the disease first. This is what makes vaccines such powerful medicine. Unlike most medicines, which treat or cure diseases, vaccines prevent them.”

This sounds like a good argument for mass vaccination. However, there are some serious problems with using statements like this to justify mandatory mass vaccination. Human beings are not homogenous. We are all different. We have different, more or less effective immune systems, and this mainstream policy statement goes from the specific to the general without justification, one of the most common fallacies of inductive reasoning committed by scientists. There is ample evidence of the existence of individuals for whom the statement is actually false. For people with seriously compromised immunse systems, or virtually non-functioning immune systems, a vaccine may actually cause the individual to become sick and die with the disease, the exact opposite of the intended result. Also, some of the additives in the vaccine may sicken individuals who are hyper-sensitive to synthetic chemicals, or who happen to be allergic to one or more of the vaccine’s ingredients. Mandatory mass vaccination could result in unintentionally inflicting serious illness or even death among these classes of individuals.

One more thing you should know about vaccines: When the injection of multi-virus vaccines into the population became wide-spread, there were significant increrases in the occurance of auto-immune diseases including: lupus, type-1 diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis, inflamatory bowel disease, psorisis, and many other diseases including cancer and autism. Studies that conclude there is no causal relationship between mass vaccination and the great increase in diseases in the last 50 yers are very suspect because they are generally funded by the pharmaceutical industry and are authored by doctors who have a lot to gain monetarily from the promotion of mass vaccination.

Most mainstream physicians seem to see a vaccine as the ultimate solution for the current pandemic, and as the ultimate preventative solution to disease outbreaks. In my opinion, that is a serious mistake. There is a much better solution that can prevent most communicable infectuous disease outbreaks from ever happening in the first place. But the indoctrination of the masses to accept allopathic medicine as their only option, has made most people unwilling to take responsibility for their own health. Many would rather have someone else tell them what to do. This is an insidiously dangerous habit that has helped ever-active evil to set up the current fake pandemic, designed to make use of public fear and panic to gain more complete control of the world’s human population.

Why do I say it is a fake pandemic? The suffering and death are real, but the architects of evil have made it look much worse than it really is. And many world leaders and allopathic doctors are either duped into believing what they are doing is justified, or they are actually part of the organized effort to control the world through fear and panic. The initial release and spread of the virus and the data used to model it have been manipulated from the start to create maximum fear and panic. The evidence of this is clear:

First, the toxic virus culture laced with a number of coronaviruses was planted in the Wu han Province in China, in a laboratory with poor safety proceedures that could be blamed when it was released into the local population. Then, the Communist Chinese Government, who had to be happy with the plot to bring down their biggest rival, stopped travel from the province into the rest of China, while allowing travel from the province to the rest of the world, with the lion’s share going to the US, effectively ensuring a pandemic that would cripple the booming US economy, which threatened the Chinese government’s stated goal of dominating the world economy.

Next, let’s look at how the spread of so-called COVID19 was elevated from a relatively normal flu season into an epidemic: The toxic virus mix was released in the month of February, at the heigth of the annual flu season. Why? Because then any coronavirus infection could be easily labeled as COVID-19. Have we heard anything about sickness or death from any non-COVID-19 flu as we do every year, since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic? No. Because all sickness and deaths with flu-like symptoms have been attributed to the COVID-19 coronavirus. And most people don’t know that there are litterly hundreds, if not thousands of coronaviruses.

The attempted coverup by the Chinese Communists was aided and abetted by the Communist-slanted World Health Organization (WHO), the US  left-wing news media, and the model-builders, who helped create the fear and over-reaction by inflating the death rate by including all deaths that tested positive for coronavirus, whether that’s what actually killed them or not. Yes, suffering and death from COVID-19 is real, but if the deaths from other causes, including heart attacks, cancers of various types, and from other coronavirus influenzas that have been reported as if they were from COVID-19, the death rate falls from as high as 4 to 8% to less than 1%, much like any other flu epidemic. Conclusion: The COVID-19 Pandemic was deliberately engineered to destroy the US economy, something Neo-liberal Globalists have been trying to do for years.

President Trump was been listening to “experts” whose model of the pandemic is primarily driven by Dr. Anthony Faucci and Bill Gates, who are both known to be political globalists. He chose them because he thought that under national scrutiny, they would be scientifically honest. They were not. Their model inflated the death rate tremendously, far beyond the claimed worst case scenario for safety, in order to get the economic shutdown they needed to institute global control and cripple the US capitalistic economy. Is the COVID-19 disease horrible for those who actually sicken and die from it? Yes, absolutely. But the actual percentages of those tested positive for the virus, who died from it are actually less than one percent, not the 4 to 8 % predicted by the Faucci/Gates model. Economic shutdown was not necessary.

Comparison of the results of economic shutdown in Norway, versus social distancing and no shutdown of all businesses in Sweden, show no significant difference in actual death rate outcomes. This is a valid comparison, because they are similar Scandinavian countries, and their death rates are remarkably similar to the actual death rates around the globe, when calculated correctly, and that death rate is not significantly different from the annual death rates from the other flu epidemics that are also coronavirus infections. Conclusion: Total shutdown of the economy was unwarranted. When you consider deaths from depression and suicide and other illnesses caused by the stress of people losing their livelihood, freedom of movement, and religious freedom, the global shutdown is positively evil.

What can we do? 
For starters, do not allow your bodily temple to be defiled by the injection into your bloodstream of a toxic mixture of natural and synthetic substances, about which you know nothing, especially when there has not been time for proper studies to determine whether or not they have long-term serious side effects. Vaccines are not the cure-all they are protrayed to be by the AMA and the pharmaceutical industry. Not allowing unknown foriegn substances to be injected into your bloodstream is simply part of taking responsibility for your own health. If you have a healthy immune system, you do not need a vaccine because your body can handle coronaviruses, and social-distancing and proper hygiene will insure that you stay healthy. If you have a compomised immune system, a hastily concocted vaccine may make you sicker than you already are. Statistically, the average citizen’s chance of dying from the COVID-19 coronavirus disease is no different than that citizen’s chances of dying from any other coronavirus flu. Do not take any vaccine produced under the current circumstances.

Another thing we can do is pray for the brave protesters who are showing up world-wide. They are not White-Supremacy groups, and they are not protesting the actions of healthcare workers, as the left-leaning mainstream media is trying to make you believe. They are overwhelmimgly ordinary citizens protesting the oppression of their civil rights. Here in the Mid-continent USA, they are mostly independent Americans who live in rural areas and small towns where there is very little, if any COVID-19 illness. The pandemic should be contained in the larger cities where there are international airports and the majority of high-risk citizens.

Also, it is very important to continue to practice your relationship with God or the universe. Do not allow this effort to destroy your freedom to practice religion, and sever your connection to God, to succeed. Respect the social-distancing rules of the state you are in, but do not seccumb to the fear tactics being used primarily by political activists. Remember that facism and socialism meet in the evil tactics of political extremes, and don’t vote for politicians who are using this pandemic to stir up resistence to their opponents and support their own political goals. They are not trying to solve the problem, they are part of the problem. In my opinion, it is absolutely imperative that we get back to the natural life God intended, as soon as possible if we are to survive as a species. And the facts bear out the evil nature of the global shutdown.

ERC 4/24/2020


  1. Smallpox and polio vaccines saved many people from horrible outcomes. I agree with you that a hastily concocted vaccine can cause severe cytokine storms in theory, and this has been seen before too. It is important that the testing pipeline follow protocol before clinical trials; I think this is already occurring with macaque monkeys and mice genetically engineered to express ACE2 receptors, though some kinds of prospective vaccines are, remarkably, skipping ahead to human trials. The ideal outcome would be to prevent all coronaviruses. Why do we have ACE2 receptors though? The 1% thing is a bit misleading, the severe case outcomes are different by age groups. IIRC, 20% CFR for 75-85+ year-olds. Another consideration is how long the immunity lasts for. Are you using the term evil as equitable to maya or avidya?

    1. I may be wrong about the CFR- here is a big chunk of data from NY-

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