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“Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men? – The Shadow knows!” These words were the dramatic opening lines of an American radio show about a super detective that reached its peak of popularity when it was narrated by Orson Welles, about the same time I first heard the crackling static of a radio set that I built myself with a Quaker oatmeal box, copper wire, and a quartz crystal in the little town of Pilot Knob in Arcadia Valley, Missouri. That was many years ago, but now is a good time to ask that question again, because evil certainly does lurk in the hearts of men, and women, or whatever some of the poor, deluded citizens of our world today imagine themselves to be, in these days of deliberately induced confusion.  

Words have meaning, but their meanings are imparted by the intent of those who are speaking. In these days when clever politicians can be bought for a few million dollars, and our elections are decided by carefully worded lies, who can know what the truth is? and who can know what evil lurks in the hearts of those who lie? The answer was given by a certain Jewish man named Jesus, who spoke at about the same time the evil of the Roman Empire reached its peak in the depths of the Dark Ages on this planet. Using analogies that existed in nature so anyone could understand, Jesus said, “Beware of false prophets. Just like thorn bushes do not bear grapes and briars do not bear figs, evil people do not produce anything that is good. You will know them by their fruits!” In other words, don’t be misled by the words that politicians and thieves use, but instead, understand who they really are by looking at the fruits of their actions.

If you are offended by my promotion of the words of a man whose memory became the icon of a huge religious organization, then you are a part of the problem at the heart of the sickness that infects our civilization today, not part of the solution. Remember that Jesus was not a Christian, just as Krishna was not a Hindu, Buddha was not a Buddhist, and Mohammed was not a Muslim. Jesus was not a Jew either, not according to the Sadducees and Pharisees of Orthodox Judaism at the time. He was a Spiritual Master, not a religious or political man. Religious organizations are not necessarily spiritual, they are just as religious and political as the individuals who run them. They reflect and magnify the evil, more often than the good, that lurks in the hearts of men. We can know what people and organizations are by their fruits, not by what they call themselves, or they promise!

A liar will promise whatever he believes will persuade you to contribute to his cause. But because he is a liar, the outcome of his cause, and consequently of your contribution, will not be good. So, be careful to avoid contributing to causes that have produced evil results in the past, or even to causes that might produce evil results, because by doing so, you risk becoming either deliberately, or unknowingly, complicit in the perpetuation of evil. The world, and indeed, even the universe and the cosmos are governed by inherently natural laws of mathematical logic and precision, and unfortunately, ignorance of those laws does make you immune to their effects.

Because we live in a physical world whose continued existence literally depends upon the stability of balanced dualities, from the quantum level to the cosmological scale, the minds of conscious beings in human form, including yours and mine, contain elements of both good and evil. As Jesus said in the Sermon on the Mount, “Sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof.” Unfortunately, human religious and political organizations tend to magnify the extremes. So, in order to distinguish truth from falsehood, we need remember the historical past. As philosopher George Santayana said, “Those who cannot remember the past are doomed to repeat it.” And the past is replete with serious religious and political mistakes that violated natural law, resulting in untold misery and pain, death and destruction. Things better to be avoided.

If we are to avoid repeating the actions that led to horrible results in the past, it is very important that we remember our past history as it actually happened, not as we wish or imagine it may have happened. When we take an objective look at the fruits of their actions in the past, there is very little difference between religious and political organizations. They are both social organizations, and social organizations, based on religious and political ideas, have produced both good and bad results. In fact, human social organizations, regardless of what they are called, are formed and motivated by a mixture of religious and political ideas. Thus, like human consciousness itself, they contain both good and evil. But one thing is obvious: When social organizations are based on materialism, the pain, suffering, death, and destruction they inflict, are likely to be more horrific. This is because materialists are either ignorant of, or willfully reject the existence of the underlying spiritual nature of reality, and believe that ultimately, they will suffer no negative consequences for evil actions they may secretly commit against others. They believe that when the electro-chemical sparks that animate their physical brains flicker out, they will simply cease to exist. This is the most dangerous delusion of human existence because it involves rejection of the logical cause-and-result nature of reality, and the immortality of souls.

On Christmas Day we celebrate the birth of that Jewish man named Jesus, and we must marvel at the evil of the humanity that sought to kill one whose only desire was to save them from their own inherent evil. As I see it, the humanity that did that still exists today, not very much different in spirit from the humanity of 2000 years ago. Instead of opening our hearts to Him and the realization of the eternal nature our souls, most of us still worship at the altar of materialism, regardless of what we profess to believe. But let not your heart be troubled, The science of TDVP and the mathematics of the Calculus of dimensional Distinctions, mentioned often in my Transcendental Physics blog prove beyond doubt that your soul is immortal and fully capable of receiving the consciousness of Christ.  Have a Merry Christmas, 2023 and a Happy New Year.

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